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Carry On Camping 2006

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Sorry Rutson!!!!!


You are on the list - your name was deleted by accident when I copied the names from the spreadsheet.


Therefore the revised attending list is:




Matt Waggie


G Force



Philimore Clan

Pengy & Tigger

Gaz, Nes & Laila


Cavetroll & Eeyore



Beddlington Duo



Team Vorvik



Kiwi Gary & Tulip Ma

The Hancock Clan

Little Miss Naughty

The Collie Wobbles

Team Stora

The Northern Invaders


Bud Lightbeer



Us 4 & Jess

Scooby, Scrappy & MP

Yorkypud (visiting but not camping)


House of Boo

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As I gathered from all the enthusiastic interest shown by others I have the feeling its time to kick myself hard for not joining into geocaching earlier ;) . Now all is booked up I find out about this great sounding event. However, if the House of Boo could put us on the reserve list we would be grateful (yes, I know, fat chance someone not wanting to attend). ;) Oh, and are there any qualified midwifes going as I will be only three weeks of my due date :mad: Just imagine that for an interesting log :blink:

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:ph34r: Oh, and are there any qualified midwifes going as I will be only three weeks of my due date :ph34r: Just imagine that for an interesting log :ph34r:


I'm a registered nurse and have assited in delivering several babies in the course of my duties. Don't think I'd be too keen to check on dilatation though. :lol:

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Update for everyone!!


No more camping places at the moment, however we do have on offer:-


2 double B&B rooms


Each room has a colour TV and its own tea and coffee making facilities.

The house is fully central-heated with additional individually controlled room heaters for use on cooler evenings. A log fire burns in the sitting room in spring and autumn.

We provide a varied breakfast menu including, of course, the traditional English breakfast for which we use eggs from our own free-range hens.


The cost is £27 per person or £35 per person (for single occupancy)


A camping barn


Insulated floors

Electric storage heaters in each room

Full electricity and water supply, including toilet,washbasin and shower (Hot and cold water)

Sleeping up to 12 people in two rooms upstairs. Cooking and refectory area in two rooms downstairs.

Ample parking nearby


The cost is £70 a night (this is not per person, just per night for the whole barn). I have booked the barn from Wednesday for 4 nights. Are any groups of people interested??

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Evening Campers!!!


Just a quick Carry on Camping update.


Thanks to everyone who has returned their booking forms, I shall be bothering you all be email again as the evening of Saturday 10th June will be


Hawaiian Night!!


So dust down your grass skirt and re-adjust that coconut bra**. There will be a B-B-Que for all (any donations of drinkies or food would be appreciated!) so everyone can come together and discuss their day and their caching experience so far!


**Fancy Dress is optional for the more retiring types!!

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Can you put us on the reserve list too.

If we cant get a pitch we may come as day visitors or even grab a campsite nearby.




ourselves and scooby scrappy and mp are staying exactly 1.2 miles away, from what we could see there were only 3 campsites in the area


if you would like more info drop me an email through our profile


mandy :laughing:

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My son will now not be going.


Tthis will leave an extra space for anyone interested.



We would be interested in a pitch if no one else wants it, we realise that there are others on the reserve list and would hate to upset anyone by jumping the queue.


Lolly and Bob

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Well, we've reached the top of the waiting list and been offered a place at the event. :D

The problem is, we don't know where we're supposed to be going. Is it like finding a cache, where you are given the co-ords and you have to navigate to the location using a GPS? Or are we able to know the name of the campsite? :ph34r:


Help, someone, pleeeease?? :anitongue:

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