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What Are You.


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Recent threads here in the BM section gave me an idea.


There are those who solely hunt BM's. There are some who only hunt Geocaches. But of the people who browse the Benchmarking forum, what do you do?


(1) Do you hunt Geocaches, BM's or Both.


(2) If you do hunt BM's, do you log with GC.com, the NGS, or both?



Here I'll anser my own question.


(1) Both, Geocaches tend to be higher on the list, but I am very interested in BM's and their uses. I enjoy hunting a benchmark as much as I do a cache.


(2) GC.com, as of now I don't feel like I need to log with NGS. In the future if I become more knowledgeable about what their standards are I might start.

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1) Do you hunt Geocaches, BM's or Both.

99% BMs. A very few times, I have 'done' a geocache, but am not inspired by doing them.


(2) If you do hunt BM's, do you log with GC.com, the NGS, or both?

I always log with GC.com. I have done a few NGS logs, but somehow it seems superfluous to do both. I realize that it definitely is not superfluous to log at NGS, but it just feels like that to me. In fact, in a real-world perspective, logging with NGS should be first priority and logging with GC.com is really the more superfluous one.


Of course, I know that, eventually, ArtMan and Seventhings (both live near me) will take up all my slack and log all the ones I've ever found at the NGS! ;)

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Of course, I know that, eventually, ArtMan and Seventhings (both live near me) will take up all my slack and log all the ones I've ever found at the NGS!


Don't count on it from me - I don't hunt in the DC/NOVA local area anymore (too crowded with benchmark hunters!!!), and I won't submit an NGS recovery unless I've visited the mark in the past week or so.



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Benchmarks only,mostly logged at GC.com. NGS when no other report has been made in about the last 10 years, or if the site or condition has changed to merit a new description. So far, that's about 1 in 10.


I have nothing against caches, it's just that I'm not currenty able to go out into difficult terrain, so many benchmarks are somewhat easier to find. Besides, there seem to be too many rules and etiquette in caching. ;)

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1. I hunt both Geocaches and Benchmarks...


2. Both GC & NGS.

Me too.


But not so much caches any more. I used to hunt benchmarks if they were close to caches. Now I look for benchmarks. If I happen to remember to look for caches in the area, that's bonus. I'd rather print out six datasheets for benchmarks and spend the afternoon looking for them and get two finds and 4 DNFs (like many here, I consider a good DNF a "win" in the game) than take the extra time to look for tupperware with a notebook in it to sign. Partly because if I don't find it, there's no "win". :(



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I started with caching, but now I do benchmarks almost exclusively. (In my experience, caching is like doing the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle — if you don't do it regularly, it's near impossible.)


I report almost all my efforts on Geocaching.com, finds, non-finds, and notes. I try to file with NGS when appropriate, meaning a find when it's been several years since the last report, or when I have something to add, and an unfound when I'm pretty confident that I won't be embarrassed by someone else finding it after I couldn't.



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(1) Do you hunt Geocaches, BM's or Both.


I prefer hunting benchmarks, but also hunt geocaches. I guess that would make me a "both."


(2) If you do hunt BM's, do you log with GC.com, the NGS, or both?


So far I've only logged on GC.com but now that I'm getting more confident in my benchmark hunting skills I plan on logging some at the NGS site. In fact, there are some that I've been FTF in many many many years and I plan to go back to those BMs, verify that nothing has changed since I FTF them last, then log them at NGS.

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Benchmarks, only. Cachers put me to shame with their great skills and high recovery numbers. I can't compete! (I'm serious. When I take cachers on a BM hunting trip, their determination and "sixth sense" is amazing to watch.)


In addition to logging at GEOCACHING.COM, I submit reports to NGS if it has been more than a year since the last recovery and/or there is something different to report. (Like EZ1359, which I visited this week. The mark is described as being in the TOP step leading to the church basement. Instead, I found it on the 2nd from top step. Odd that nobody commented on this in several decades of recoveries!)


Why report to NGS?


(1) I like seeing my name in print. :mad:


(2) It does not take much additional time because I compose my notes in WORD and simply copy/paste them into the recovery form. (Hint: I put all the NF entries at the front of the document so I don't have to keep changing the radio button under Condition.)


(3) It is a way of saying "thanks" to the NGS staff for being available and patient in answering questions from GEOCAC'ers.




[An update on this mark has been submitted to NGS.]

---Tag Line added to GEOCACHING.COM recovery reports

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We do both, but mainly benchmarks.


We only log on GC.com.  I find it unnecessary to finish a surveyors job for him, when it is HE who should be taking the time to keep HIS database up to date. Lack of time is a poor excuse for a professional who's livelyhood depends on his use of said database.





With respect to forum guidelines, I respectfully disagree with what I feel are inflammatory statements you are making. I am sorry you feel this way.


I wish that you would refrain from making statements like that and just make on topic comments about what you enjoy doing.


Thank you.



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Respect: Respect the guidelines for forum usage, and site usage. Respect Groundspeak, its employees, volunteers, yourself, fellow community members, and guests on these boards. Whether a community member has one post or 5,000 posts, they deserve the same respect.


