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  1. Yes your right it works OK on Windows 7 64 bit ty!
  2. Will Mapsource work on a 64 bit PC?
  3. Is there any way to see and use Mapsource on a Ubisurfer ?
  4. Snow Gritters Should use Garmin G.P.S. They can then put where they have Gritted onto Google Earth and we can ALL see the safe Gritted Areas to Drive........
  5. What online Map as more info than the 1:25 like 1 mile to the inch ie detail that is printable too?
  6. I tried it in Photoshop turned it 90 degrees and I think it says 'Shiney Brook' at the end?
  7. TT If you put these Coordinates into Google Earth you get a Car Park Lay By opposite the Squiggles shown on the Drawing Map do you agree? N53 33.077 W1 56.350
  8. * Their car was parked in the Layby of the A.635 , opposite 'Shiny Brook' as they zigged zagged to x). That is the Map Coordinates I need in OSGB please........
  9. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/new...oors_grave.html Any clues there by anyone who as an heart to help poor Winifred Johnson message me '' To every negative -ve there is a POSiTIVE +VE reply ....''
  10. http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/leisu...oors_body_hunt/ There is an advert on first then keep watching it as... (the Mother to Poor Keith Bennett); >>> Winifred Johnson is speaking....
  11. That's the type of GOOD usefull information I need thanks Good G's!
  12. This Coordinate converter seems so easy so it a good un! http://www.nearby.org.uk/coord.cgi Top O!
  13. At the moment they got a team of searchers with their trained Cadaver Dogs so here's hoping..... but later on when they finish, and if they are not successful? Why don't Geocachers take up the search themselves....that would be the greatest catch ever ( than some junk filled Tuppaware )you agree m8? * I shall pass any HELPFUL info to Winifred Johnson herself........
  14. CHEW RESERVOIR 53°30'52.80"N 1°56'36.88"W * Convert these into OSGB RUTson, there be a good BAT man!
  15. Is it SE060070 as it wont set Google Earth Googling!/?
  16. Brady was away appox 30 minutes? from the car so that could help too... but, I feel water is near too? I need to know where the Lay Bys are to work it out...as they stopped in one and not knowing the area how many are there too....? also the exact location of a RED TELEPHONE BOX to.... Also what will.... ' 21 degrees south' mean?
  17. Thanks guys it's to do with some info for Winifred Johnson reguards her lad Keith Bennett
  18. Can any Geocacher who lives in this area please mark all relevant parking Lay-Bys on the A.635 Road please. In O.S.G.B. format. More near to Greenfield /Manchester end.... thank you
  19. How do I convert these to OSGB data please? Or better still please convert them for me it's for Winifred Johnson's search team on the Saddleworth Moor Search. Ist I got: 53, 32" 36.01N 1, 57" 20.91W 2nd N53. 32.600 W1 57.350
  20. I am wanting the OSGB Coordinates of Tintagel Castle, Glastonbury Cathedral, Glastonbury Tor, and any Knight's Templar's sites and anything connected with the above please........
  21. How does one converting OSGB to degrees minutes seconds and vice versa
  22. Get Uniross ( the black and silver one) off Ebay I use 2500 mah
  23. Will a 2GB Micro SD Card fit in a Garmin 60CSX if so at Aldi ( look on their website). A 2GB Micro SD Card each £4.99 * Massive memory in a micro card! Includes adaptors for regular and mini use. 80× speed.
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