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You Found What Near The Cache?


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I have seen posts about strange things in a cache and strange containers, but what are some of the unusual things you have found on the way to a cache? I ask because I just relocated a cache and the second finder at the new site thought I hid my cache inside a bong. Turns out he found a camouflaged bong 20 feet from my new final. I have since trashed it out but it got me to thinking what else is out there to be found?

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Couple years ago, we were walking through the state park in Ripon, Ca after a cache. My wife pointed out how the jungle plants looked like pot plants. I ignored the comments replying that it's nettle plants and didn't even loose focus of the persuit of the cache. A few weeks later, they had a hugh bust on someone farming pot in Caswell State Park. It was just a reminder to listen to your wife! :o




One of my friends whom I got into caching (but is now laying low) found a few large bricks of Meth next to a cache at a rest stop. It was a drug trafficing pick up point and only a few feet away from a Geocache. Talk about FTF prizes. LOL :o


He did bring in the police which delayed his travels by a few hours while he explained the Family Game of Geocaching to endless levels of authorities. That kind of ended his interest in caching and had him worried about retaliation. :o

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I just found an older apple laptop computer wrapped up very well in several plastic bags. Someone went thru the trouble of wrapping it up & placing it. It was not just tossed into the woods down the hill. I cannot hack into it, because I have no clue; 1NatureDad said to give to the police... I should ha?

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I think you should send the laptop to me! :D


The strangest thing I've seen so far was a person. I was only about 20 yards or so into the woods in a local park when I stumbled onto a (homeless?) man sitting on a log quietly drinking a 40 ounce from a paper bag. I sorta casually said "hi". He didn't really reply and I quickly kept moving.

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I went back to a site I found in my early days. It is right beside the "fountain of youth", a small doorway and a spring (It didn't work). Sitting on top of the fountain was a shoebox wrapped in a few plastic bags. i thought it was porn, no luck.


Turns out it's a personal "cache" for this horny teenager's girlfriend. It had love letters, pictures, and a cd he made for her. Touching stuff.



I left a note wishing them well, and told them about geocaching and hiding the caches a little better.

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we just started but so far the strangest stuff weve found are bones. 3 days ago my girlfriend found 2 jaw bones laying in the middle of a patch of whitish fur. they were too small to be deer. dunno what it was. and then yesterday i found a skull near a newly placed cache i was FTF. again, too small to be a deer. but what it was i dunno.

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I was scouting out a new place for a cache. As I was walking down the trail I noticed a large black shape out of the corner of my eye. I turned and found this structure.


The inside looked as if someone had lived there.






I found some active train tracks about 500 feet away so I couldn't place a cache here. Even if I could I wouldn't. I told a police officer friend of mine about it and he said that he's been called to those train tracks to break up fights between vagrants and that about 2 years ago one hobo killed another in those woods. I won't be back there any time soon. Later in the day though I did find this little guy.

snake.jpg I hope he stays away from the hobos.

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i found a stoner's stash up on tiger mt. near seattle while hunting a cache. funnier because i followed the geo tracks to find it!!

does this make me a stoner muggle?

and yes, i did leave a note about better hiding..


Dang justybug, I got the munchies and must have left it there while visiting the cache :(.


In all seriousness, I grew up on the side of Tiger and would want to know which cache it was. Aparently even the stoners like the view.

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I found a cage in a forest park, with two dead and frozen gerbils near it, and a live one eating bird seed (its a popular bird feeding area) some distance away. I caught the live gerbil, put it back in the cage and brought it home, where it seems quite happy. I called it Geo of course.


If I caught the idiot who think tame gerbils can survive in the wild... :blink:


The little creature is not even afraid of my cats, it wouldn't know to run from predators. And with snow still on the ground, food was not all that plentifull in the forest.

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Well, a bunch, depending on what your definition of weird is...


The other day me and LawnGnome ran across a cat skeleton bleached white. Bones are normally kind of a tan color, so it was a bit odd, but it could have been someone's pet. *shrug*


I've run across homeless camps in the woods. The tents made from garbagebags and waterjugs are a sure sign someone's living there.


The other day we were searching for (cache to be inserted later then LawnGnome gets me the co-ords) and we were caught in the park after sunset. We had run across this man before with a shovel and a bag and we decided to pass on talking to him. We were more interested in caching. He looked like he was out with his dog, using the shovel to walk with, and I assumed the bag was filled with dog litter as the park has litter prohibitions. So we're merilly caching away racking up the caches and it's time to hit this rock slide. We're there, poking around in the rocks, with our flashlights, then the mans dog come rocketing out of the rocks and scares LawnGnome crapless. Poor guy musta jumped 10 feet straight up. The part that scared me, however, was that same shady guy was following the dog, with the shovel, and another full plastic bag of something. We're talking garbage bags here, and he's clearly working hard to carry these and put them somewhere. "I'm burying my dog", he said as he passed us by. Yeah, whatever. We made for the car ASAP.


The rest of it was actually my log at Crumbhenge. My site has the original log, an annotated one was posted to GC.com and I posted my original writeup on here on my site. No-one else has reported any mysterious activity, but the ghosts that followed me home haunt me today...

