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San Diego Congratulations Thread

Dr. Boggis

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Congrats to John&Jess!


They just scored coin #123 in the Coin Quest challenge!!


Way to go!


Keep it coming BikeDog, you're almost there too!


Ahimsa, and hrtpmpfxr are also on the boards...but I think they got too late of start. :lol:


Next time they do another quest, if I find out first, I'll post to the SD forum.

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Next time they do another quest, if I find out first, I'll post to the SD forum.

Yes, please do that! I would have liked to have attempted that one but felt like I found out about it too late..... Anyhow, you might even want to post it on the San Diego Cache Events! That way we can make sure nobody is going out by themselves.....in the dark......near tall cliffs....without batteries.....Plus to would be nice to see SD dominate by using some teamwork! :anitongue:


Oh yeah Congrats to you and J&J for accomplishing the mission! :laughing:

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Congrats to TrailGators on 1 :grin::anibad::P ! If he hasn't hit it yet, he will very soon (he was very close yesterday)! Got any special cache plans for the big one?

Thanks but I'm still 5 short and plan to go out next Saturday to "do the deed." ;) Anybody that wants to come along is more than welcome to! :anitongue:


I've been reviewing all the favorites lists to try to figure out a good one to do! One idea I had was to do Flibbertigibbits Wild Adventure. This one has been 0.8 miles from my house since I started caching. It would be great to finallllly get this one off my list! Some others.....Mad Eye Moody, Black Beard's Grotto, Somewhere in San Diego, Past the Point of No Return......


Suggestions welcome! :laughing:

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