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  1. A buddy of mine sent me this: Click Here to View Article Once again, it proves that if you follow the rules and place a stash note, it helps BIG TIME!
  2. My favorite swoop and poop story happened to a friend of mine while my wife and I and he and his girlfriend were on our way to a wedding. He forgot his shirt while he was packing his suitcase so we had to do an emergency run to the store for a new one. Got back to my house, he changed and on the way out of my house he got nailed by a bird. So, on the way to the wedding, we stop at a store to get him a new shirt. He changes in the car on our way to the wedding. As we're stepping out of the car, he got nailed by another bird on the exact same shoulder as the first bird got him! He was the only guy at the reception that didn't take his jacket off all night! I guess if it's supposed to be lucky, he should have bought a bunch of lotto tickets that day!
  3. You do not need a parachute to skydive...you only need a parachute to skydive twice!!!
  4. Welcome to our addiction...oops...I meant hobby willy810. Please visit us at: www.floridacaching.com Great group of folks and I can promise somebody is in your area and would be more than happy to act as a mentor for you. Happy Caching!
  5. Yep, only way to get .gpx is via pocket query. Once you have it, xfer it to ppc and away you go. I love it. The files on my ipaq look just like they do on gc.com.
  6. I use GPXSonar to achieve the goal you seek. You can find it at the resources section of gc.com: http://www.geocaching.com/waypoints/default.aspx Happy Caching!
  7. Pocket PC use Windows unlike the Palm. For PPC you use gpxsonar on your PPC and GSAK on your PC. AMEN! ipaq wm5.0 + gsak + gpxsonar = I now have room for the granola bar in my pocket with no clipboard/backpack needed...most of the time! Hoorayyy!
  8. BOffTopicAgain (BOTA): It's gotta be that or this. Either way, something that would be fun to find while out caching. That sound system, and capable cache mobile, has to be what the aliens used to make the horn blowing noise in the new rendetion of "War of the Worlds".
  9. I'd have to agree, except for an area very near to me. Saint Andrews State Park is located in my home town of Panama City Beach, FL. Any cache placed there that I've ever heard of is removed within a matter of weeks by the rangers. The last one (sorry no link but I never got to find it so I'm unable to locate it right now) lasted 8 days. On the 9th day, seekers began logging that they found a 4X4 post apprx. 1 foot tall standing in the cache location with a sign from the ranger stating something along the lines of "THE CACHE HAS BEEN REMOVED, PLEASE STOP LOOKING, BUT FEEL FREE TO ENJOY THE REST THAT THE PARK HAS TO OFFER." This part of Florida is protected from such nasty things as hurricanes by a line of barrier islands. Anybody from FL, or who has spent much time here, knows to "stay off the dunes" which refers to not walking/climbing on the sand dunes as it can cause damage to the sea oats which help build, and hold together, the very sand dunes that protect us somewhat from the storm surge generated by these storms. Also, any geocacher worth his/her salt knows that caches are forbidden from being burried. Unfortunately, from some of the posts read on the cache referenced above, in just 8 short days, the seekers managed to make the area for several yards around appear to be a scene from the Disney movie "Holes". This has also been the apparent reason for the demise of the other caches hidden in the park before my caching days began. It's very sad to me as this park if full of spots that I would love to introduce my fellow cachers to but in this case I can fully understand what has left the proverbial bad taste in the ranger's mouths about our activity. I do plan, once I've got a bit more experience under my belt, and along with the wonderful folks at Florida Geocaching Association, to one day work up the nerve to approach TPTB and hopefully change their view on us cachers by working out an approval process including offering to maintain the approved caches myself it that's what it takes. What our rangers are trying to protect:
  10. Here's some advice from a cacher in Florida...2 words about Little Rock, AR...BURNS PARK!!!! Was there on business this year and the park is not only beautiful, but full of quality cache hides!!! I had a blast. Welcome to the addiction and enjoy!!! You might also want to sign up at Arkansas Geocachers Association. Seems to be a GREAT group of folks, just like most geocachers you'll meet.
  11. I've got 3 alter-egos if you will: 1.) Usually try to grab 1 or 2 when they pop up in the area. Sometimes this requires jaunts out in the dark to try to grab a FTF. 2.) Planning a weekend excursion with Little Boo, my 4-year old caching buddy. This involves a bit of research on cache types, she likes treasure boxes, not so into micros. It also involves some packing and planning as a 4-year old requires more supplies than I do. 3.) My job requires me to be on a plane somewhere in the country, mostly the SE, at least twice a month. These trips require a lot of logistical planning, caches along a route, downloading PQs for the area, finding the waypoint for the hotel to use as HQ, researching cache dense areas via Google Earth to allow for maximum find count while in the area, and most recently, paperless caching stuff such as making sure the .gpx file is correctly loaded to the IPAQ rx1950. Other than that, hiding, hiding, hiding. My home coords, Panama City Beach, FL, isn't that full of hides that I haven't found so I'm trying to give back in hopes that somebody will start hiding some more for me to find.
