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Where Abouts Are You From?

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I wonder who invents these place names?


Hairy ford shire?

Leo minster or should that be lem minster?

What is that all about?


From Ancestry.com



English: habitational name from Hereford in Herefordshire, or Harford in Devon and Goucestershire, all named from Old English here ‘army’ + ford ‘ford’.


From information britain


Leominster is another market town on the Black and White Village Trail. Dating from the 7th century, its first recorded name is 'Llanllieni', the Welsh name meaning 'the church on the streams'.



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Not far from NN and Daytribe in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire.


Started life in Belfast, Norn Iron.

Lived in various army type places over the years (Bordon, Deepcut, Shrivenham, Bicester, Didcot, Leamington Spa, and in Germany: Herford twice, Bielefeld, Duelmen, Fallingbostel, Guetersloh).

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Born and bred in Newcastle Upon Tyne


Lived in Leicester, Nottingham, Muswell Hill (spit) and now have been living in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire for aeons. Despite living 'darn sarf' I still drink a glass of water and not a 'glarss' and follow the one true religion (The Toon).


caching : everywhere I can possibly get to! <_<

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