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  1. Normally on own or with family - but looking for Lincolnshire cacher with GSOH to enjoy caching drinking and may be more... Caching that is /
  2. Capsecum = M Capsecum's clan F F M Most caching done as the family unit.
  3. The ability of a GPS to gain a signal lock and hence identify its position is controlled by the CLI circuit. The Ccritical Location Indicator circuit is used to determine whether it is critical for the user to know his/her exact location. The circuit controls the sensitivity of the satellite receiver circuit in an inversely proportional manner. That is to say when the user knows where they are, at home for example, the device is extremely sensitive and will gain a lock through brick, concrete slate etc. However when it is critical that user can find their location, when looking for a cache (preferably a micro), the CLI circuit is activated, the sensitivity of the device is substantially reduced and trees, clouds an even just the atmosphere will prevent a satellite lock being gained. A similar circuit is used to determine when photocopiers jam and computers crash. Or maybe I'm, just paranoid.
  4. Responsible cache setter. Health and safety while caching - I must admit that when caching I stick my hand into some places I ordinarily would not dream of doing so. I nearly came unstuck on Monday (30/04/05) when searching for a cache GCMYXG Bendigo Prizefighter by gekocacherI nearly spiked myself on a discarded syringe. Initially I was upset by not being able to claim the find but after a nights sleep the what if... scenario set in. What if I had of been spiked? What if on of my kids had picked it up? -shivers now running sown the spine. I think I will be a little more cautious maybe investing in a stick or a pair of caching gloves for future trips. Now for the real purpose of this post. - upon returning from the cache I logged a DNF and mailed the cache owner to explain the circumstances of the cache. Within 24 hours Gekocacher had posted a warning on the cache description page, visited the site and archived the cache with the following message... " have been & seen the cache location & it has indeed been mugglesed by Junkies, I now feel this site is too dangerous if this were to re-occur, I am thus archiving the cache unfortunately. Sorry Gekocacher" It is sad to see a cache disappear for this reason but I wold like to praise gekocacher for his quick action and his responsible attitude towards the safety of fellow cachers. Lets hope that in time this cache can be either resurrected, made into a virtual (sign on opposite side of the wall to the cache would make a good answer) or can be made a part of a multistage cache, as it would be a shame to loose this cache totally and the associated history that goes with it.
  5. I have one of those. Small, compact and folds up to fit into tight spaces. Also comes with international attachments. but best of all takes 1,2 3, or even 4 batteries Great for charging NiMH cells too.
  6. Or even that the last 10 visitors have been unsuccessful - it could save a fruitless search.
  7. I was going to buy the legend but was let down by the supply chain i n the end I picked up a Legend C for £219 from globalpositioningsystems.co.uk. Love it. So glad that there were stock problems.
  8. Both useful site so full marks to them. However. 2 govenment sites giving the same information? I love joined up government.
  9. Egg2.com A compilation of games from all over some classics too. Edited due to inability to type an URL correctly first time, any time.
  10. Surname being Pepper Capsecum seemed logical. I try to pretend the alternative spelling Capsecum versus capsicum is to do with working in I.T. as in e-mail, e-commerce, e-services, e-learning, e-by-gum. But in truth i just can't spell
  11. Seems a sensible route. If you had to pay the price of booze in Norway every trip you did would include duty free
  12. I am probably being dense here but... As a non city select (any version) owner can I get the upgrade disk and pay the $100 for a working copy of v7??? Or do I still need to look for a non-upgrade version of city select?
  13. Takes your soul [starts to panic] Hang on, I work in local govenrnment, Lost the soul years ago. Guess I must be safe then
  14. While I would agree that you probably should get a standard erex to start out with. I have a Legend C and it is proving to be an excellent unit. For standard gps (Geocaching use) it is fantastic. For road use the base map lacks detail. I am currently using it with metromap which lacks auto routing but will most likely change to city select to make the most use of the auto routing features. For general use the screen is very clear to read and the battery consumption reasonable. I have had both great and poor coverage depending on tree cover. Up to now I con confidently say I have had no DNFs due to the GPSr. Plenty to do with too many muggles about though.
  15. If and when thy do reply please share the info. This is what I have been waiting for since I got my Legend C and found the self routing was good but only covered the most major of roads and that city select 6 was harder to find than rocking horse droppings.
  16. Glad the technology worked for you. Having witnessed a bad accident here in the depths of Lincolnshire I offered Grid ref or Lat Lon to the police 999 operator ornly to be told "sorry that won't help us" Then proceeded with the "What village did you go through last ?" "don't know it was dark" conversation until we fimnally identified where I was.
  17. Geocaching for me is neither a sport or a hobby but a reason It started out as ... A reason to go for a nice walk. A reason to find new places A reason to get out of the house. It is slowly becoming... A reason to move small objects with dog tags from place to place. A reason to walk through woods subversively while talking into a GRPr every time someone comes near. A reason to book hotels on business near to caches and not to meetings A reason to regard everyone outdoors on a cold and wet day as a potential cacher. Does this mean I'm hooked?
  18. Legend C - first GPSr and everything I need plus more
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