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San Diego Congratulations Thread

Dr. Boggis

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Congrats to smilinglady13 for hitting 3 :D  :)  tonight at the Christmas Card Lane Cache!

:):P 300! Now THATS something to really smile about! :D:)

THank you and now I am on my way to 400!!!! Couldnt have done the 300 last night without the help of Duganrm and Rogue they met me before the Christmas card cache to do some so that the Christmas one would be the 300....

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Congrats to Duganrm for hitting 3 ;):) !

Big Congrats there Duganrm.......I see you have passed me........by a few.....but I was saving lives (well, just putting in IV's next to 395) so that slowed me down....sigh.........so BEWARE I will return!!!!!! :D

BIG CONGRATS YOU EARN IT!!!!! KEEP ON CACHING.....I am proud to say that I get to see you in action.

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Congratulations to B.R.A., Skillet, and fisnjack on their milestones today




The way I feel about missing your 500 th cache is the way you feel when you think you know someone so you start to wave at them and then right in mid - wave you realize you don't know them so you try to turn the wave into a hair adjustment...


THAT'S HOW I FEEL....... B) STUPID!!! :P SORRY !!!!!!!


Hope it was a GREAT CACHE ...


:lol: FATTBOY B)

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