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In the last month, we have found

  • two dead and decapitated birds
  • the head and foot/leg of a woman that had been burned/charred... Ok, so it was a mannequin, it didn't look like that when we walked upon it!
  • homeless people in tents

All of these things were within 10 feet of the cache!

Since we're new to geocaching, I hoping that this is all the hazing/intiation that we're going to get! : ) :D

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I was with this person who wrote this. It was under a light skirt in a supermarket parking lot. It was right near the entrance off the road. What you see while geocaching!


April 30 by XXXX(XXXX found)

5:25 PM

We drove right up to the hiding spot, but there was a woman in a nearby car directly in front of the cache. We waited for her to leave, when we noticed that she was chaging her clothes in the car. There goes the pants, now the top. We actually didn't see any flesh, but it made for good entertainment. Oh yes, we got the cache after she left.

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On a multi-cache today, I stumbled upon somebody's little marijuana garden in some dense brush. Introduced a few cops to geocaching. Here's my log from the cache:


"Nice job on stage 2! Twice! TN, left signature card and signed log. Find #34 for me.


Oh and speaking of cache in, trash out, here's a funny story about today..


As I was heading from the first stage to the second through the dense brush, I came a cross a little clearing. I looked down and saw an interesting sight... a dozen marijuana plants freshly planted/transferred! I marked a quick waypoint and finished the cache.


I went back home and called Sterling Heights Police and told them I was geocaching in one of their parks and discovered a different kind of stash. They had an officer meet me back there. I gave him a quick rundown of geocaching and took him back to the waypoint. He was pretty entertained with it. Two other officers joined us as they destroyed the plants and bagged up the remains.


The other two officers asked about the situation, and I explained that I was doing a multi-cache, and had discovered this in between two of the points. They said "Well, did you find the cache?", smiling. I said "Of course!". They were amused that in such a dense area in the middle of nowhere, somebody had thought they would never be discovered, but got busted by a geocacher!


Funnier still, was the perpetrator's low-tech way of finding the spot. Blue ribbons tied to trees..lol. We removed the ribbons on the way out too. There were a couple neighbors in the parking lot when we came back out of the woods that asked me what was going on (there were 2 police cruisers and a police Yukon there). I gave them a 10 second run down on geocaching and told them I was cleaning up their neighborhood. They loved it! "

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So when the story spreads around the neighborhood and is printed in the paper, the grower and his friends will know what group of people to pay retribution to?*


thanks. :)



*An anonymous tip would have sufficed.


On the other hand... The gun post above is quite entertaining. Wonder if there's a story about that lost pistol.

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I have only found creepy skeletal remains that would warrant mentioning here. Thank goodness my three year old daughter and I did not find that pistol. That would freak me out and probably interest her too much.


However, I am surprised by the last post's comment about fear. I applaud the cacher who reported it for not ignoring the illegal activity in the park. I would hate to see how much crime would climb if we all ignored it out of fear for retribution. I teach in a high school and see some similar actions by my students. As I am sure most people remember, high school can be hard enough just trying to make sense of who you are. The teachers spend much of our time outside the classroom working to help kids make good decisions. Whether it is in the hallway, the lunchroom or the athletic competitions, we encourage positive actions and discourage negative ones. I would not feel comfortable continuing to do that after I chose to ignore illegal activity in the forest because I was concerned that illegal pot growers would try to do future harm to me.

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Retribution!? I doubt it. What if a hiker had found it. Do you think they take it out on hikers? Maybe a mountain biker? I don't think they're going to try to get back at anyone. Much less any group. If anything it may give them the idea to buy themselves a GPSR for future stashes. Better yet, it may discourage them completely from hiding stashes in the woods because they now know a geocacher could stumble upon it.


Don't fear the person who stashed this. They obviously weren't the brightest people and I highly doubt they'll ever read the paper.

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I was a hundred ft from a cache when I saw what would be a prfect hiding spot,so I gave it a look .It was a hollow tree stacked full of porno mags in black garbage bags.

LOL same thing happend to me about two weeks ago. Darn kids! :unsure:

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Saturday I went caching with two friends - within five minutes of our meeting at the park, we saw a guy get his bicycle stolen as he went into the restroom - when he came out, he raced after them, screaming and surprisingly, he almost caught them (both on bikes, peddling sedately away). At that point the words my wife uttered the day before started to haunt me, "Ewww. That's not a good area." and I just laughed it off. On the way to the first cache, we saw clothing, trash and what looked like several campsites and lots of graffiti too. I was wondering why anyone in their right mind would hide a cache there, but understood after I saw the view of the city below the hill. The next "find" was hilarious, when my friend Ohgr literally "stepped in it" - "it" being a huge pile of what may have been human crap, possibly Bigfoot - yes, it was that big and a bright red (not blood, possibly berries). After I left (found two caches) my friends Ohgr and Maria went to find a third cache and came across a porn stash and what looked like another campsite - they logged it as a DNF when they realized the crackheads in the park were watching them. Ain't caching just one adventure after another? :lol:

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One the way to a cache...




It had to have been left there not too long before I found it as it was clean, there was no standing water in it, etc.


I thought about CITOing it out, but I didn't have room for it, nor did I have a place I could have disposed of it.

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