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Thank you Monkey Repair Man...


I'm using Firefox 1.04, the version of greasemonkey is showing in the extensions as 0.3.3


I'm using the left mouse button to click on the OS link.


I'm fairly sure that I had a monkey update but can't remember when, and thought it may be something in the script that had changed...




...with the broken monkey

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"SouthSeakers" were inspired by this extension to create the rather marvellous map replacement for geocaching pages (see thread).


He's inspired me to raise my game so I've tweaked the OS Get-a-Map linker. The new version modifies OS Get-a-Map to actually show a highly accurate marker of the reported cache position. You can zoom out, pan and the marker stays where it should be. Lovely stuff.


To upgrade, right click the link below and choose "Install User Script..."




A dialog will appear showing the script name and the pages it will modify - to confirm you want to install, click OK.


Once installed, visit a cache page, click the OS grid coordinates, and you'll now get a little red arrow pointing out the cache position. Go on, zoom out! zoom in! pan the map! Smashing eh?

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If you use <a href="http://earth.google.com/">Google Earth</a> (it's rather good) then you'll like the latest version of the script. Right next to the "Google Maps" link is a new "Google Earth" link, which will download a waypoint into Google Earth and whizz over the right point on the globe.


The points are added to your temporary places, but if you like, you can make them permanent to build up a map of caches you'll be visiting.


I added this because I'm off to the US next week and wanted to see where a few caches were. While it does work in the UK too, the satellite imagery is much lower resolution, but a few places aren't too badly represented, like London.


To upgrade, right click the link below and choose "Install User Script..."




A dialog will appear showing the script name and the pages it will modify - to confirm you want to install, click OK.


Once installed, visit a cache page, click the "Google Earth" link and you'll probably be prompted what you want to do - allow it to open the file with Google Earth, and for ease of use, tick the box to say you always want to do that.

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It is great for finding out what your TBs have been up to and creating little tours around the Earth for them!

It would be possible to make a script which provided you with a Google Earth file which displayed a line tracking a TB's progress, but the problem is that this would need make automated requests against the site to get the coords of each cache. This would be deemed "scraping" and is against the gc.com terms of use (sadly!)


Edit - I spoke too soon! It seems the Travel Bug "View Map" page does contain a lat/long accurate to 3.6 seconds of arc. I feel a new feature coming on....

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Calling the monkey repair man....


Imstalled the user scripts for google earth and tb tracker, but they don't work... When I click on the links on the relevant pages it just asks me what I want to open it with!


Can you help me again Monkey Repair man?

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I claim absolutely NO credit for this search extension but I just came across it on an Australian Geocaching website.


It's self explanatory (well I managed to make it work so it must be simple :o ) and adds some fantastic searches to the main Firefox toolbar.

Just installed this plug-in and it is great.


Noticed a couple of things;

When searching a keyword, sometimes it lists your finds as in GC (that is with all the info and icons) othertimes just as a plain text result.


Further, only tested when searching on postcodes, it appears to only return those caches you haven't found which is pretty useful.


Anyone else notice how this plug-in seems to operate?

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HELP !!!

Ive installed greasemonkey and installed the user script BUT the co-ords remain 'unclickable'

Basically its not linking them to anything.

Running firefox 1.0.4

Showing greasemonky icon etc and its installed and running ok......


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The only problem is that it does what it warns on the page and breaks all those handy caching scripts  B) , I just hope they cansort things out quickly, I'm already getting withdrawl symptoms without them :)


Dave B)

I didn't lose ours. Have you tried installing the scripts again?



Tried re installing still broke B) , now you know why I'm no tekkie :)



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Just thought I'd pass along my thanks to ya'll over here. I found this link about a month ago and ended up modifying Paul's OS linker to give me access to maps for Japan on caches that show up as "In Japan" on the cache page. Then I modified it to work for Minutewar and Geodashing points too. All thanks to ya'll UKers.


Thanks folks!



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Further to my separate post:


Important Announcement


A severe security issue has been discovered in Greasemonkey versions prior to 0.3.5 as well as the early 0.4 alphas which some people may have installed.


Install Greasemonkey 0.3.5 or uninstall Greasemonkey immediately.


More information on Greaseblog.

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OK, your talking to the technically challenged here!


Installed Firefox 1.0.6 and Greasemonkey 0.3.5


Right clicked on the most recent thing in this thread that says right click to update here. Chose install now. Tried going to a cache page but I still have the standard geocaching map. Tried restarting computer, still have the standard geocaching map.


If I go to Extensions highlight greasemonkey and click Options brings up Manage User Scripts screen saying that I have Geocaching Map linker and it has 2 included pages.


What have I not done :)? Please explain in easy language :)

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Greasemonkey 0.35 doesn't really fix the security problem, it is a hastily released "crippled" version released to give the the author some time to come up with a better solution.


I've tweaked the script to cope with this, right click http://files.dixo.net/GeocachingMapLinker.user.js and choose "Install User Script..." to pick it up. While the original functionality for linking to OS and Google maps works, the OS map markers won't work until a future release of GreaseMonkey is made.

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