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  1. I take my dog with me often, she is a trained scent dog, On our walks she sniffs out pot and other drugs. Also expended casings and small firearms. The best was a cigarette pack with a little weed and 70 dollars cash. I've picked up all sorts of hand tools, turtle shells, antlers, etc. Sometimes I'll carry my metal detector if I'm going to be near old house places. In parks I've found assorted change and jewellery.
  2. I'm thought of building some cheap little beacons to use with / in conjunction with some caches. A hand-held receiver with a directional antenna can get you as close as a GPS. A solar yard light will recharge the batts. output would be about 20Mw's
  3. sounds like Ham radio beacons, esp the ones used for fox hunts.
  4. Chirps (wireless beacons) have been around for a while now. I've found one cache with a Chirp. My GPSr (60CSx) doesn't receive them, though, nor do non-Garmin units. There is now a special attribute for wireless beacon caches, too: I don't think they are taking off very well, though. Few people are willing to leave a $20 piece of electronics out in the environment.
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    Thanks a lot, I guess I should posted that I'm out side of Houston (Mo) Se Mo. I looked at the sites in the Houston area, and using the driving directions would put some one close to a cache. Actually I think I'll try a couple tomorrow. I'll look at the smart phone, as I have a BB i'm thinking of reactivating. Also I guess I'll watch ebay and Amazon for inexpensive units. I'll do a lot more reading and watching. Keith
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    Oddly I never though it would interest me after ALL THOSE YEARS AS An Infantry man in the army, However, I am interested. although I really don't want to spend cash on a GPS. 1) how many folks use a map and compass? 2) where do you find a protractor to us with USGS maps, the scales are different than Military maps. 3) How do I find local cachers? (SP) to me here in Mo.? Keith
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