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  1. does any one out there have trouble with the new geocache web site we can get on to the home page with no problems what so ever but when we try to go into our porfile the page keeps freezing and we can`t get any further this has only happened since the web site has changed could there be a glitch some where or is it the lap top many thanks paul and michelle
  2. It is with a great deal of regret that Paul and I have come to the decision to put a number of our caches up for adoption.As has been pointed out to us some of our caches are in need of maintenance and unfortunately we are now longer able to carry this out on a number of our caches due to a change in circumstances which has left us having to cut back on our caching Some I have already archived but some I thought I should offer for adoption as they are so popular These are the entire codebreaker series which we originally adopted from the Hancock Clan http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6e-5690ccb74855 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...81-dda543e976a2 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c3-8f9924ce0be6 I have provided the link for this one but all of them are up for adoption I am also going to be archiving some of my Myths and legend series one has already gone due to being unable to maintain it I will hopefully keep one or two and turn them in to stand alone caches If anyone is interested please email us via our profile.
  3. Andy what are you implying about our caches.you`ll put him off. We are always willing to give a helping hand especially if you like to get wet and muddy.welcome to this mad hobby
  4. THIS CACHE BELONGS TO ME this cache has been here for 5 years now with 45 hits and NOBODY has said any thing about it being placed in an unppropriate place and some of the cachers that have found it i consider to be an authority on dartmoor and they would of emailed me if they thought it was a problem ,if geocache are going to start moving goal posts on placing caches then i will remove all 86 of my caches and close my account,the cache is placed under a large stone (look at the pictures) you don`t have to move any thing ,i have seen caches in worse places and ps whoes alan wilbourne his never done a cache in his life
  5. we have caches around the haytor area and there are hundreds of letter boxs around here try top tor and tram ways and walk ways all the best cantor clan
  6. well done to andy and poppy for hitting a 1000 caches your catching up with us
  7. We had planned a days caching with Ipplepen (Andy) packed lunch made, batteries in the GPS,when I decided to put some washing on only to discover the machie had died,Paul called andy to cancel,within 15 minutes Andy was around ours trying to see if he could fix it (no such luck) A quick phone call to a local shop and new one sorted.Andy and Paul left in our car to pick it up,only to return empty handed as it was`nt any good.Realising we would`nt be able to go out,we left Andy to go off by himself,whilst we went shopping for a new machine. We thought it odd as driving into town we drove past Andy heading in the wrong direction.On reaching the first shop we realised why,the bag sitting by Paul`s feet which he thought was mine was Andys caching bag and contained his GPS .That explained why Andy had been heading home,we did a u turn back to Andy`s but by then he decided it was fates way of telling him not to go out Have fates ever conspired against you to prevent you caching
  8. well done to the The Forgetful Elephants on there 700th cache
  9. We have just heard on the news that planning permission is coming to the end for the giants chair on dartmoor ,i am not plugging our cache that is placed there but if the chair goes so does the cache as we have had a lots of good feed back for the location i would like to drum up some support to join please go to face book and search for giants chair
  10. Millets newton Abbot were very helpful,the lady vaguely knew about it but was`nt to sure.So she phoned the Exeter branch who explained it all to her and she thought it sounded like good fun,although she did give me the impression that she thought they had to be hidden in store and that I would have to find them,But she took my contact details and phoned me today when they came in
  11. Millets Newton abbot had geocoins in this morning they very kindly phoned us to let us know they were in after us pestering them for weeks Only one per party though we were told.Howveer we have got hold of 2 the angel of the North and Stonehenge
  12. this must be a first starting a congratulations thread for Roxy Bullie who is spannermans faithful companion but all the same well done woof woof woof
  13. Well done and congratulations from the both of us
  14. Have only just seen this thread Paul and I have just lost our beloved collie Smudge this month at the grand old age of 16.However I lost my spaniel to cancer when she was only 6 and I know how awful the death of a beloved pet can be our thoughts are with you
  15. well done to you on your 1000th cache and thanks for putting out some great caches to
  16. Please can some one explain to me why as soon as one of my tb`s or coins goes abroad it goes misssing ,i know some boxes get muggled i have had that happen to me in the past and probaly in the future too but all my tb`s and coins that go abroad are now missing are they going over the Bermuda triangle are they Disappearing into the twlight zone i think in future i will say "STAY IN THIS COUNTRY" is it just me being unlucky or do others out there get the same
  17. Just been on tonight it`s back again but the cache ratings for devon are all over the place we have 2 in the top 10 and they have completely vanished along with the number 1 cache in devon
  18. Which is the cache setter's right. If HE or SHE is unhappy with the lack of "hits" they can change the puzzle. I see no difference to those caches placed up a mountainside or at the end of a 10 mile trek - Each to his own! Neil I was not saying it was anything wrong with having a hard puzzle, I was just observing that it is a shame these great caches are not reaching their full potential. As part owner of another 5/5 with a puzzle we are always happy to provide any help There are many caches around at the moment which involves puzzles and I have`nt been able to do as I can`t solve them, Michelle
  19. I have been keeping my eye on this debate for a while but resisted the temptation to join in We have placed over 70 caches some micros,a nano and some larger caches. A couple of micros we put out were so popular we replaced them with bigger containers,which then got muggled so we reverted back to micros as easier to conceal My point being that there may well be plenty of space but in popular areas such as Dartmoor caches can easily go missing. We had a lovely large ammo box at a very nice spot stolen,these don`t come cheap,but unfortunately has now been replaced with something smaller If you don`t like it don`t look for it simple Michelle
  20. our logs usual vary in length depending on how much we have enjoyed it whether it was an easy or hard find etc. As a cache owner I enjoy reading what people have to say about our hides and will listen to constructive criticism however I do object to rude uncalled for comments on a log,because someone can`t find it and there are no additional hints when this is reflected in the difficulty rating
  21. Thanks to everyone for their kind words Paul and I had a great if hectic couple of days not without a few mishaps we travelled 450 miles in total just to do WYE VALLEY GHOST TRAIN for our 1000th was it worth it YES I just can`t believe more cachers from around our way have`nt headed over to the Wye valley,We will certainly be going back as we did`nt get round to doing many in the area due to technical difficulties as explained in our log
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