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Carry On Camping 2006

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I would love to attend but this will depend on daughter's school commitments (as others have said...)


Look forward to seeing more details of location/timings so we can plan how realistic this might be.


Also, as we have never attended such an event before, more general details of what to expect would be helpful (if that's not too stupid a question).


Many thanks!

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You can count us in, in fact try keeping us away :laughing: .

we would like to get up early but this all depends on the kids school commitments with SAT's and GCSE's :anitongue:

Woo Hoo, looks like SATs will be over and no GCSE stuff for Jennifer this year and seems the school are going to give permission for a few extra days, so we should be there on Wednesday :laughing::shocked::unsure::ph34r:

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yep as the phillimores said we have SATs and GCSEs the week before, (i think, must check) we should be there but would not be for as long as we would like if this is the case


if not we will be there for a few extra days


M :laughing:

I have checked up too :laughing:


Daniel's SATs a fortnight before meet, Jons mock GCSEs a fornight after meet, worked out quite well eh :anitongue:


So hopefully we will be there on the Wednesday with the Phillimores


M :shocked:

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*Bing Bong* Hello Geo-campers


We should be able to stop some of the disgruntlement from any camp site owners, if everything goes to plan, as we're going to take up the entire campsite with cachers... a muggle free Geo-camping experience <_<


The rest lies in our hands!!! Keep praying for that golden sunshine people! More information coming soon!!! *Bing Bong*


House Of Boo

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We have a holiday cottage booked in Scotland for a week beginning Saturday 10th June, so won't be digging out our decrepit old tent (last used 1998) to join you. Shame really, my parents both came from Derbyshire and it would be nice to do some caching in the area. Maybe we can drop in and say hello on our way North... :(

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The actual event "page" will be put up when we have finalised information otherwise it might be a bit strange/confusing changing information half way through if things dont go to plan. But as soon the event location is confirmed the page will be loaded up and it will be logged on this thread with a link to it!


Hope that helps!


House Of Boo

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