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  1. Many thanks to those who entered the competition this month. As ever, it's great to see all the photos of people's caching trips but there was something about the silhouetted fisherman with the moody clouds in the background that really stood out for me and so I declare mr.jonesy the winner of this month's competition. Over to you mr.jonesy!
  2. Thanks very much to kelly.lisa for choosing my photo. This month's theme is: Spectacular Skies. Sunrises, sunsets, moody storm clouds and rainbows, we've all been out and about under many differing skies, so let's see your pictures! The rest of the rules are: 1) The photo must be cache related and to do with a specific cache (any type including events), caching series or caching trip - please include a link to the cache or the GC.... code so we can see where the picture relates to. 2) Maximum of two photos per caching team or cacher. 3) A new thread is started each month, with the OP stating these rules. 4) The winner each month is decided by the winner from the previous month - the new winner starting the thread for the subsequent month. They may set a theme if they wish. 5) Follow the theme
  3. Here's my picture for this month, taken near the now archived Aquila cache.
  4. Here's my picture of a brand new piece of countryside being created this month at the Cache In, Tree In event (GC5JTG7) at the weekend. Maybe some caches will be hidden there one day?
  5. I thought I'd have a go at some black and white photos this month and these two were both taken this morning while out grabbing The Hucketts - GC34NYX
  6. Thanks for the DING! According to Dr Seuss, what biological shortcoming made the Grinch so mean?
  7. I'll get the ball rolling with a couple of pictures. The first is a photo of one of the many Red Kites that were flying overhead at GC3Q5YR And the second is of a caterpillar that I nearly stepped on while out hunting for GCV8AH
  8. There are a fair few caches hidden in the woods just off junction 10 of the M25, where it meets the A3. There is parking and a refreshment area just off the A3 sliproad heading southbound. The pathways are pretty good and you could easily pick up 10-15 caches on a 3 mile walk.
  9. Thanks for the DING! Which successful 1970s TV show started life under the working title "The Alley Cats"?
  10. It must be Band Aid - Do They Know It's Chrismas (Feed The World) then.
  11. I have three entries for this month's competition... The first is of the terrible beasties that live in the woods to the east of Vargtungen (real cache GC1M56T) The second is the view of the sunset from the little hut on the west coast, just underneath the Viking ship (real cache GCK09Z) The third was taken on the shores of the lake just east of the white stag at Heinmork (real cache GC2N2NP) Great idea for a topic!
  12. Here are a couple of photos from my recent trip to the Isle of Man. The first is the view from the top of Snaefell where I found the Six Kingdoms cache The second is a view of the sunset at The Sound taken after finding The Isle of Man's Extremities (WEST)
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