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  1. I am curious about the location of this disk. However, the coordinates provided don't appear to be the location of an old bridge, or where a gaging station would be located. These coordinates plot to a location in a field.
  2. The NGS has a lookup tool if only the designation (name) of the station is known. In this case I only searched the database for the station name "FIRE" in Indiana. If Indiana is the incorrect state, then you can search other states. https://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_desig.prl This is a reference mark for a triangulation control station. I found two candidates, both monumented in 1946. The triangulation station has adjusted coordinates, so a GPSr should guide you right to the station. JA0364 was last reported as found in 2014, and JA1845 in 2010. PID JA0364 is in Orange County. N38 29 26.03614 W086 26 15.72811 This is about 5.5 miles southeast of the city of Paoli near the site of the Paoli Lookout Tower. RM1 should be found at N38 29 25.44 W086 26 14.63, and RM2 should be found at N38 26 25.79 W086 26 16.31. PID JA1845 is in Spencer County. N38 05 48.30051 W086 59 24.36098 This is about 2 miles south of Lincoln City near the center of the Lincoln Park. RM1 should be found at N38 05 48.21 W086 59 24.26, and RM2 should be found at N38 05 48.21 W086 59 24.49. The NGS app DSWorld can create a KMZ file for use in Google Earth. I've included a screen capture of the area around each station showing the relationship of the reference marks to the triangulation station. Let us know if either is the correct station. Bob
  3. Many marks set by the USACE can be found on this site - https://www.agc.army.mil/Missions/U-SMART/ But I didn't see this mark in their database. Since it is located near a floodwall and closure structure, I suspect it is associated with the flood control project.
  4. Yes, I still use the application. Not frequently, but I'll convert a batch of files every few months. Bob
  5. Interesting article about mapping Britain in the mid-20th century. I'm glad I don't need to wear a jacket and tie, and tote a large arrow and "hymn board", when I'm out looking for marks. Bob https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/arrow-photos-mapping-manchester?utm_source=Atlas+Obscura+Daily+Newsletter&utm_campaign=e937fc460e-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_03_29&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f36db9c480-e937fc460e-66188461&ct=t(EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_3_29_2018)&mc_cid=e937fc460e&mc_eid=9dfb93a644
  6. The HH1 coordinates are calculated from the box score. I've run across this for many reference marks. I recall seeing a post from either Dave Doyle or Malcolm Archer-Shee indicating the calculated positions were added as HH1 coordinates.
  7. Yes, but using DS World 3 reports on 1/7, load date of 1/19 1 report on 2/5, load date of 2/22 2 reports on 2/26, load date of 3/3 5 reports on 3/24, load date of 4/10 Photos and HH2 coordinates updated as well. Bob
  8. A couple folks have mentioned the use of DS World. I started using DS World to submit reports in December 2015. Reports submitted through DS World seem to be included in the database much faster than the web based interface. I submitted three reports on 1/7/17, and the datasheets were updated by the end of January. Same experience with 12 reports submitted in early December. All 12 were updated when I checked shortly after the first of the year. Bob
  9. While the datasheet from the Geocaching site shows scaled coordinates, the latest datasheet from the NGS has HH1 coordinates. The coordinates for selected marks have been updated to HH1 based on notes in the NGS records. If 27.547783, -81.800439 (Hand-Held 1) is used, the point is northwest of a small bridge, and approximately the correct distance from the road. This is also about 0.6 mile from city hall. The mark was also reported as not found in 2003 and 2006 by Polk County and the FL Dept of Env Pro, respectively.
  10. Release posted by NOAA on Nov 14th. http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/news/features/nov13/survey.html
  11. Is the boundary disk in the second link used? I can't tell. But if it is unused the sale may be legit. At one time the USACE sold unused boundary disks at the Mississippi River Visitor's Center adjacent to Lock & Dam 15. The disks were made at the Rock Island Arsenal. IIRC the price is $5. I think I have 3 or 4.
