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  1. You could be any ocuptitian to be Press ganged, after press ganging you would be in the Navey, Someone can take the next Q as I will be away for a few days.
  2. Hi ashreigney I have no gripe about co-ords being a few feet off due to tree cover or such like. It's when co-ords are out by 100 or so feet in the open that gets me going, lost count of how many I DNF'd only to get notification co-ords changed to 100+ feet away due to this phone or that phone ect ect. Tony
  3. Beach_hut It is a mix of cachers (old and new), I think it is down to modern technology. Original A1 Yes problems with the site, seem to getting more frequent in my mind. Tony
  4. Just spent 20 minutes going nowhere on my profile page, when GC get things back on track I might consider returning. Nearly every 3rd cache published nowadays has co ords changed after less than a week, not worth going after for a month after publication. See you all next year. Tony
  5. Taken on my way to http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=1b9be20c-b9a6-4da9-a07d-be8a9e0c1720 Powler's Piece Puzzle Travelling by public transport Tony
  6. My Bold But that would mean that he was the second person to the pole, as someone had to leave the cache there for him to find. Tony
  7. drsolly But wont it hurt more when you fall of your bike? Tony
  8. I usually answer with the words "Duty Officer How can I help?" When asked who I am I ask how they got this number as it is a secure line in to GCHQ. They usually hang up pretty quickly. Tony
  9. Taken today at Two Bridges, N Devon on a walk to try and get fit after the winter lay off. Tony and Carina
  10. Sorry I will not be ordering from the new batch. The ones I ordered Sunday turned up today and Wow. Tony
  11. I Have one that gets about some times My QR code page. Have a go if you like. Tony
  12. Don't hold your breath on that one! Has been known for 'a little damage' to be done to cachers looking for the cache... Has a certain Mr keehotee left the country? Tony
  13. So far I haven't given a favorite to any virtual, but it's possible that may change tomorrow when we visit Imber village on our way to Bath. I'm mostly not a fan of virtuals (including EarthCaches, which are just a specialised virtual), even though I use OpenCaching extensively (.org.uk, not Garmin) where virtuals are still permitted. It slightly irks me to call them caches when plainly they are no such thing. I think Groundspeak have got it mostly right by providing a similar alternative facility (waymarks). Rgds, Andy Andy we may see you there, hoping to arrive about 11 ish all being well tony and carina
  14. Just booked Fri to Mon. See you all there. Tony and Carina
  15. February 2012 Deci I wasn't really being serious but if we're having a guess then I reckon we're averaging 100 a day... call it 10 months.... the end of July, next year It all depends how long Deci holds it before publishing!
  16. If timings are right, i.e school holidays *mouse* = 1 Tony and Carina = 2 Cumulative total = 3
  17. The mountain bike? Nope....next!!!!!!!!!!!! Pope mobile Over to anyone for the next Q Tony
  18. If the interest is there count me in, although funds are limited
  19. I think we would come... and stay for a while. Would be nice to visit again. Dependent on when and where. Tony and Carina
  20. Likewise, I haven't the time to trawl through all the Geocaching forums. Tony
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