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  1. Hints that you would need to "SEE" the cache first to find useful for the most part. Such as a bison that is hidden in under a rock..Hint being "Silver" Well that hint does not help you in anyway because its not as if you can scan the area and see something silver. Also micro sized caches where the hint is "bison" or "nano" ....yes, this does help a tiny bit...But if the coordinates put me at a big iron bench and their is nothing else close by, and I see that it is a MICRO, then I am already looking for the most likely hide which would be a nano or bison.
  2. Ok GC friends... We know a cacher that recently tried to get 100 caches (non trail) in one day, in my county. They state that at many locations they found the caches to be muggled or destroyed..with a spraypaint tag "Geokiller" near GZ. Probably another cacher..its a shame someone cant find a constructive use for their time. Any suggestions for actions we could take? Not likely, huh? Ever encounter this? Teamtwostar
  3. This same thing happens with my magellan...it basically goes from charged to dead with no inbetween..and the accuracy is awful just before they die. We use the Energizer 9x Lithium batteries...they last quite a while...over 24hours of continous use for a single set. but they cost 20 bucks for an 8 pack...I recently found an a bulk sale on ebay for about half the cost..so 10 for 8 batteries.
  4. Meh. I want the stuff I find to count towards one working list..so, no, I have no interest in starting a Waymarking account. Virtuals provide a neat way to add incentive for CACHERS to go visit areas that would not be allowed to have physical caches, such as national parks in the us. Besides. Ghosties are cute!
  5. I would like their to be a filter option in PQ's for "Found in the last 15 days" and "Found in the last 30 days" and maybe even "Found in the last 60 days" the option "found in the last 7 days" excludes too many caches from my PQ in an area....but if i am going on a trip and dont want to waste my time going to caches that havent been found in a long time..then I would like another way to filter some of the missing ones out. With the current system, I have to go through them one by one, and then write them all down (the good ones) and that takes forever. On that note...it would be really great if the quick popup on the map that come up when you scroll over the little cache icon, would also list the date LAST FOUND...so I would not have to click on each listing and wait for it to load up for that info.
  6. Does this Help Center article help: 6.3. Display an Image in a Cache Description http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=59 That was perfect advice. I was able to put it together then. My first puzzle: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=56fe86f0-6ec2-4228-b665-997aab284334 Thank you so much. B.
  7. I am trying to create my first puzzle cache. I created the puzzle on paint program, something that I have always used for easy image editing. I have my coords and placed the cache. Since this is the first one that I have made I am stuck at one part. I can't figure out how to upload my puzzle picture from paint onto the cache page. I figured that I would be able to do it the same way that I uploaded my profile picture, but I haven't seen those options. I have been trying to figure it out for an hour now but I really need some help. Thank You, Team Two Star
  8. LOL, maybe they should stop trying to imporove the website with "Updates". It was way better before they started monkeying around. It is going so slow that it would take two hours of my prescious caching time to download the caches I want to go to today.
  9. To the OP...unfortunately, I have no good data for you about positive impact (economical), but I have to imagine it is a pretty good draw. For us personally, we have been to SO many places, just in our local area that we never knew existed...and along the way we visit their hotels sometimes, resturants, quick stops, ect. In fact, in the State of Delaware, the Governor created the "Delaware Geocaching Commission" which is group that plans ways to draw cachers to the state for 'geotourism', We went to a speed trail yesterday along the C and D canal that has 140+ caches, and was designed so that you can grab them all in a few hours. We got them all. They are planning more trails in that state. It has to be along a road so you can drive between them. Other such trails exist in the midwest with over 800caches. But I have to imagine that it is a very cheap way to draw visitors (donated pill bottles and film canisters, paper and man power, it all it really takes. I was impressed that Even the Govt. in some places is trying to promote in for economic reasons.
  10. Lots of startup costs...same as what other people have stated. But I notice over the last 4 months that we have basically been doing nothing but caching we have saved money in other ways....We havent been shopping, bowling, renting movies, to the movies, spending money on our house or video games, eating at restaurants much, or cooking fancy dinners at home...so it seems to balance itself out. Our gas costs have been huge. At least an extra 50$ per week like someone else said..some weeks more....But if we tried we could cut down on that by picking up more of the local ones. Problem is after awhile you exhaust the local ones and we have to drive on average 70miles/day round trip, to get to an area with lots of caches. If you do that 5-7 days per week..like us..you are hitting 420 extra miles per week on your car...(plus 100-200 for commute to work). You could easily cut this cost in half just by taking 3 all day caching trips instead of 6 half day trips per week. To me 24000 miles/year is a whole lot of miles when you consider the average person drives more like 12000-15000 per year. So I feel you have to take into consideration the additional cost of oil changes and wear and tear you are putting on your car if you cache as much as we do. You could save some of these costs by finding local geofriends to carpool with a couple times per week.
  11. Aww let the old guy slide. He'll learn. Cut the new people some slack til they figure it all out. With 28 finds he's probably so excited to even have found GZ. But Maybe send him a message so he is aware?
  12. Why would anyone pay money for that? It is really funny but that doesn't make sense. It is like paying someone to watch TV for you. What is the point of geocaching if you aren't geocaching? I wounder if anyone is actually paying them money to geocache for them.... You know what? Never Mind.. *palm face*
  13. Getting a "Big Number" of caches comes with having a car. It is unfortinunet, but true. The best that I can tell you is try to get your family once a month to take you caching. I am sure that once a month they could find some time to take you out. Either that or you might just have to wait until you are older and have your own car. Hey, if you have been interested in this for the last year, I am sure that you will still be interested in it in a year or two. You can try to find a powertrail near your area and go caching there. You can always try biking there too. Oh, you live in New Jersey? OK. I've been down there a few times caching. Get you parents to take you to Ocean City. There is an awesome power trail on the board walk down there. It is a fun walk on the board walk and lots of fun. You could triple you numbers easily in less than three hours of you wanted.
