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  1. I agree. The difficulty and terrain ratings aren't for past finders, they are for future searchers and as such should reflect current conditions.
  2. I'm doing a LOT of guessing here because I don't use the APP but I suspect that EULA is an acronym for End User License Agreement and refers specifically to the use of the software you downloaded. The TOU and Privacy policy refer to the use of information from the website. Don't have a clue where to find EULA though.
  3. There is quite a bit of good advice here already. I would add one fairly important thing though. Since you are talking about your community league putting the caches out I would suggest making sure there is a plan in place to make sure there is continuity in cache maintenance as your league changes over time. I've seen too many cases where similar organizations have started some project or the other and as membership changed the project got forgotten.
  4. Me too. I have to log back in every time I close my browser. Using Firefox V12.0 with cookies enabled and not set to clear when the browser closes, Windows XP home SP3 and Windows Vista Home SP2 (same browser on both computers)
  5. Instructions are HERE
  6. Another thing that happens, if you log multiple day's finds and change the date for the first you have to change it back when you start on today's finds.
  7. VERY good suggestion. If you do that leave them in the original package and make sure they don't stay too long. I would suggest some stuff for children be included.
  8. This. Over and over and over again, this. Do you get the feeling that happens a lot around here?
  9. I would certainly enjoy finding one, especially if it were made into a key ring or some such. I would suggest polishing them and shooting some Spar on them to prevent corrosion. Chrome plating would be neat but IMHO too expensive, polish and varnish would look as good and be a lot cheaper.
  10. Been doing that for hours. Now I believe there are no doubles but an event "attended" cache is the reason I show 189/188. This event attended seems the only thing counting towards my total but not showing as a my find. It wouldn't be the event unless you logged it twice. Events count as a distinct find in stats.
  11. If you have a geocoin or travel bug taht you have activated but have not turned loose you can "dip" it in caches you visit by selecting "Visited" for that coin when you log you find. People do it to keep track of mileage between caches they have found.
  12. The second one is probably pretty good for a beginner, not too hard but not too easy either. The first not so much. It's pretty small, probably actually a micro, has been moved around by people other than the CO and even replaced by people other than the CO. Who knows what or where it is now? It might be worth a trip just for the location but I wouldn't count on finding that one.
  13. This. If you do that on My cache I will replace the log and invite you to log a found it UNLESSI get there and the log isn't full. I don't really want anyone doing maintenance on my caches.
  14. Why not? And then GS can follow it up with a "Day After The Day The World Didn't End" souvenir
  15. I would say the line should be drawn where the time stops having meaning for geocaching as a whole.
  16. A reasonably clean well maintained cache that takes me someplace interesting (either the final location OR the trip to reach it). My biggest enemy is boredom, if you keep my interest up you'll be a hero.
  17. If we actually search for the cache and don't find it we log a DNF. If we go back and don't find it we will log another <b>IF</b> it will add something to the cache page, i.e. information other cachers or the CO can use, amusing story, etc. If it's just a matter of "we still didn't find it" we probably won't.
  18. since I've never seen more than one consecutive days with new caches published close enough to go for, my answer would have to be one.
  19. Click your user name on the top right corner. Scroll to the cache you want to add the image to, click "visit log" on the right side. When the log opens click "upload 9image" on the top right corner of the log.
  20. Another thing to do is to look for things that don't quite look right. A pile of sticks that are all lined the same way. A mound of rocks in an are where there are mostly just random rocks lying around. A rock, brick, etc that isn't quite the same color as the rest in the area. Sometimes just a feeling that "something over there looks funny". Also, look for a good place to "hide" a cache as opposed to a good place to "find" one. The difference is subtle but profound when you do it.
  21. They might not be as distant as you think....some are, but some might be just a hundred yards off the road, hidden by the trees. And some are right by the road. For the most part I wouldn't really care if the cache was poorly maintained, the destination would be well worth the journey....
  22. Welcome Keith! I can't answer all of your questions but I'll do what I can... You don't have to buy a GPS to hunt, but one is required to hide. If you have a smart phone you can probably get an app that you can use and you can certainly use maps. 1) I don't know how many but there are some that have thousands of finds without ever touching a GPS 2) I haven't looked for one but a web search should find a lot of places and I'm sure there are people hanging around here that do know of places. 3) Which part of MO? I'm in the SW corner but it's a big state. If you're in SW feel free to contact me directly via my profile. You can watch for event caches in your area and attend some of those to meet local cachers. There are also forums for specific areas although I haven't had a lot of luck finding any information or contacts in my local area, the event I attended was way better for that.
  23. On the top right of the map there is an icon that looks like a stack of paper. Click that and select Mapquest Aerial. At least for now you should be aware that it loads REALLY slow so be prepared to wait for a while. There are a couple of other options that are faster. If you scroll down the cache page there is a link to Google maps. It only shows one waypoint and I suspect that it will go away pretty soon but it does have satellite images and loads fast. The second is to copy and paste the coords into google maps or google earth or your other preferred mapping application and search with them.
  24. This. If the speed issue can be resolved I can live with the rest, but until then I'm not going to be happy. As long as the street maps take to load on a DSL connection I doubt people on dial up can use them at all. The aerial are unusable on DSL unless a person only wants to look at one cache or has a LOT of time to spare.
  25. That sounds reasonable to me. If I'm looking for a log that's been turned into a container, then the log itself is what I'm looking for, and that's the size that should be shown. If I'm looking for a Bison tube set in a hole in a log, then the Bison tube is what I'm looking for. Finding the log does no good unless I notice the Bison tube, so that's the size that should be shown. Well I think you're one of the first people ever to agree with me on this. Personally, if the camouflage were a physical part of the container and there was enough difference in size between the available volume and the total size I would do one of two things. The first (and most probable) would be to list it with the size of the available volume and include the fact that although it won't hold much the total container size is ~ however big it is in the description. The second would be to list it as "?" and clarify why in the description. If you have ever taken a child to find a small or regular size cache only to find a micro in disguise and had to look at the disappointment on their face you would understand why. When we started this the Nick half of NicknPapa was just young enough for me to remember that look all to well, I'll never willingly do that to a child. BTW, this one of the few times I have ever disagreed with you
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