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You Found What Near The Cache?


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Not as exciting as some of the others here... but my caching buddy and i were on a geocache roadie yesterday and visited a cemetary where one is hidden. directly under GZ was someones brand new credit card that hadn't even been signed and expiry for 2015... looked a tad suspect so we picked it up and called the banks call center when we got home. Sure enough the owner of the card had reported it stolen from his mail box! they instructed us to cut the card up and were about to call the owner to notify them someone responsible had found it and destroyed it.

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A decapitated deer. RIGHT next to the cache lol. Thank God it was a freezing day so the corpse didn't stink.


I assume it was a buck that some hunters took the head off of, it was a very clean unnatural cut.


Next strangest after that would have to be the time we were looking for this deep woods cache and we found this unusual pile of sticks with tattered clothes hanging all over it. We thought for sure it was the cache, well it wasn't. Then maybe another 10 feet away we found a child's pair of shoes just sitting there. They looked pretty new and were just sitting there like the kid got warped up or something, leaving their shoes behind. Quite eerie.

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found a 3 month old joint in a cache. I know it was 3 months old because the person signed the log with a stamp of a leaf and dated it lol. 30 seconds to us finding the cache a security guard showed up who barely spoke english to see what we were doing. It may have only been a joint, but I don't want to have to try and explain why i was ticketed/arrested in california for drugs to my squadron commander. lol

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well at least if you had to go there a place for it LOL well did you cito the beer bottles :)


One the way to a cache...




It had to have been left there not too long before I found it as it was clean, there was no standing water in it, etc.


I thought about CITOing it out, but I didn't have room for it, nor did I have a place I could have disposed of it.

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I take my dog with me often, she is a trained scent dog, On our walks she sniffs out pot and other drugs. Also expended casings and small firearms. The best was a cigarette pack with a little weed and 70 dollars cash. I've picked up all sorts of hand tools, turtle shells, antlers, etc. Sometimes I'll carry my metal detector if I'm going to be near old house places. In parks I've found assorted change and jewellery.

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We found this machete while climbing a peak on which a cache was hidden. The machete had just been left on the steep side of the mountain where there was no trail or anything. We took it along to the other caches we found, and then took it home! Its condition suggested that it had been there for many years.

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We found evidence of a squatter in an old barn on state game lands in eastern pa recently. Along with little drug baggies and this note.


Alot of gorgeous trails and scenic views in the mountains and valleys around Reading PA..Homeless and drug users are known to go up their alot too.


Funny convo with my sister and fellow cacher the other day...


Sis: You know people hide things in the woods all the time like dead bodies because noone goes back there.


ME: Yeah you have a point. Wow. I wonder if any cachers have ever found one. I bet they have.


ME: Oh, hey sis BTW..have you been up to Monocacy Hill lately? We should hide some up there!


Brother: Huh? You are going in the woods to hide some dead bodies?!?


ME: Noooo! Boxes! Hahaha!





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