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  1. Arsenal gets the ding. Last year was their 12th win. Thought I'd balance it up a bit!
  2. Thanks for the ding it's one of those facts I just know. A bit like asking which team held the FA cup for the longest continuous time, but we've had that before! . Sticking with the FA cup, which team has won the competition the most times?
  3. That is surprising. On a similar theme who, although she was actually acquitted, allegedly:
  4. Agatha Christie at a guess. Sorry page didn't refresh.
  5. The novel is On The Beach. Great book by one of my favourite authors but I've no idea about the film. as you say, his most famous work is something else which I won't name in case it's the next question.
  6. There's a deal where you can get 30 days for free. http://www.geocaching.com/garmin/freetrial.aspx
  7. Portsmouth was definitely the first club to play a league game under lights. But that isn't the question... If I'm allowed a 2nd guess then Oxford - they no longer play at the same ground.
  8. I think it was my club, Portsmouth. I don't know which year but will say 1949 simply to say they won the league that year!
  9. Canada gets the Ding. They have almost twice as much coastline as anyone else. Mark
  10. Sorry, nothing to do with Slartibartfast's award winning design.
  11. Thanks. I'm tempted to ask which country I forgot to mention in my answer, but won't! Instead, which country has the longest coastline? Possibly the complete opposite of landlocked :-)
  12. First visit in ages, and one I think I know having been there. Uzbekistan. Surrounded by Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan plus probably a few more.
  13. Colossus gets the Ding. Bletchley is really worth a visit, and there's a nice D5 puzzle cache to find.
  14. Thanks, but very generous since I got the name wrong! Sticking with computers, Tommy Flowers designed which early computer?
  15. I'm not sure about the spelling, but it looks like Oric from Blake's Seven
  16. That's a Ding for civilised sorry my response wasn't as quick.
  17. That's a Ding for civilised sorry my response wasn't as quick.
  18. A linked question then, but definitely not the one SP expected. Who wrote the book on which the film Breakfast At Tiffany's was based?
  19. That won't get the Ding when I get to ask the next question. Actually that sounds like an idea - guess the next answer before the question is asked! :-)
  20. Yes, I remember the film. it was Breakfast At Tiffany's
  21. The Tour France gets the Ding. C4 started coverage in about 1985 or 86. Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen are still covering it now! over to beach_hut
  22. None of those. It's a sport C4 started covering in the 1980s, but is now on ITV4. To get a quick Ding, Great Britain has become rather good at this sport in the last few years!
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