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  1. I feel your pain. I too have made the list with 4 of my trackables. Perhaps if a log is deleted the person who logged the item would get a time delay on their logging of future trackables and each time they get another log deleted the wait time gets longer...and longer.
  2. EC owners are under no obligation to respond just as virtual owners are not obligated. I would just assume your answers are correct or correct enough to not need further discussion.
  3. Yep. This has been discussed several times over the years. It is what it is and there does not seem to be any desire to change the status quo. That said, if you do the work on the geology of the area you are allowed to throw in some ecological or biological information. Just be sure the geology content is solid first.
  4. This happens all the time. Some groups visit the site and one person sends answers for all of them. It's irritating to say the least but that is the way it is. These days I cannot even keep track of who is logging the caches and who is sending the answers as many folks delay their logging until weeks after the group find. It's pretty much open season on logging any kind of Virt.
  5. You are going to have to more than double that number. I know one cacher with 604 and I know there are a few others who have more than that.
  6. If you are creating it as a BONUS cache and not a freestanding listing you can write it up as you see fit. They will not get a find as an EarthCache however. If you are having this as a actual EarthCache listing you will need to list the coords on the cache page and follow all the EarthCache rules. That means an Earth-Science lesson and questions that can be answered at the site which pertain to the lesson taught by the page.
  7. The Roadside Geology series of books is a great place to find information... http://geology.com/store/roadside-geology.shtml I have used that book extensively as well as made exhaustive web searches. You need to be creative in your search terms some times however. I have also contacted local college geology profs who have been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction and have even proofread one of my more cherished listings.
  8. Without seeing the write up or knowing the topic it's hard to say if this is sufficient or not...that said, I have seen questions like this pass in the past but things have tightened up a bit in the last few years and questions are a bit more demanding. Perhaps a better question would be "What consistency and color does the ground have and explain why it appears that way."
  9. Had to look that one up....round these parts those are called Kettles....and there are dozens (and dozens) of listings about them. Just stick to it's formation and do not focus on the wildlife and you should be OK...at least I think they still allow these landforms.
  10. I've been waiting a VERY long time to see any of my PQs......so there is some sort of issue.
  11. You are not the first to make mention of this nor will you be the last...but it is what it is I guess...
  12. I've created 30 listings (many adopted out) with no background in geology...I possess only an interest and a desire to learn. You need not have a formal geology background to play...granted it helps.
  13. For the purposes of developing EarthCaches, the definition of Earth science is really more limited to geological issues. If you can show that the geology of the area somehow causes these weather patterns to occur you may have a slim chance at getting published....but likely not.
  14. Springs are a topic which will need to be fairly unique to be published....those and waterfalls are very overdone in the EC community and thus have a bit harder standards for getting published. And, yes some of getting an EC published is how you articulate your information.
  15. There are endless possibilities to get an EC published on fringe topics but you will need to learn how to spin the information...generally meaning you need to first do the geology work then include the aside information (such as information about a dam)...
  16. Trees are not allowed to be the basis of an EarthCache....if petrified perhaps. Unless you can provide evidence that the geology of the area is unique in such a way that is directly tied to the exceptional nature of the tree I'd say you are out of luck....
  17. I was asked to create a listing for a friend with a kid friendly aspect to it...so I created a "Kids Corner." I Photoshopped a picture and posted it as a puzzle for kids to solve at the site. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=7b834ec9-9d82-4d23-8ca3-7258bfef9c28
  18. There is no set rule to link to..the 100 feet I suggested is just that a suggestion. While someone posted they have an EC with the same coords as a physical cache, that is not a practice which is accepted by the EC reviewers. Several times in the past this question has come up and each time folks have been told to move it far enough to get it out of the range of a physical listing. To me that means at least 25 feet. This is the first time I have seen a EC reviewer come in and say 2 feet (meters). To me that is essentially the same as being ON a physical listing....which would not be allowed.
  19. I would think more than a couple of feet would be needed. A physical cache and an EC cannot be in the same spot or else the EC is no longer Virtual. You'd need to be at minimum out of the radius of a GPS standard deviance from ground zero...or at least 25 feet. Personally I recommend over 50 as then the icons do not stack when looking at the map page.
  20. I think there is possibly an EarthCache waiting to be written in that location...however, you will need to be sure to set the EarthCache coordinates at least 100 feet (give or take) from a physical cache container.
  21. Bumpy bumpy to get this thread moved up in the new forum restructure.
  22. IMO, if you are interested in an area and go there to learn its lessons, then you have done that which EarthCaches were created for. Timing is less important than knowledge gained and demonstrated. As EC owners it is our responsibility to poke people to learn something about a feature and to confirm whether or not that lesson was learned. To me the lesson learned is important, not when they learned it. In as far as armchair logging goes, that is why we go to great lengths to develop very specific questions which should not be searchable by means other than a visit.
  23. If you visited the area and have the information I think it would be OK to send the owner a note and ask him/her their thoughts on logging the cache. Clearly you are on the fence about it, so let the owner decide.
  24. I think one of the issues here is the name "Earth Cache." It does seem to imply that the scope of the topics would be more broad. But as markcase mentioned, the program is supported by the Geological Society of America. I agree that the limitations are unfortunate as there are so many wonders to explore....maybe some day there will be another category or type of cache developed to help us shine a light on some of the planets other wonders.
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