  12. Sorry for the delayed response. I was in Joplin, MO for a couple days for my job. I do not recall looking for the original 1880 station for CAMBRIDGE. The 1956 entry on the datasheet mentions moving the station towards the azimuth mark. Curious the date inscribed in the concrete is 8/25/30, but the reset station is 1956. Does the smaller cap for CAMBRIDGE date to the 1880 monumentation, or is from the later replacement? I know you seek out the MORC caps, but I do not recall the details from your photos to say one way or another. KD0199, FRANKFURT, is a MORC cap near CAMBRIDGE. I searched for it the same day I found CAMBRIDGE. In 1948 the area was a pasture. In 2008 it was an unused pasture, so the grass was tall and thick. I think there is a good chance the station still exists. I'll have to consider a swing over that way. KD1092, GLASGOW, is about 90 miles west of Kansas City. Bob
  13. Interesting about the USACE-Tulsa District disk in Sumner County. I used to get down that way on a regular basis. I'll have to remember this if I'm in that part of Kansas. I only recall finding a couple of pipe caps set by the USACE - HY1975 and KE0257. Neither include the name of the District. I frequently pass by the location of KE0257 so I should get a better photo. The fine is $500 for disturbing the mark instead of the usual $250. Finding the MORC leaded copper bolts is a nice change of pace, as are the MORC pipe caps. I've only had success with a couple of the MORC pipe caps, a BM (KD0181) and a tri station (KD0193). Both found on the same day, and both in the same general area. Most are in areas that are not readily accessible.
  14. Kayakbird Thanks for the reply. Taking a measurement from Americus didn't occur to me until I returned home. Threading the tape through the fence, twice, might affect my accuracy. However, the measurement would confirm if the distance between the two disks is consistent with the box score. This area is in the Tulsa District. The Tulsa District was formed in 1939. The Little Rock District was formed a couple of years earlier in 1937. Americus is close to the boundary of the Kansas City District, which was formed in 1909. The St Louis District predated all of these by 100 yrs since it was formed in 1837. Guess maps showing boundary changes over the years would be needed to sort through the historic changes. I can believe a clerical error for the pipe diameter. Nearby AMERICUS was flush in 1956, and is now a couple of inches below grade. So fill may have been placed on the site. I was leaning towards a find, and your opinion is the confirmation I needed. Thanks for looking at this. Bob
  15. In a previous post, I described the disks placed by the KATY Railroad. I found three of the unusual, and perhaps even rare, disks. Two were in Morris County, and one in Lyon County. As I was working my way back towards Kansas City I stopped in Americus to look for triangulation station AMERICUS and pipe cap AMERICUS CITY MARK. I wanted to find the pipe cap since it would also be a different from the usual C&GS disks. After finding the KATY disks, I figured this would be the icing on the cake. I found the pipe cap, and it was of a type I have not previously found. The pipe caps I’ve found in the past have been cast with raised letters. This cap has incised letters. The mark logo is a first for me as well. However, I’m not sure it is JF1354 because there are slight differences that leaves me hesitant to claim it as found. I've posted a note describing some of the differences. Anyone care to express an opinion if the pipe cap I found is indeed AMERICUS CITY MARK?
  16. I noted you were at one of the Atlas F sites surrounding the former Schilling AFB. I've been near some of the Atlas E sites near the former Forbes AFB, but they all seem to be fenced and posted. My understanding is most of the facilities, and some equipment, associated with the Atlas sites were abandoned in place. The survey crews working around Forbes seemed to have a sense of humor. Some of the triangulation stations related to the missile silos have names like STING, SHINE, GLOW, BLAST, MELT, and DUCK. I was at the azimuth mark for STING during my recent trip to Council Grove.
