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  1. Thanks - I'll try and get hold of the Tom Tom maps - this is proving harder than I thought.
  2. maybe on of the grease monkey chaps could do us the honours?
  3. I live in the UK and I'm coming over to stay with relatives later this month. We're going to be doing a fair amount of driving and maybe the odd cache. I was wondering what navigation software I could use? I normally use TomTom on my PDA with a GPS cradle. I don't think there are maps for TomTom outside of Europe. Any suggestions that won't break the bank? And whilst I'm here, any "must do" caches in Toronto? Thanks, Edward
  4. Good question and I don't have the answer. I have wondered how G:UK works out how many caches you've cached in.
  5. Spent way too much time at work solving puzzles. I've even solved five stages of a multi without leaving my desk. Suck on that dadgum Ancient Amber and it's the only white line in a sea of yellow in GSAK.
  6. Well done - another badger limps over the 100, just the tea boy left!
  7. Yes - lots. It's the reason I'm here as it has a geocaching menu and being curious, look where I ended up. I bought it after my etrex was stolen and realised the series had grown up in the 6 years since I bought the yellow one. I bought because I liked the format. It's also small and has excellent battery life. And being a kit monster it was the most feature rich etrex at the time! Another than that, it's pretty bomb proof and water proof. And isn't too big to be mounted on handlebars. So what exactly do you want to know that's not in the sales blurb?
  8. Hmmm . . . so it looks like there's no overall junk filter . . . the wonders of google. Maybe google thinks I should spend less time looking at lists and more time caching!
  9. For some unknown reason Gmail has decided my PQ's are spam. Anyone else using Gmail for PQ's getting the same problem? Is there a safe sender list anywhere?
  10. Don't need anything sophisticated, I find a couple of leafy branches does the job quite nicely.
  11. Ah - puzzle caches . . . I reserve judgement on that. I have to 5 stars that have been sitting on my desk for months . . . at the moment, they'd have to go in the other list!
  12. Thanks for posting. My parents are in Ipswich and I've just introduced them to caching. Initially when I mentioned what caching was, I got that strange look - followed by 'that's nice dear'. Anyway, they're now hooked and asked the other day what sort of people go caching! Good to see you're all normal folk and they've got nothing to worry about!
  13. I'd be lying if I didn't include kit in my list . . . gadgets and the great outdoors, perfect combination.
  14. Well you can take credit for bringing it to our attention - great plug in. Well found!
  15. At least the forum's still open and I've got gsak. I guess they're doing 2am maintenance and we're lucky enough to be 8 hours ahead.
  16. I've not cached on the IOW but have stayed on holiday. Having a quick look at what's available, I'd certainly head to the needles - too good a location to miss on a trip to the island. I would certainly add the book swap cache GCGPC7 to the list as it's a lovely location and close to where we stayed. There are some lovely walks in that area and surprisingly varied. Also great wildlife - we saw an owl, deer and bees swarming in a hedge.
  17. What a great location. I have caved and walked in this area. Yes you need to be careful especially with shake holes. But shake holes don't suddenly appear unless it's a the result of a collapsed cave below. This is only likely to happen with severe rainfall and is a very, very rare event. Shake holes are most likely the result of millions of years of erosion as water dissolves the limestone. As stated - "Do not attempt this challenge unless you have some experience as a hill walker, and you have appropriate walking boots and clothing." Personally, I'd rely on a map to get me to Carreg Goch and use the gps for the last 50m. Setting of from the path "following the arrow" would not be wise.
  18. Well done - still caching at a cracking rate. Can't believe it's only a few weeks since I bumped into you and you've already added another 75. 1000 by xmas?
  19. Just loaded the new version - google earth is amazing . . . Well done m'lord.
  20. I'd second Sue and Bernie and sounds like I have a very similar set up. Not only is it a great piece of gps software - it's a great piece of software! And I every time I think - I wonder if it does that - and it does. Just discovered importing from gmail . . . amazing.
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