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What do you call these?


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Have you seen the "geocoins" that geocoins.net are selling? You get to personalize one side of them and thier made of black anodized aluminum and really thin (like a POG).


The reason I ask is that a local cacher made a new cache for trading sig items and geocoins and started it off with what she called "5 black nickel geocoins". I went out for a lunchtime FTF (only to be beat by two others :P ) and found these where I expected to find "real" geocoins.


To me it felt like finding the coin copies - a bit dissapointing.


Now, if they were listed as sig items in the description and not geocoins I would have been surprised and thought they were cool. The nomenclature tripped me up I guess.


So, without talking about whether or not you like them - would you consider them geocoins? Or geo-nickels?


In the grand scheme of things it doesn;t really matter - but hey, isn't it nice to see a thread about coins once in a while that not a sale? :P

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This is actually a pretty good question because there seems to be a general agreement that when it comes to trading geocoins in caches all coins are created equal. For instance is it ok to trade a non trackable for a trackable because they are all coins?


IF the answer is yes, then is trading an aluminum coin that costs say $1, for a Tracking Time a fair or equal trade?


If the answer is no then what does make a trade fair?


Just wondering . .



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I think this goes back to the same question being asked over and over agian. What is a geocoin?


would you considered a non-trackable coin a geocoin?


Or how about a wooden nickel... is it a geocoin?


I've been considering getting a set of the tokens from geocoins.net. I would never consider trading one for a coin (unless the offer was made from someone wanting the token.) I was thinking it would make a nice sig item... along the lines of a wooden nickel.

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Interesting - seems that nobody considers these geocoins yet.


I'd agree that they are tokens, nickels, etc. but not coins IMO.


And no, the person is not a newbie and has a small coin collection.

This wasn't meant to rat anybody out - I was just curious if I was the only one who didn't really think they should be called geocoins.


Does anybody disagree?

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I don't consider pathtags to be a Geocoin either. I would trade geo-tokens for pathtags, wooden nickels and smashed pennies. I would never trade any of these for a geocoin.


the geocoins.net forums had a discussion about what to call them when they started to market them.


All of them fall under the category of Sig Item, but its pretty subjective what people would consider a fair trade.


As more of these alternatives to geocoins come out, geocoin traders need to make sure that they are going to get what the expect from a trade.


I think it's time for me to add a few more questions and answers to my FAQ page.

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I did not see exactly what you saw at geocoins.net but It sounds like the same thing as www.pathtags.com.


I personally would avoid calling them geocoins. I think they are very cool sig items and I also like the term geotokens.


I do think they are very cool but honestly I am pretty sure I would not trade my trackable geocoins that cost me over $5 each for a thin metal token that costs about $1 like the pathtags.

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Interesting - seems that nobody considers these geocoins yet.


I'd agree that they are tokens, nickels, etc. but not coins IMO.


And no, the person is not a newbie and has a small coin collection.

This wasn't meant to rat anybody out - I was just curious if I was the only one who didn't really think they should be called geocoins.


Does anybody disagree?


I wouldn't call them geocoins, either. (I didn't think geocoins.net was going to call them that.) I agree that they are very cool sig items.


(I almost posted a link to them, but I have feeling that is not allowed since gc.com doesn't get a cut of the action. :P )

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Geo-nickels sounds good.

Geo-tokens are the plastic ones, and wooden nickels are the wooden ones and geochips are the poker ones... so the thin ones are geo-nickels? :P


Full edit:

Some people called my smaller coins geo-tokens (cause subway tokens are about the same size), now they are termed micro coins...


A geocoins is not about being trackable or non-trackable... Its what was the orginal... Mount10bike coin...

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What is a Geocoin?


When you use Pewter, is that a geocoin?

When you use Copper, is that a geocoin?

When you use Zinc, is that a geocoin?


If you make a Caddy/Trolley (Pathtags) coin, is that a Geocoin?


These are Aluminum. I have been to some countries where the small end coins were made of a very cheap metal, and I bet it was Aluminum. But they still called them 'coins'.

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Lovely.... Yeah, they can call them whatever they want, and a great marketing ploy it is, but for those constant newbies coming in, they're going to think "cool, I can get a "geocoin" for a buck a piece and trade til I've got every coin out there."


I can just see this bringing on a whole new set of problems.

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When I think of geocoins, I always think of a die stamped design of some kind. Designs that are painted or laser etched over a flat surface seem like geotokens or sig items to me. I still think they are cool looking and would go into my sig item collection.


It would be interesting to see if Groundspeak would approve a laser etched design on aluminum to be trackable. If so, then I guess we'd have to call them geocoins from then on... :laughing:



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It seems the community thinks they should be called 'Tokens' as opposed to 'Coins'. This is an easy fix. We certainly don't want to step on anyone's toes and did not mean to imply that these were die stamped coins. That is why we were explicit in the wording of the description. They are 1.5" diameter, .050" thick, laser etched.


I will head over now and change the name from GeoCoin to GeoToken just to make sure there is no confusion.


As for trading value, I agree 100%. I would NOT trade one of these for a "real" geocoin in a cache. These are intended as an inexpensive alternative sig item to the high priced coins (which I believe is also stated in the description).


