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  1. I am trying to figure out how to post in the forums since it's been so long. I'm also trying hard to believe Harmon but both are difficult. Love your hides in Cuyamaca Harmon, such a great area.
  2. Quiet lately, someone needs to give Harmon some ammo (aka:pictures) to work with.
  3. Where is Miragee when you need her Must have been me because it couldn't have been the area. Have an offer from some really nice folks.
  4. Where is Miragee when you need her
  5. Haven't posted in ages. Going caching up at Cuyamaca tomorrow, April 22nd, anyone have any interest in joining me. Between 8-10 miles would be fine with me. I need caches pretty much every where in cuyamaca so don't have a specific location in mind.
  6. Too bad you have to actually look at the cache page before you put them on your ignore list. Some of the caches I can tell without even looking that they are going to end up on my ignore list. Just a random thought that was passing through my mind and I thought I would share it.
  7. Woo hoo! Congratulations! Welcome to the Hall of Fame Congratulations thread. What about the Hollenbeck, Sweetwater, Otay, Tijuana River Valley, Silver Strand? I'm just bitter because I am not a member of any Hall of Fame anywhere.
  8. There were a ton of folks that were more worthy than I for a Yrium card but I thank Ragfoot for the nomination and to Flagman and Harmon for their usual stellar work. I'll have to see if I can get a hold of one of them cards.
  9. I know! I know! The' below' question answer is.............something I fell in getting to Not Boot Rock! Please ask Tom to enlighten you as to what Boot Rock looks like from the other side Splashette Uh-oh, hope my name doesn't come up when I ask Tom about the other view. Your phrase "fell in" begs for a complete explanation. I don't want to find out that Steve makes you take the lead while on the trail. If so then he should be ashamed of himself. ... nice lady like you and all. Hmmm... Good thing "lostguy" doesn't read this forum... Man, is he that ugly? I've heard of a "stone-face" but my goodness, what could be worse? And by the way, how does one quote his user-name in a sentence? Like ... his user name is ""lostguy"?" That sure is a handsome looking profile that someone painted on that rock. Wonder why I didn't see it last time I was out that way. Must be a recent tribute to some local hero or something.
  10. Hey! no fair, I've been driving through the back country with my sweet bride. Harmon 5 hours 20 minutes left Considering the post was placed on 12/11/09 then this will be a tough one for those of us folks without a time machine.
  11. Noticed a posting on Craigs List that someone from El Cajon found a Garmin GPS while walking on a dirt road behind Walmart. Doesn't say which particular Walmart but did anyone in the local geocaching community happen to lose a GPS recently.
  12. Dropped by Max's Favorite Park this morning and grabbed one of the TNG #10 cards as per Tom's request to take only one per person. Couldn't actually justify grabbing one for my wife although I had thoughts. There were 13, TNG #10 cards remaining as of 8am today. Thanks Tom and Harmon for a job well done.
  13. Great Job!!!!!! A fitting tribute to a dog that was loved by everyone who met her. The geocaching community will sure miss her.
  14. Although I am not adept at dancing men and all those other fancy things, I would like to Congratulate Gaylemar on finding her 1000th cache today in the Iron Mountain area in under a year. It took me several years to reach that number. Congratulations Gaylemar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. WoooooooHooooooooooo!!!!! Sweet Milestone Fisnjack!!! Great job Jack and I wish you many, many more finds. I visited that cache today myself.
  16. Some of those remind me of sayings by one of my favortite deadpan comedians, "Steven Wright"
  17. My Butt is SORE!!! After reading this, I have decided to not go caching with Unknown2U or at least let him bend over to grab the cache first.
  18. One of you math wizards want to tell me how much this will actually cost so I can tell if it's a good deal or not.
  19. Uh oh guys...look what I just got. I'm ready for that new bikeNcache trail in RB. JEEZ! You just bought a new bike for the last ride and now another one. Hopefully you won't need camo duct tape to repair the tire on this one. Nice looking ride.
  20. I see from an article in the San Diego Union yesterday that Mr. Jorgenson is retiring in the Spring. Perhaps his successor will at least be open to some dialogue regarding allowing geocaches in the "Park". There is hope again.
  21. Chuy and I ran into one of these in Horsethief Canyon once and Ginger almost stepped on it without even seeing it. I think Chuy knows the name of the snake. I think it was Mike or something.
  22. Yes it was weird, 4 GPSrs losing signal for about an hour. we were driving around blind. Almost went into withdrawals. Almost called it quits for the day and then they came back nice and strong I was out hiking and grabbing all of Jahoadi and Johns, "NUN" series and didn't experience any satelite loss. Would have been a pain to be out there with no satelites.
  23. Thanks for all the photos James. Most of us don't even get to see this much interesting photography in National Geographics.
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