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  1. Left a spare YMS #19 card in Blue's Blue View on December 7, 2006.
  2. Congratulations to Miragee on 1900 Fantastic!!!! (Wish I were there)
  3. With the weather rainy and windy and 48 degrees in Bluewater, NM, my niece Stephanie wanted you to see what I've been up to: Of course, she was playing around too:
  4. Left special edition #20 (thanks Flagman) in Bear Den (GCK7T1) near Bullhead City, AZ. (Yes, I am alive and well.)
  5. Very cool! So where are you going first? Laughlin NV - March 8 -22 Bluewater NM - March 23 - April 4 (approx) Moab UT - April 8 - 16 Cloverdale and Clearlake CA - April 19-April 22 Springfield OR - April 24 - May 5 Portland OR - May 6 - May 8 (no motorhome) Albuquerque NM - May 15 (no motorhome) Sumpter OR May 25 - June 2 (no motorhome) Coos Bay OR - June 3 - sometime in October subject to change
  6. Misdirection: Bridge View GCR3Q6) - TrailGators OK Cattail View (GCQM4K) - LLOTOK Above Dishwasher Pond (GCQM4E) - LLOTOK Stop On A Path GCQM4G) - LLOTOK princess toadstool's Birthday (GCQH9P) Chuy OK Not Again (aka the Sandwich Cache) (GCP9V3) - GoBolts!OK Kramer's Hole-In-One (GCP4VV) - Team FatmanOK Leave A Message (GCNJBT) - TrailGators OK Where Do You Call Home? (GCNA2N) - GoBolts! OK Time Out (GCN134) - drexotic OK Wow, You are all really terrific. I really will miss you Still available are: Midsummer Night Cache (GCPDTE) Instant Cash (GCNWPR) Tired of Waiting (GCNJBP) TT's MTRP Nuisance Cache #2: Red Queen Principles Duck Blind (GCMAN3) TT's MTRP Nuisance Cache #1 (GCM10F)
  7. Anyone interested in tackling Snakes and Ladders next Sunday, February 12th? Need some good puzzle solvers included.
  8. Dang you guys are ORGANIZED!! I'm impressed. GoBolts! definitely gets Where Do You Call Home as losing a pair of shorts certainly rates adoption rights So far I'm in agreement with the rest of the list, Chuy. By the way. can anyone tell me what I need to do to put the caches up for adoption?
  9. I'll be spending winter months in AZ and summer months on the Oregon coast with some traveling in the south and north west in between, definitely to include SD to visit my geocaching friends... at least that's my plans this week (my plans are like jello though but I kinda like that ) Of course, my motor home doesn't have that cool back porch like PWs model. Richard, thanks for the offer.
  10. Where's the avators? Anyhoo, I've bought the motor home and turned in the retirement letter (woo!! woo!! NO MORE WORK!!!!!!! ) and plan to hit the road March 8. I've 18 caches in and about SD county that need adopted. Any takers?
  11. Took two YMS #29 (one for me and one for Miragee) and one YMS#28 from Max's Favorite Park. Thanks, Tom.
  12. Took one each YMS #26 - Team Reid, regular and misprint, from "Me Bones" Thanks.
  13. Took one each YMS#27 and misprint from Max's Favorite Park.
  14. Miragee replaced the cracked container at Train Creek cache with a new lock-and-lock box.
  15. Miragee and I took 1 ea BMS#6 from Kitchen Creek cache. Thanks.
  16. And let me be the first to congratulate Miragee on her One Year cachiversary - January 17 Woo!!Woo!!
  17. "With teletype interface and the Fortran language, the computer will be easy to use." Which 1954 geek wrote THIS? Fortran easy to use??? I did teach it years ago but I would have never described it as an easy language to use. Anyone care to predict the future of computers (or even geocaching) in another 50 years? (I'm sure it will be just as amusing)
  18. Miragee and I visited two of Bikedog's caches today and took one each: BDM#2 BDM#3 Thanks.
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