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  1. No worries about muddy tracks but Mr Brown will take a nice big chunk of car tax off you!! Editted to say...should have read the rest of the thread before posting...this point seems to have been covered
  2. For me it has to be Slei Gill by Picrosso (GCQGVJ). It's not far from where I live, a lovely walk and stunning location. It won't be everybodies cup of tea, just a regular cache with no clever puzzles or twists, but for me it's just what I look for. P.S. Lonely Church in Wilts is another great one even though I had to post a DNF for it!!
  3. I can't really help you on the caching side of life, I visited Krakow in my Pre-GC days, but I can tell you it's a wonderful city, very cosmopolitan for such a poor country. We stayed there when we went to Auschwitz. I hope you enjoy your trip. Si.
  4. Mrs DW works at our local Greggs, so a quick call in for staff discount before we go anywhere....I think I've just about been through the whole range!!!
  5. I haven't made it to an event yet, something always crops up at the last minute, but rest assured if I can make it I will!! it all sounds too good to miss, I've even persuaded Mrs DW that we need a new tent!
  6. I was in my local mountain bike shop, while I was waiting for my bike to come out from its servicing I picked up a free magazine from the foyer (I think it was called Outdoor Enthusiast) and read one of the "letters to the editor". Onto the website, found a couple of local caches that I could do wothout GPSr and the rest is history.
  7. Wow!!! is it really as easy as it looks...Postcode search...remove found...download to Tom Tom. Thats me sold on the TT1, Thanks for your help Rutson. (I also saw the advert for PC World a steal at £219)
  8. is it possible to load TT one with waypoints from GC.Com...am looking for sat nav for the new year, quite fancied the Garmin i3 but the screen is really small.
  9. None in my part of North Yorkshire yet, but I am expecting it tonight!
  10. Funny, I was going to start this self same thread yesterday, I have tried downloading software for my IIIxe from the support site with no joy. If it's OK with Bernie and Sue, and with Globetrotter. UK perhaps I could borrow the disk when you've finished... pleeeeaaaase. Thanks all....Si.
  11. Try doing GCQDEC...you will find the subject of your desires, and it's in Donny!!
  12. You should know, Nobby Nobbs....What d'you thinks CMOT Dibbler's sausages are made from? Mrs B Rat on a stick...Get 'em while they're hot
  13. Yes indeed, I haven't lived there for 20 years but it's still where I call home, in fact I was there this weekend but no time for caching.
  14. Originally from Doncaster, S Yorks. Currently living in Catterick, N Yorks. Mrs DW is from Cirencester, Glos. Meaning I have three Geocaching bases!!
  15. I think this thread displays very well the "quirkyness" with which a lot of other nationalities regard the British. As a patriotic Briton I think it is a good thing and in some ways it unites us all in these days of self rule.
  16. I'm pretty sure my Venture changes map datum automatically when I'm using Grid References, so you don't have to worry.
  17. I too am interseted in buying a satnav for the motor, have seen the i3 for £179 but was a bit concerned about the size of the screen...it is tiny! have seen a navman for about the same price (didn't get the model number) and the screen is bigger, (2.5 ins as compared to the i3's 1.8 ins) does anyone know how these two units compare to each other, both as a simple satnav and as an aid to geocaching? I know there are loads of experts out there and I would really value your opinion. Thanks in advance...Si.
  18. I could quite fancy it, as long as the biking isn't too gnarly, a bit of singletracking would be cool but nothing too technical, 10-20 miles seems fair enough. I am N. Yorks based so the dales would be ideal.
  19. That worked a treat...thanks very much Dorsetgal.
  20. I am trying to update my profile on GC.com by listing some key caches that I've done, but although I am typing a list i.e: 1. blah blah blah. 2. blah blah blah. 3. blah blah blah. it's coming out as: 1. blah blah blah. 2. blah blah blah. 3. blah blah blah. I'm sure I'm doing something very basic wrong but does anyone know what it is? If someone out there can help an IT buffoon I would be very grateful.
  21. If it's not too late I would like to add my veteran caching hound PJ and his new buddy Duncan...Duncan is as yet a caching virgin but he has his last injection this afternoon so he'll soon get his first find!
  22. I only really wondered wether this was going to effect peoples cacheing, didn't want to start a political commentary...Interesting as this thread has been, I am now closing it. Thanks for posting.
  23. Don't get me wrong, I support the protesters, especially those in the transport industry, I was just canvassing opinion!... I might delay tonights cacheing, theres no saying how long this might go on for, best save the fuel.
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