  17. Early on the Sunday before Labor Day I headed west from Kansas City for Morris County, Kansas. Morris County is an unshaded county in the map created by Holoscenes. More on this in a minute. While preparing for my day in the field I noted four discs monumented by the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad, or commonly known as the KATY. The description mentions a raised center strip on the disk. I knew if I found nothing else, I would have to find one of the KATY disks. After all, a steady diet of C&GS disks is unexciting (yet I keep going out). I found three disks mounted on concrete culverts southwest of Council Grove. The fourth disk is at the bottom of the Council Grove Lake. The disks have raised letters, including M.K.&T. RY. JF0112, 6 MKTRR, is a good example of the disk placed by the Katy Railroad. The railroad was removed in 1957, but the culverts and disks were in good condition. I'm catching up on my Geocaching logs tonight, and I noted that Foxtrot_xray is on a cross-county trip, and he also was in Council Grove recently. I suspect the unshaded county drew him to Morris County as well. We both photographed the water tank, 6 days apart. Bob
  18. The elevation of the lowest floor will depend on your house. You mentioned a crawl space. If one is present, then the floor of the crawl space may be the lowest floor. The instructions for the Elevation Certificate include several diagrams that depict different configurations of buildings, and how to determine the elevations listed in Section C of the certificate. A copy of the instructions for the elevation certificate can be obtained online from FEMA. The lowest floor is used for insurance rating. I believe for rating the difference between the lowest floor elevation and the Base Flood Elevation is rounded to the nearest foot. Other factors used to determine the rate is the flood zone - A, AE, V or VE are the more common zones. The Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) is used to determine the flood zone. If your house was constructed in 1975 then it is considered to be "Post-FIRM" since the construction occurred after the first FIRM for Mt Pleasant. The initial FIRM for Mt Pleasant was 04/02/1971. The current FIRM is dated 11/17/2004. This information is also used to determine the insurance rate for the house. Before considering any modifications to the structure, a Floodplain Development permit will be required from the authority having jurisdiction. For purposes of the floodplain permit, the elevations should be determined to the nearest tenth foot. As mentioned by others, a survey is required to gain the necessary accuracy and precision. The floodplain permit is in addition to any building permits you may be required to obtain. If you have questions about the FIRM or elevation certificates you might try FEMA's Map Assistance Center. The center can be reached by calling 877-FEMA MAP. Also, the surveyor that completed the elevation certificate should be able to explain how the elevations for your house were determined.
  19. (Emphasis added) Are photos this large actually being accepted now by NGS? With 2.5 times more pixels, the larger images should provide better resolution and detail for users. But as a former bureaucrat myself (now in remission), I know that often there is a time lag, and not always a brief one, between decision and implementation. ~ArrtMan~ Good question. Tonight, using DSWORLD v2.10.04, I attempted to upload three 1024x768 photos for AE2144. The program would not accept the photos. I upgraded to v2.10.11, and the program accepted the three photos. So I believe the larger photos will be accepted at this time. Most HH2 coordinates and photos I submit through DSWORLD are included in the database in 5-10 days. My last batch was submitted on 7/31, and reflected in the datasheets on 8/10. Based on prior experience the datasheet for AE2144 should have a link to the photos in a few days. Bob
  20. I'm not sure about a document, but this is from the DSWORLD program - Naming the Photograph Monuments already in the NGS Database must be named according to the following convention: Photo 1 - PID-NAME-1-DATE(YYYYMMDD).jpg Ex. - 'AB1234-SMITH_RM_2-1-20060131.jpg' Photo 2 - PID-NAME-2-DATE(YYYYMMDD).jpg Ex. - 'AB1234-SMITH_RM_2-2-20060131.jpg Photo 3 - PID-NAME-3DIR-DATE(YYYYMMDD).jpg Ex - 'AB1234-SMITH_RM_2-3NE-20060131.jpg Note: Dashes separate the required items and underscores are used in place of spaces. Monuments without PIDs must be named according to the following convention: Photo 1 - NAME-1-DATE(YYYYMMDD).jpg Ex. - 'SMITH_RM_2-1-20060131.jpg' Photo 2 - NAME-2-DATE(YYYYMMDD).jpg Ex. - 'SMITH_RM_2-2-20060131.jpg Photo 3 - NAME-3DIR-DATE(YYYYMMDD).jpg Ex - 'SMITH_RM_2-3NE-20060131.jpg About a month ago I recieved an e-mail from Malcolm Archer-Shee describing a few changes specific to photos. Malcolm is the developer of the DSWORLD program. 1) The NGS’s Products and services committee has just approved the submittal of digital photographs up to 1024 x 768 pixels. 2) Captions in photos are now optional. 3) The latest update of DSWorld will allow editing and the submittal of multiple photos up to 1024 x 768 pixels. 4) It also has a menu item for submitting photo trouble reports.
  21. Both JD0048 and JD2795 have Geocaching.com logs dated 6/10/01. Artman, you visited JD0048 in October of last year. The NGS database has a recovery for JD0048 dated 6/10/11. I recall a forum post that JD0048 may be the first Geocaching log in the NGS database. If so, the 10th anniversity may have passed without notice. Bob
  23. I was ready to attend even considering the cost of a tank of gas. But the job is sending me 3 hours in the opposite direction that day. Maybe I'll catch the the 2020 center of population marker dedication. Bob
  24. I'm familiar with the use of targets for aerial photos, but I didn't connect the use of targets with the phase with "picture point". In the case of JB0527 the disk is 15 inches underground so this traverse station would not be useful as a control point. Thanks for the responses. Bob
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