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  1. http://www.geocaching.com/map or download the my finds pocket query and use an external mapping program.
  2. Strong and lightweight, but difficult to tie a knot because slippery. Some fishing knots work well, but can be untied. That is true, I use dyneema core polyester line to be exact for that reason.
  3. In progress: hide 366 caches for each day of the year. In planning: Hide caches as part of a national series based on phone and post boxes. Await for results of permission request to set cache in disused building.
  4. if you just want to secure it so it does not get put back in the wrong place, high molecular weight polyethelene line (AKA Dyneema) will do the trick.
  5. as your not supposed to break the ground. (somthing to do with certain landowners believing geocaching involves people digging holes all over the place) to hide a cache that is a no-go. find a tree.
  6. Just remembered I have been questioned by the police. I parked up and went looking for a cache, as I was searching doing so a normal car rolled past mine slowly. when it arrived next to me (having begun walking back) the uniformed officer on his way to/from work asked what I was up to, I said "Geocaching" he said somthing to the effect of "no problem" and drove off.
  7. Not the police but a rapid response ambulance. was lying on the ground reaching down beside a retaining wall to put the cache back when they arrived.
  8. Assuming the listing has already been created add the actual coordinates as an additional waypoint. With the posted coords being for example in the middle of the series.
  9. Go to your profile. Scroll down and look on the right for "manage lists- click. Find and click "Create new bookmark list" Enter the details. tick "share with others" but leave "make public" unchecked if you only want to share it with your friend, then click create. Go to a cache find the bookmark option Select the list to save the bookmark to from the drop down menu. then click "create bookmark" repeat for each and every cache you want to share with your friend. open the list and copy the URL, that should do it.
  10. Rather than concentrate on trying to work out what quality is, hide a variety of caches and see what people in your area go for most. then hide more like that. Of do what I do and hide what you want because you enjoy hiding caches and not to do so to please every minority within the game.
  11. Dyneema cord is what you want. but would go for Dyneema core, polyester sheath as it's easier to tie than pure dyneema http://www.extremtextil.de/catalog/Dyneema-Polyester-cord-1-25mm-32-windings::548.html should be fine unless your cache is going to weigh more than 120kg...
  12. A UK based geocaching shop in it's container section states the following "Nano & micro sized containers (upto 10ml)" "Small & regular sized containers (10ml -100ml)" "Medium & mega sized containers (100ml and above)"
  13. Yes, I agree. Label by volume. It's straightforward, less room for misinterpretation. Of course, there will still be those who will ignore it and insist that swag/trackables don't matter; that the log with the hole drilled in it for the bison tube has a volume of 2 liters because the log occupies 2L of space. Yet they agree that the bison tube in the knot hole of a tree trunk is a micro because we don't count the volume of the tree. This is already in place. The guidelines state plain as day, the minimum and maximum volumes for each size. indeed it is, that is where I got the numbers from. but making it more obvious would help.
  14. Check that you have not entered a digit wrong when entering the coords into the system.
  15. True... but most of them are set along tow paths and NOT located so they can be reached from the water. Don't forget though that the canal and river trust don't want them placed at the waters edge.
  16. easiest solution will be to replace "micro/small/regular/large" with "0-99ml/100-999ml/1-19l/20l+" if someone labels a 0-99ml container as 100-999ml then somthing is seriously wrong. (Best to use the international SI units as this is a worldwide activity)
  17. if giving a time be sure to give it in UTC as it's worth remembering that although this is a US owned company, it operates worldwide.
  18. I've never used an external GPS before, my unit does not have an input port for one. I've been tempted by an external bluetooth GPS for the phone as it would reduce phone battery consumption.
  19. Does not matter how well you try to protect the interior from moisture if people are caching in the rain.
  20. Not read all posts so ignore if been suggested. A bluetooth enabled GPS is all you need just pair it and your phone and send the GPX files downloaded to your phone to your GPS and hey presto.
  21. All trade items are bad, an container that just holds a log is good.
  22. The disappearance could be a result of any number of reasons Uninitiated members of the public spotting a cacher. childen playing inexperienced cachers who don't know your supposed to leave them where they find them. out of area cachers too lazy to buy/ assemble their own caches who take other peoples instead. animals Solutions could involve hiding a boring plain micro securing the cache with an unbreakable string.
  23. Simple solution is to not put anything other than a logbook in your caches. Themed caches being the exception of course where the contents relate to the theme.
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