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  1. how about a Wherigo cache with various radio related challenges?
  2. thank you everyone- several people have now very kindly offered to take over all of my caches . This has been a great help- I didn't want to see all them go (to be archived).
  3. hello everyone, looks like I will be leaving the area in just over a month so will have a few caches up for adoption. They are- -Solvitur ambulando (GCVGF6) -Weston-super-Mare Old Town Quarry Cache (GCR4RT) -Fuse and Far Between (Uphill) (GCYFY7)- i will be replacing the cache container on this one tomorrow. anyone interested in taking over any of these caches please let me know. Incidently, anyone who has any travel bugs wanting to go over to Hong Kong or New-Zealand, please PM me:) cheers Chloe M0GEJ (was kettie)
  4. I have been mountain boarding in the past but we stopped after my brother fell off and broke his coccyx (for the second time). Besides I am too lazy to walk 2 miles to the nearest hill and then 1 mile back to the nearest A&E
  5. I am also just getting back into radio after a few years of being quite quiet as there isn't much going on on the 2m band in my area (I only had an ft-290r until recently). I have just joined the club up in Swansea (where I am at University) which has been very helpful in getting back in to radio not least because they are happy to try and register a new exam centre in the area and do a course so a few of us can get our full licences. From my point of view, being in a club also allows me to get on air as I don't think my landlord would take kindly to me putting up an antenna in the back garden and it is a journey of nearly 100 miles for me to get back home. I have also enjoyed SWLing when I can get access to the right equipment and the RSGB website/GB2RS is very useful for news relating to the hobby. 73s Chloe (kettie)
  6. Hi, at the moment I am not too active being away at university, though I do occassionally manage operate 2m mobile. My home QTH is in Weston-super-Mare so I am able to access GB3WE and apparently GB3WB is now back on the air. Hopefully I will be able to set up an HF antenna when I am back for the holidays, so should be able to work more bands soon. 73s Chloe 2E1IDT
  7. This is one that my aunt took for me- I can't believe it worked!! (ok-so it's not stictly at a cache site)
  8. M0GEJ

    Amateur Radio Tb

    Excellent idea- I have a few spare mics from my yaesu. I hadn't thought about anything like that. I plan on releasing the TB in Italy in a few weeks time (assuming I have managed to sort it out). cheers Chloe 2E1IDT
  9. I appreaciate that this is a topic that could either work on this forum or the travel bug forum, but I had a thought the other day about creating an amateur radio Travel Bug and wanted to see what other radio enthusiasts thought about the idea. Ideally this bug would have some information on it about the hobby, but I don't want it to be just a laminated information sheet. Has anyone got any ideas of what else I could attach to the tag? cheers Chloe 2E1IDT
  10. An Isle of Man Geocoin. I haven't got round to activating this yet though.
  11. I was introduced to caching by Mrs Blorenge when I picked up one of her bookcrossing books. Haven't managed to introduce anyone new yet although I have found lots of 'tolerant drivers' for when my bike has broken......
  12. Sounds fun. Hopefully I should be able to make it (but that does depend on the day of course).
  13. 200 caches takes me 19.7 miles from where I live, and there are nine geocoins and one white jeep within this area.
  14. my callsign is 2E1IDT and I am based in Somerset but like droolian01 I am also not very active on the radio at the moment, but I hope to perhaps do a bit more operating over the summer. Chloe
  15. worse at the end of a day's caching than at the beginning (which is why I don't have an avatar image yet)
  16. getting lost (my gps hasn't got the base map on) , forgetting to bring the piece of paper I printed out with all the cache details on but most of all when the cache has been muggled.
  17. I don't often do swaps in caches any more though I do sometimes pick up coins (not geocoins) when I see them, and keep these in a jar on my desk. If I get more than one of the same coin I will bundle up all the spares and leave them in another cache as a trade item. I blame my dad for this- he collected coins when he was younger so I must have got it off him. Obviously none of the coins are actually worth anything- I am just trying to fill the jar
  18. I think I am guilty of short logs quite alot of the time. Often this is because I am am having to be as quick as possible because someone else wants to use the computer or because I am uploading photos and our antique pc can't cope and takes forever (so I don't want to spend ages typing a log as well). I prefer to write the longer logs wherever possible though.
  19. Oh dear, I'm going to have to confess to most of those (although at least not having a car I am safe from being able to put up geocaching stickers in the window)
  20. I am planning a geocaching/cycling holiday in june that will be about 2weeks long all going well.
  21. Wow! there are somer really good ideas for cache containers here- I will have to try some of them out when placing caches in the future.
  22. I have an intermediate. Did the test for my licence about 5 years ago now when it was called a novice licence (and I had the B class). I am now thinking about going for the advanced licence- so lots of work will be needed. Chloe 2E1IDT
  23. I am 20 and use Imperial measurements with my GPS (partly because I can't actually visualise how long a kilometre is). I think if Ichanged to metric I'd be really stuck
  24. No. I have looked at the website though- and decided I couldn't be bothered.
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