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Caching Event In Somerset

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I think this is my first post on the UK forum!

I would like to canvas opinion if there would be enough interest for Cachers in the Somerset area to arrange a get together.

I'm based in North Somerset but it would be best to try and pick somewhere which would be easy for the majority to get to.

Initially it would be a pub meet (preferably family friendly) to put faces to log entrys, swap bugs/coins and stories of exploits in caching.

I've got the idea from a group of cachers who meet every month in Northeast Ohio. My sister lives out there and attends regularly and says they are good fun.

Ultimately I'd like to arrange a proper full event in the summer and it would be good to share ideas etc.....

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Arrange it and they shall come! I've not needed to do too much in the way of cache event promotion in the past. The local cachers will get the notification in the weekly email and they'll see it appear on their "nearest" list. People will start posting "Will Attends" and before long you'll know how many people to expect.


Depending on date/time/location I could be up for attending from Devon.


Go for it!

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:lol: Ok Brilliant, it looks like there is plenty of interest. My initial thought for the pub venue is Brent Knoll which is a couple of minutes off the M5 JCT at 23. Just to reiterate, this will only be a get together (which in its self will be classed as an event), to swap bugs/coins, stories and get ideas for a full proper event in the Summer. I will speak to the Pub this weekend, so keep an eye on the event calendar next week for the listing


Look forward to meeting everyone soon.



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My initial thought for the pub venue is Brent Knoll which is a couple of minutes off the M5 JCT at 23.

Sounds good to me. I'd recommend visiting a cache just to the north, on Brean Down.


Also, anyone travelling south on the M5 be wary of roadworks around Portishead, it's 40mph for around 5 miles and there's at least 4 speed cameras.

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