  14. I am glad that everyone is helping me. It think that I will use Other and add some details into the discription. Thanks for all the held.
  15. What is your favorite kind of swag? I like personalized swag, like Path Tags. What is your least favorite kind of swag? Buisness Cards. No one wants you buisness cards, don't put them in the cache. It's not going to get you more buisness. Did you ever find a piece of swag that made you MAD? I found a cirgerette inside of a Boy Scout cache. Everything in the cache was ment for kids and then someone puts a cigerette in there. Some people have problems. It is a good thing we got it out of there before spring, when the kids would start looking for it again. Did you ever find a piece of swag that made you really happy? A duck call. It was so stupid, and really neat too. Since we end up going to different out door parks, etc., I keep it with me and honk at the birds. It is lots of fun. What is the most unusually piece of swag you ever found? It was a little porcelin figureen stuffed into a pill bottle in a light pole in a walmart parking lot. Who new you could get such nice swag out of something that was basically a micro.
  16. I see what everone is saying too. I'm not saying that the swag is unimportant. It is great when I find a great piece of swag. I love the duck call that I found and my path tags are really cool and I where them around my neck. Its just that I have been to quite a few caches and now my expectations aren't that high anymore, but I have realized that I have more fun on the hunt than what I get out of the box. Everyone is so different. How do you find really cool swag that everyone will love and will not break the bank? For me I would be really happy to find a manga, but how many people would actually put them in a cache or even put out something that is worth $10? Not many. So yeah, if the most important part of caching to me was the swag, I doubt I would be caching right now. Importance of things while caching: 1.) The hunt for the cache 2.) The Journey to the cache 3.) The swag But that is just my personal prefrences.
  17. I have a different explaintion for it. The virtual caches are some of the older caches. Since they are so old, they have had a greater amount of time to accumlate favorite points. If the location is good and worth putting a virtual there, then it is not a surprise that it has a lot of favorite points. One of my caches is a pretty standard micro hide. However, it is located on Mt. Penn and next to the biggest land mark in town, which is the Pagoda. (see: google search) It is increadible beatiful place and there are always people there just to lok at the view. It has gotten three favorite point, which I can't attribute to the hide, but it does make sence because of its location. I think that there are a lot of cachers that appreaciate where you take them for a cache, as much as the cache its self. To be honest, not may people do it for the swag. If people played for the swag, then there wouldn't be as may people geocaching. LOL. So yeah, it is probably getting favorite points because of the location and that it has been out longer than a lot of other caches.
  18. I am having tons of fun. My sister and me have found a ton of caches and it doesn't get boring. I think that I am going to be a cacher for life!! I haven't had this much fun since Track & Field in High School. Once you start figuring it out, it starts getting way funner. Even placing new geocaches are just as fun as finding the caches.
  19. What is your favorite kind of swag? What is your least favorite kind of swag? Did you ever find a piece of swag that made you MAD? Did you ever find a piece od swag that made you really happy? What is the most unusually piece of swag you ever found? Anything you want say about swag.
  20. Honestly, the point of geocaching isn't for the swag. It is getting some execersize on a nice spring day, having something to do with you familly or freinds, meeting new people, seeing new places, and finding an activity that you can do where the only cost is gas. I love geocaching. It is so much fun and the swag is just a little bonus. If all the caches were micros, I would still be doing it. It is fun finding that lake 5 miles from your house that you have never been to or finding a new trail you never new existed or finding a beautiful little park. I love figuring out where people hide the cache. It lots of fun figuring out where it is and what kinds of cleaver things people use to hide their caches. Addtionally, you should think about the lagistics of leaving great swag. I think the best kind of swag and the kind that I am most excited to see is a Path Tag. But a Path Tag costs 2.05 to have made. My sister and me have visited 179 caches in the last three months that could hold a Path Tag. It would cost almost 400 dollars to leave a Path Tag in each cache. That ends up being a lot of money. Can you blame anyone for buying some cheap items that only cost a few cents or some toys that they no longer need? So like everyone else said, it is that hunt for the cache and it is the journey to the cache that is the fun part, not the contents of the box.
  21. It is a nice idea and I like them. Personalized swag is better than any Mc Donalds swag I have ever found, but I kinda think it isn't a good idea. Too many caches aren't as waterproof as they should be. I have seen many people leave baseball cards and NHL cards as swag only to have the card turn to mush by the time we get to the cache. But Path Tags! I love path tags! More cachers need to put them out!! We have only found 7 path tags in 449 caches. We need some more path tags. They are my favorite kind of swag.
  22. LOL, that is soo evil. Where could you even put that on a lamp post that someone wouldn't be calling the cops on you??
  23. After getting home after a DNF: "F#$%^!!! I know where it is!! When can I go up there again?" If only we had that eurika moment while we were standing on GZ....
  24. Wow Cutter! Havent heard of anything like that before...I have wondered before if it would be possible to have an indoor hide...guess I got my answer! Sounds like you are off to a great start...that one looked like a challenge! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Snakes!! Why did it have to be snakes???? We have only seen little garters so far.
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