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Civil War Series Geocoins


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If I may be so bold, how are sales going? The quest to make a reasonably priced series of geocoins is a noble venture, and I hope that it will be able to continue. I clicked on your link above, and the civilwargeocoins.com site looks like a nice start.


You may be so bold, have about 600 sold on cointracking.com, 200 through the very simple site I set up, die art is in the works and monies sent to minter in the morning.

Still plenty left though, I hope that when they hit the caches, more will sell.

Buy Now!!! :P

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I been offline for several days, sorry I did not notice this sooner, I approved the mint samples of the first two coins today, will post the pics when I return from west virginia the first part of the week, i am updating this from the holiday inn parking lot!!!

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I'm eager to see the samples of these.


Got these in while in West Virginia last week, will get delivery time in the next day or so, and gave the go ahead on the next two, which I will wait until they are in hand to sell.

The one pic is clearer, but the detail is similar to the Nevada Coin.





Couldn't get link working,

use above address


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i am updating this from the holiday inn parking lot!!!


Is it an Express????


Because if so than I know everything is ok since you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night....


:D :D


That is funny, actually didn't stay there, just pulled in and hijacked their free wireless :D

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Quick update,

First two coins will be in my hands around the 13th, I will ship them as quick as I can, should not take longer than two days to get them all out, as I have labels and packaging ready.

The next two in the set are in progress, but I will not presell them, when I have them, I will sell them. I will do the rest of these coins the same way, I don't want them going through Wyoming to get here!!!!!


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Just got word that first two coins shipped from mint April 10.

I have labels ready and will just need to sort, this weekend is Easter so that may slow things down. I am going out of town Tuesday April 18th, and will have them all shipped before then, but will not have interent access for three days. I will post here when they are all shipped.


The next two coins should be ready in 2-3 weeks, and I went ahead and gave the go ahead on the final 6 this morning. I will NOT presell any more of the coins, when they are in hand, I will sell.


Those of you who bought LE's of the first two, will be given first dibs on the LE's. Watch your email for a notification through cointracking.com.

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Coins arrived Saturday morning, they are all ready split up, in envelopes and ready to mail Monday morning, they should start hitting mailboxes starting Tuesday.

I will be out of town until Tuesday to Friday, so any questions/problems will be answered when I return.



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All coins ordered by April 11, 2006 went into the mail on Monday, April 17, with the exception of three international orders.

Again I will be out of town until Friday night, and will not have any email access.

Coins 3 & 4 should arrive while I am gone, and will go on sale at that time.


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ummm ...


is it "Sumter" as it is on the coin, or is it "Sumpter"?


It is Sumter. I have family that has lived there for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact my granddad use to have a pig farm just on the outskirts of town.


Yes, but let's not confuse Sumter with Ft. Sumter, which is off the coast of Charleston!


Great coins. I've already put in an order for them. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

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I have not been able to contact who I need to get the activation codes loaded online.


So... and I may regret this... if you need a code you can email me either through my profile or direct rusty at personalgeocoins.com


I know they will be online within 24-48 hrs but if you need it right now just drop me an email and I'll try to be as quick as I can.

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OMG! A seperate icon for each coin? That's just silly, especially since it's the same icon with a different number on it. Is this really necesary? Now what if I miss on 5&6, there'll be a gap in my numbers, so I'll just have to stop buying anymore after that so my icons don't go 1234789 10 and so on. On the bright side, these coins are really beautiful. I can hardly wait to get the activation codes... but I'll wait, no need to make anyone search out the numbers when I can do it when I get home sunday.

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Just got off the phone with prntr1, If you bought coins 1 and 2, you will recieve an email when the next coins will go on sale. He will be back in town tomorrow afternoon, so if you have sent him a email, he will get back to you soon...



OK, thank you for calling and clearing this up :D

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1. What's the mess pointed out by the red arrows? It looks like the battle scene is spilling out onto the outer ring.



Funny, to each his own I guess. I too noticed that the scene spills onto the ring. And, to make a stereo photography analogy, it violates the stereo window. But I like the effect. I think it adds additional depth to to the coin. and probably in a way that could not be obtained by pressing the full depth into the planchet.

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