  12. 1.) Go to your account page. On the right-hand side is Build Pocket Querys. This is where you can download up to 500 .gpx files at a time with LOTS of options on filtering what you want exactly. You can run up to 5 PQs/day for a total of 2500 files if you wanted them. 2.) .kml, I believe, is the format that Google Earth uses to diplay the caches in a particular area. All you need to do is download Google Earth, then, again going to your my account page, you'll find the link "Download Geocache browser in Google Earth". Once you've done this, go back to Google Earth, find an area you're intersted in, wait a few seconds-a couple minutes depending on your connection and before your very eyes, the caches start to pop up. Happy Caching!
  13. Even better, do what I did. Go to a local bank, maybe even yours. Open a seperate checking account. Get a VISA debit card for that account. When I shop on-line, I find the item I want, xfer just enough funds to cover the price and shipping to this account and purchase the item. Go ahead and steal that account number info, there's nothin' in it for ya! It's my Internet Safety Net Account. Had it for years with no problemo. Most banks offer free checking accounts these days with as little as a $25 savings account to secure it.
  14. Slightly cloudy and 70 here....Panama City Beach, FL. I'm goin' cachin'!!!!
  15. Ha, a topic a day late and...well you know...for me. I just got an Ipaq rx1950 2 weeks ago. 2 words: GSAK and GPXSONAR! Friggin amazing!!! Get your PQ. Use GSAK to manipulate it and get it to the GPSr. Use GPXSONAR to dump it to your Ipaq, and away you go!!! Weeeeeee!!! I'm lovin' it and I'm sure I haven't even scratched the surface of either program's capabilities!!! Keep in touch and let me know any tips/tricks you pick up and I'll do the same. The only issue I've found mentioned with GPXSONAR and the Windows Mobile 5.0 has something to do with a file not being created properly thus limiting the field note capability. As I understand it, this prevents the proper downloading of notes I've made of the cache while in the field. However, with the rx1950 or rx1955's voice record feature, which I've been using for my notes, I'm not sure why I'd want to bother typing with the little stylus while in the field. So I don't see it as an issue. Especially since they said it would be fixed with the upcoming new release of GPXSONAR.
  16. Be sure to include the bug sheet. Once you've activated your bug, go to it's page. In the upper right hand corner, listed under Travel Bug Options, you'll find a link "Print Bug Sheet". This will print off a sheet that explains not only what a TB is, but also what your's specifically is trying to do. It's also handy if you ask that once it's met one of the 4 goals, that somebody update this sheet with that info. I've picked up more than 1 bug in the field, far from my home coords, get home with it, log in and find out that I've just moved the bug further from it's goal. If the information had been included with the bug, I'd have known this and would have left it in the cache I found it in. Good luck and Happy Caching.
  17. Found website, thought it to be a scam. Found first cache, without GPS, came home printed second cache sheet, found second cache, without GPS. Came home, joined site, logged finds. Buddy with me that night went out the next day to find his third, a regular in a good sized park, without success. Got frustrated, bought GPS at Wally World, returned to park, found cache. Used his GPSr only for 3 months till I got mine for Xmas from wife. The rest is history.
  18. I enjoy geocaching. I enjoy geocaching with others. I LOVE geocaching with my buddy Little Boo: Although she's only 4, she can keep up with the best of them, but only as long as she's allowed to be "line leader." Our most scary cache to date together would have to be Econfina Creek Trail. Lots of lessons learned on that one as far caching with her, and without her too. Ever since, the old geopack is stuffed to the gills with stuff including flashlights, bugspray, etc. She's learned so much about the outdoors thanks to geocaching and I've learned so much about her just by being there with her.
  19. New Ziploc for Log New Ziploc for swag Removing illegal swag Rebuilding a nasty/soggy cache ...to sum up....you betcha! Anything I can do to give back to this sport, is that much more to making it enjoyable for the rest! Good for you for wanting to do the right thing. Happy Caching!
  20. Check out THIS EVENT that just took place in Florida. It might give ya some ideas.
  21. Here you go: 1.) The Forum Thread: Caches Along a Route 2.) The Article: Route Planning Hope they help.
  22. Jester2112


    Thanks for the links Sputnik. Good stuff!
  23. These are friggin' great!! I didn't think you could beat the ones from the picture contest, but you did. Great job. Keep 'em coming!!!
  24. Just had a similar issue at Razorback Ridge (GCQAJA). Just like everybody has recommended, I posted a note after checking on the cache, but I also sent the owner an email offering to meet him if he couldn't find it again. As you can see from the logs, everything worked out great and the cache is back in business! Good for you for wanting to be proactive and help out.
  25. I've seen a bunch of wildlife out there including deer, snakes, birds, turtles, coyotes, a fox, etc. However, my favorite encounter would have to have been at Chloe's Cache (GC3792) in CT. While walking back from the cache, I turned a corner on the trail and walked up to within 10 feet of this guy enjoying his lunch which consisted of what was left of a squirrel. He actually sat there long enough for me to get the camera out of the pack, turn it on and click a few quick pictures: The wildest wildlife I ever find while out caching is my caching buddy, Little Boo:
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