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  1. Photobucket!! That's the part I forgot!! Thank you SO much!!
  2. I am trying to post a picture in the forum....
  3. Help help....I know it is easy. I see the little icons above about posting an image - but I don't remember how to do the URL thing...feeling dumb today.
  4. Thank you, Write Shop Robert for starting this mission. We LOVED receiving the treasure chest and going through all of the goodies that were hidden inside. Fuzziebear3 included some wonderful things for the KBfamily - including THE MOST beautiful Cachin' Mom coin. I don't think I will ever let that one go out into the wild, wild world of geocachers. My kids had a great time digging through the box and seeing all of the fun items that folks had placed inside. It is time for Tiki Treasuer to move on.... I apologize for having it for so long...it arrived during the Christmas holidays and I thought it was a gift and didn't open it for a while. Then we went to Wisconsin for two weeks to hang out with my brother and his family - EagleRiverBaileys...then I quit my job, got a new job, and then here we are today. What a BLAST!! Thanks WSR!!!
  5. Whoot Whoot....I thought it was a Christmas present from my friend....it was under the tree on Christmas morning. HOW FUN!!! Pictures to come soon!!
  6. My car GPS works better than the very expensive handhelds I have purchased....I have had an Oregon and a Colorado...My car Garmin gets me dead on to the coordinates....The hand helds are in the closet...My Garmin goes every where with me.
  7. I think the term 'Missing' might be jumping to conclusions. If you look at post #206 Sivota only received the box around the 16th July 2012. Maybe I am wrong, but even keeping it for a month seems a little, let's say, wrong....just sayin...
  8. Missing? WHO has the box....come on guys, please send it on...
  9. I had one show up today that has been missing for over a year....so nice......
  10. I use my Garmin arrow to get within 20 feet then I use the coordinate portion of the GPS and find my caches using actual coordinates and NOT the little arrow on my Garmin...
  11. Against the rules, I never sent mine out.
  12. We just finished two weeks traveling in California and LOVED visiting all of the National Parks, winerys, etc. If you are in San Francisco, I loved some virtual caches called Laughing Sals and another one called Green Thumb. Both are worth the effort to go see and are not a long way from tourist areas. Another cache to get in San Francisco, that I loved, was called Parrot's Perch. It is so worth the effort to climb some 93 stairs. There are also a number of challenge caches in San Francisco that are worth doing....including riding a Cable Car. In Yosemite Park, I enjoyed paying a dollar for the Virtual Cache called Ranger's Fund. Another great virtual there is called Out of the Darkness, into Yosemite Valley. The views there will not be better anywhere in the park. It is a MUST virtual! If you want to see the Sequoia Trees, then of course go to the National Park. But if you want the BEST Sequoia experience EVER, go to The Trail of One Hundred Giants. I set a challenge up there. The National Park allows you to look at the trees, but the Trail is an interactive experience that allows you to touch, look at, climb in and on the trees. It is AMAZING. We were the only people there and had the entire place to ourselves. It is a drive through the mountains, but you will NOT be disappointed that you went there....I promise! We drove from Phoenix to Point Arena, went through San Francisco twice, through Napa, Yosemite, Sequoia Park and then back to Phoenix. Take a look at my profile to see the ones we did...it may help you. I hope this gives you an idea of things to do....dress warmly for San Fran....the fog is cold and wet but you will want to walk on the Golden Gate Bridge anyway... Have fun...we certainly did!! KBfamily (Sheri) PS - I live in Arizona. Where exactly will you be in AZ and maybe I can help you there, too?
  13. Hello, I will be traveling to Lake Tahoe in the middle of June with my mother. She is unable to hike or walk long distances. But, I want to do a couple of the BEST, most unique, fun surprise type caches in Lake Tahoe.... So, all you Tahoe cachers, what is YOUR recommendation so I can show my mom a GREAT time caching. Thanks so much!
  14. I have a giant "K" "B" in the desert behind the White Tank Mountains....most caches are on the trails that are driveable in a standard car or you can walk them...lots of favorite points so I think folks enjoy the caches....it will surely get you out enjoying our nature....have fun and I hope you like Phoenix! Cache number GC2WNDE is one of the caches so you can see the general area... ....there are SO many incredible cachers in the area....my favorite caches to find are from markj57. The best cache I have ever seen is GC2MRE9. It has 80 favorites...if you want to drive around and find caches, DO his...they are truly amazing...Pole Vault is my next favorite...Also, do Nailed....awesome!!
  15. I would like my "Oldest Cache Found" added to the statistics page of my profile .....it would go with Farthest West Found, Farthest North Found....etc...
  16. If you're broke, a pizza joint can be a 5 difficulty, for sure! If the pizza is nasty, I might earn a 5 by just eating it....
  17. This happened to me once before...it wasn't about me putting in the wrong code. I contacted Geocaching.com, they had me send a picture of the TB, then they sent me a special code....so, it does happen that a coin or TB won't activate.
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