Max Cacher

Geocaching.com Volunteer Cache Reviewer // Moderator

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1) Both. I was really into finding benchmarks last year, but the caching bug took over for this one. I am getting back into tracking down benchmarks in my local area. I get much more satisfaction finding a benchmark and snapping a photo of it to log than finding a cache. I am moving back towards benchmarking again.


2) GC.com. I am no professional surveyor and I do it more for the personal satisfaction. Maybe for the few marks I have found where the description is really screwed up, I might contact NGS to change the data sheets.

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(1) Do you hunt Geocaches, BM's or Both.

Both. As a family, it's more caching as the Kids think that benchmarks are boring. Benchmark hunting is more of a solo pursuit and occupational hazard.


(2) If you do hunt BM's, do you log with GC.com, the NGS, or both?

Generally only with GC.com. When I do log a mark with the NGS it is not filed with the GEOCAC designation, but as LOCSUR.


- Kewaneh

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Rob, you forgot to answer the OP's questions..... :mad:





I didn't forget. I was more concerned about your unrelated opinions.


For the record.


I am A Survey Tech and Grade Man. My involvement is more with Heavy and Highway Civil Engineering Projects, Construction Staking and Earth moving, more than property line work. I build to elevations based on NGS or other high quality Bench Marks, (Never USGS unless accepted by NGS) and use State Plane Coordinates as based on NGS guidelines for horizontal control, and rarely get involved with Cadastral Survey markers. I am never involved with Legal Property Survey issues.


As a side note, and a good time to share this...


State Plane Coordinates were developed by USCGS, in the Pre NGS days to take a smaller area of the world, pretend it is flat, and contained within a limited and defined area, then give it a grid so it can be treated as a simple cartesian coordinate system. It works well in small areas and eliminated the need to use circular equations which involve the curve of the earth. Most things we use it for are smaller than the state plane coordinates themselves, and often some engineers use their own coordinates in a similar scale as the SPC so as to just envelop their particular project. Most all Public works surveys use SPC. It is of geodetic quality and all the survey markers we hunt still fit over local measurements.


I use GPS by Trimble and Topcon, sometimes Leica in my work, occasionally Total Stations, which are basically a computerized Theodolite with EDM, and even Hand Levels with tape measures. We typically grade to 2/100ths of a foot optically. 5/100ths of a foot with GPS, in motion on machines.


I use these survey markers as a part of my employment.


I have recovered some here to GC.com to show the various types of recoveries there are, how one could approach photographing and writing descriptions for them. I stopped recovering them to GC.com when I felt I had enough examples of types of mark, founds and not founds, potential destroyed, and how to approach documenting each type.


When I recover to NGS, I do so under LOCSUR. I have also recovered under the Agency Codes for companies I have worked for. In addition, I have also submitted many hundreds of stations for status change in the database, and continue to on an ongoing basis.


I don't generally hunt these full time as I use them at work, but I have on occasion. I have never done a Geocache. I have no interest. I have other hobbies I often pursue. One hobby I have come to enjoy, is being an active advisor to people on this forum, by helping others find, understand, and interpret their survey markers, as well as help them understand some of the in's and outs of surveying and geodesy in general.



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{To all posters}

No apologies needed, this thread is just to see how people go about enjoying their hobby/ obsession/ sport. (Insert appropriate term for individual) Please don't voice a difference in opinion with someone elses methods here.


So, what are you? BM hunter, Geocacher, or both.

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I prefer Benchmarks but do some GeoCaches with my wife or when the Cache is a micro and within walking (or short bicycling) distance of home. (My wife prefers the larger Caches with "treasures" to trade!)


I log Benchmarks with GC and only occasionally log with NGS -- generally if I find a mark that "needs work" or if someone has logged a DNF with NGS.

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On Jan 1, 2004, I began to hunt geocahes......I racked up about 20 by the end of March and then suddenly discovered BM hunting. In calander year 2005 I have only picked up one geocache and that was because it was convienently along the way to a mountain top Tri-station.


My count on BM's is now well over 200 with still less then 30 geocaches. And yes, I report to NGS.


BM's are much more exciting. You can still get the 'pot at the end of the rainbow' feeling while hiking and the math, geography, geology, history and research needed for BM hunting adds much more to the adventure.


Anyone that geocaches ONLY, or BM hunts but does not report to NGS, is OK in my book. You are enjoying yourself, you are out in the world instead of just being a couch potato, most geocachers practice CITO and it takes a lot of sick people off the streets and puts them in the woods where they belong.




I just happen to have a passion for the small metal disks found all over the country.

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(1) Do you hunt Geocaches, BM's or Both.


I do both... It depends on my mood... :lol: For some reason, though, I prefer BM hunting because not only is it fun, to me it feels useful... Sort of like voluntary community service.


(2) If you do hunt BM's, do you log with GC.com, the NGS, or both?


I log on both sites... All of my finds are logged on GC.com. On NGS, I log everything except BMs that have been recovered within the last three years and don't need description updates.

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I only discovered benchmark hunting recently, and only have a handful of recoveries. I've never looked for a geocache, but have every intention of doing so, at least now and then. I find the "hunt" absolutely addicting! I log here, and to NGS if I've "dug up" something nobody else has found in a decade or more.

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