Brian aka Haughton


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Wow, HH, I think it is great they you took this feedback from everyone to heart. I do, by the way, think they are great sig items.


As for trackablility, I'm betting if you are willing to pay the money, Groundspeak will take it. To me it still doesn't make them a geocoin, but hey, that's just me. If they start, then maybe they should change it to just trackables (get rid of tbs too) and start letting us stamp tracking numbers on anything we want.

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... and start letting us stamp tracking numbers on anything we want.


Shoot! That's already possible. Just buy a TB Tag and you have a number to use as you see fit.


I've seen everything from ball caps with the TB number embroidered on it to Cachemobiles with the TB number decal in the back window to a Walkingstick TB with the number carved in it. :P


I work in a sign shop that has large format digital print capabilities.

I've got a TB Tag set aside to be designated for my Cachemobile TB as soon as I get things worked out to get me something worthy to be a real Cachemobile (Jeep or Full size truck?).

I'm going to scan the TB Tag in and print a decal 4ft tall to be applied across the sides of whatever vehicle I end up getting. :D

I told the wife I ws going to make them and put them on the side of her new Envoy. Let's just say, I didn't get the "Look of Love" for the comment!! :laughing:




D-man :huh:

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Yeah, that's just a single tb that people are buying though. I mean having to buy the same minimums required for coins. Why not though, why should Groundspeak care whether it goes on pins, hats, beanie babies, so long as they get the money.


Don't forget the folks who have gone the extra mile and have put tattoos on themselves with tracking numbers.




I know there are others out there, but as far as I know he's the first human travel bug.


I'm sure it won't be long before we are offered a chance to spend more money to customize our travelbug icons.

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Don't forget the folks who have gone the extra mile and have put tattoos on themselves with tracking numbers.


A couple TBs I met at an event recently. I haven't logged them yet................(that doesn't sound right :laughing: ).


It's a Bug's Life


Walkin' Talkin' Cachin' BunnyFuFu Geo TB


A geocoin, IMHO, is a die cast / stamped metal object, regardless of trackability or shape (though generally flat, but not wafer-thin if you know what I mean), that has some relevance / reference to geocaching. Wasn't it only last year that Groundspeak opened up tracking to coins that were other than Moun10Bike and USA? There were lots of geocoins made before that.


I agree that the items that are the topic of this discussion are appropriately named as geo-tokens. Thanks go to HH for clarifying that on his website.

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Well, as was stated by another user, we threw around several ideas for names, and when it came to actually putting them up in the store, I was just excited to get them up that I call them Geocoins. We had ideas of Geowafers, Geotokens, and I think several other ideas. We had a whole thread named similar to this one.


Obviously when I did add them, I just naturally called them Geocoins. They are round, they are metal, but I (we) agree, they are not coins per se. They are tokens, wafers, discs, etc.


Thank you all for your feedback and kind words on them. Now, obviously when a cacher puchases them and places them in their caches (or other's caches) we can't control what they call them.


Our intention was to provide an inexpensive alternative to the $5.00 per coin sig item, not replace the Geocoin. But I think I stated that in my last message.

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Do you mean These...



I refer to them as "wooden geoSquids", "metal geoSquids" and "geoSquid geocoins" respectively.


I treat the wooden and aluminium geoSquids as a signature item, the trackable geocoins as travel bugs, and expect the same treatment from other geocachers.


In general, I use wooden geoSquids in caches that appear to be dry and roomy. Caches with limited space or that appear to get damp get an aluminum geoSquid so it won't go mouldy or rot.

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Have to agree with Marky on this one. We all talked a little while back about what a "coin" was and the name alone indicates the act of "coining" or pressing a stamp into metal to leave an image. We have Geocoins and geo-tokens (thank you Moun10Bike for the clarification :cool: ), but there's no question of which is which.


Right now, we have a Path Tag being made for my wife (Moun10Girl) and even though it's being "coined" I don't think anyone is going to confuse it with being a geocoin. At least I hope not. Path Tags are a high-end signature item, but it raises a good question. Does the act of coining automatically make it a geocoin? I think the fact that Path Tags have a common side with all other tags takes away that confusion, but it's still food for thought. :laughing:


It is cool to see some new options opening up, but I think it will always come back to the old "I'll know it when I see it" mentality for us. Laser etched or printed metal doesn't seem to have the same permancy of feel that a coin holds. Would definitely have to put these in the "Geo-Token" catagory. :anitongue:

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Oddly enough, I tend to agree with most of the comments on this thread.


I've purchased a set of Pathtags as an affordable sig item, mainly because I can't seem to raise enough $ to allow me to have a true coin minted. The Pathtags are a great affordable option, but I wouldn't feel right in calling them coins. I wouldn't feel right in trading one for a true coin unless someone else prompted the trade (which I doubt will ever happen).


As an aside, I've seen some of the designs for the Pathtags on the site and now I wish I'd created a design that was a bit more dramatic. Compared to the others mine's rather plain. Guess I'll have to begin working on a Gen 2 version... ;)



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