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Brave Enough To Do This Cache?

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Erm, I'm over 400 miles away from that cache, but if I'm ever in the area, YOU BET I'll do that cache! Sounds like a ball! Wonder if my full-size 4WD pickup would fit up that road? One of the logs made it sound like a Jeep Wrangler barely fit.


If I could find a remote, out of the way cemetary around here, I'd set up a cache like that! It really sounds like fun!

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I've done this cache - and the others in the 'series'. Trust me, this is just the beginning...


The nearly mile long walk to the cemetary on the 4WD road gets you in the mood, as it's really out in the middle of nowhere - and of course, it's dark out. The walk through the cemetary is worse...the cache hunt, well...you'll just have to see for yourself.


If you survive this cache (a BIG if), you can move on to Katscaches other night caches: Don't Eat the Red Berries, Abby a'la carte, and Legless Mike.


This series of night caches was tons of fun to do, and the cache hider took great pains to find the most remote and thus scary cache sites, and then, well...you'll have to see for yourself....:)



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I don't think it's the cemetaries themselves that's the "scary" part. It's the legends or the history of past suicides, murders or whatever that's in that particular area that gets the chills going. For example, the Suscon Screamer cache: It's a little over an hour away from me but I'll take that drive to do that one because of what was said in the decription and the logs. If it was just a normal nighttime cache or just a regular cemetary cache I wouldn't think twice about driving out there just for that. But since there is that history in the area and people say they hear or see strange things out there it kinda gets the fear level up. Wheather it's true or not people will go out there to find out themselves because I think everybody has that deep down feeling of wanting to be freaked out or scared. Just my opinion.



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Oops... about those laughing and crying children... looks like I mistakenly left my boombox out there in the woods with a Halloween cassette tape playing on a loop. Sorry if it scared any of you. If the next cacher out wouldn't mind finding that and just hitting the stop button, that would be awesome.

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