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  1. The map mloser led us to has many coverage polygons, none of which are overlaid on the mark site. A little further digging turned up the Chief of Survey for PennDOT, who told us that the disk in question is in a database that he maintains, and which is not online. He kindly added that the elevation for this disk is 963.35’, and that its stamping is 06F-57-3006-7. Close to what we deduced from the picture, and we can see it now. Cheers,
  2. As you already know, this is a state department of transportation mark. It's hard to say how many thousands of these there are. Sometimes they have been set, or resurveyed, to the standards of accuracy required for inclusion in the NGS database, but much more often they have not. We've found quite a few of these in other states than Pennsylvania, and of course we log them in our private database, and sometimes we find a state database that includes them. If we were looking for this one, we'd be using its GPS coordinates to start with, if we had them. Good picture! Cheers,
  3. These are wonderful pictures! They are so good they run the risk of edging us away from the terrific job you did finding these marks. Kudos to you both, and thanks. Cheers, m&h
  4. "I can't find any informaton on the http://ohiodnr.com/tabid/9692/Default.aspx web site." Neither can we. There's one page where you can search for north coastal area marks, but Butler County is too far south for it. Cheers, m&h
  5. Hi-- "Coords are: N 39* 55.7032,W 084* 73.8135." These don't work on our finding aids, because the longitude has a minutes value that exceeds 60. Some sort of typo, we imagine. We'll check back in case of a correction. Best, m&h
  6. I believe you have posted a nearly identical message on SurveyorConnect. The responses there are cogent and helpful. The marks you are looking for are beyond the scope of what most of us do here. Cheers, m&h
  7. We found a mark today in Elma, Washington. Not a remarkable find in most ways, but it was fun to discover that it is visible in Google Earth's Street View. See our log for SY1403, R 479 Cheers, m&h
  8. Correct, Windows only. We run Macs, but I have installed VMWare Fusion and Windows 7 Pro on mine, because there are quite a few surveying-related applications that have not been written for Macs.
  9. Thanks very much, as always! Cheers,
  10. In a slow time with the marks, but we've used it once or twice, and like it. Had some snags at the beginning, including the permission denial, which Malcolm got us over. Cheers,
  11. We'd like to cast a vote against trying to excavate the underground mark, unless you can arrange to do so in the presence, or with the help, of a licensed professional. It's the very last mark for the point, so disturbing it is totally destructive of the point. Back in the day, a missing surface mark that couldn't be restored by the reference marks could be restored by carefully digging down to the underground mark, and then putting over the hole a device called a plumbing bench. This had legs that could be sturdily planted, like the legs of a tripod, and a plumb-bob hook in the horizontal part that could be slid around and locked in place with thumbscrews or the like. So the plumb bob was centered over the underground mark, the hook was locked in place, and the hole was very carefully filled (don't bump that bench!) to accommodate the new surface disk, whose position could be made exact by re-hanging the plumb bob. Such restoration is now a lot easier with instruments, but our guess is that it's rarely if ever done any more. Cheers,
  12. As always, many thanks! We're not out there among the marks much right now, but will be. Cheers,
  13. Jim, We're always very grateful for the work you do for us and the way you do it. Thanks again! As for AZCachemeister's question, it's us and them, apparently: On the one hand, we reported 9 recoveries to NGS in December. On the other hand, our 50 for the year is about sixteen down from the top, and in 2009 our 120 for the year was around twenty down from the top.
  14. Inexpressible gratitude, as always. And three cheers, we guess, for the old blue and yellow! Thanks, and ever thanks.
  15. We found SD0558, and discovered that, though we are about the fifth log, we may be the first actual finders (there are a couple of logs without photos). Get within sight of a witness post, and you may be in the right place . . .
  16. As always, we're deeply grateful for the pleasure we take in this terrific work. Thanks again!
  17. Every state sets large numbers of survey marks. Occasionally the accuracy with which they are set is up to the standards of the NGS, and the mark is submitted for addition to the National Spatial Reference System. Usually not. So Waymarking.com is about it for these, if the coordinates don't turn up anything. Good hunting.
  18. As always, we're very grateful for these. Thanks again! Cheers,
  19. Ugh. sorry about that fill-page quote, which we did not intend. We came across the same thing with DL 2668, CAM F, just south of Anacortes. New mark. Our tentative conclusion is that the mark is actually a DB, mistyped as a Horizontal Control mark. Your case is a little more complicated by the relatively low order of the mark in either category. Cheers,
  20. Thanks, as always, for all this enlightening work. We enjoy it very much. Cheers,
  21. Many thanks, as ever. It's a terrific overview. Cheers,
  22. Thanks, as ever. We're not active right now, but will be. Cheers,
  23. Very cool find, fun to read about. Congratulations! Cheers,
  24. We're glad you do it. Many thanks!
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