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  1. I don't see where you can't do exactly what you want. Enter nothing on the first page when starting the search, just click "add filters". Enter the state name you want in the "search only in..." box. Then click the heading you want to sort on - "favorites" will get you the 1000 caches with the highest fav points, double click "placed on" to get the 1000 oldest caches. Use other filters to not see your finds, or types of caches you're not interested in, etc.. I jumped the gun with this comment. I figured it out. Just liked how it was. It was easier to me.
  2. I for one will be cancelling my membership. I live in SC, and every 2 years we drive to california to visit family. This year we are driving to washington to take a cruise to alaska. How am I suppose to search for oldest and/or most favorite caches in each state I will be driving through. I like to plan my caches in advance, not search on the fly. PQs don't work either as you are limited to 1000 caches per search, I know my state has close to 10k caches. I want to sort them. WTF. this new feature is garbage. period.
  3. I have recently discovered that many many caches in Southern Nevada have been archived "at the request of the local BLM" (per cache page) office. I live in South Carolina, and visit the Las Vegas valley as much as I can...about every other year. Planning a trip this year actually. I love the challenge of climbing the mountains on BLM land and finding a cache as much as possible. I accidentally deleted my entire watch list one late night several weeks ago, but I remember the cache locations. Many nameless peaks outside of red rock have been archived....anyway the ones I have found in Red Rock Canyon on Turtle Head Peak are gone as well. There was 5 that I found and several I didn't and all gone. Now there is still a lot of caches in Red Rock State Park, but NONE on any of the surrounding mountains. Some have been there for almost a decade. Le Madra Cache (not sure of exact cache name sorry its gone and not on my watch list anymore) Not trying to rant or ramble which I am failing at...but does anyone have any reasoning? The BLM page promotes geocaching...What I find ironic is that in the same month these caches were archived the Nevada BLM created a profile name and has 4 caches hidden. Just really disappointed...and concerned Cache examples Cache Example BLM User Profile
  4. thanks for the advice lieblweb, thats what i have planned, i difinately dont want to deal with a break down on vacation....my jeep is pretty capable, but still going to take it easy.
  5. karstic...i have a 4 door with a 3.5in lift and 35s, no lockers, I am still in Afghanistan, when I get home I will have new bumpers, fenders and a winch to install....I have plenty of pin-stripes not worried about that.
  6. Do you ride a bike? Maybe a cheap bike is good if you use it recreationally at a park on a paved path with your kids, once or twice a month. But if you ride to stay in shape 3-4 times a week 10-20+ miles or more depending on what shape you are in, a good bike is going to cost you. It's alot easier to ride a bike that weighs 5 lbs over a bike that weighs 40 lbs. But we're not talking a bike for staying in shape by riding 10-20+ miles 3-4 times a week. We're talking about a bike that someone would use for geocaching, most often used recreation-ally on paved or improved paths a few times a month. This thread reminds me of an old usenet flyfishing newgroup where newbies would come in and ask for recommendations for a "beginners" flyrod. I remember one instance when someone suggested a $700 Winston rod as a starter flyrod. I own about a dozen fly rods and the one I probably use most frequently is a $110 Redington even though I also have a Sage (which runs around $400 new...I bought it used for $200) and several bamboo rods. Well, you make a good point there.
  7. I am speaking more for road biking honestly. A light bike definately helps. And a light bike is going to cost you. At least from my own experience.
  8. I agree with your drug hangout comment, but the police running your plates and questioning you when you have done nothing wrong, is mearly a inconvience, sure it might tick you off, but thats not really doing anything, they aren't arresting you. Which is what you don't want.
  9. If it's not marked private property or no trespassing, sure maybe you still shouldn't be there, but the police can't do anything but tell you to leave. Although you could still get shot by the property owner lol
  10. Do you ride a bike? Maybe a cheap bike is good if you use it recreationally at a park on a paved path with your kids, once or twice a month. But if you ride to stay in shape 3-4 times a week 10-20+ miles or more depending on what shape you are in, a good bike is going to cost you. It's alot easier to ride a bike that weighs 5 lbs over a bike that weighs 40 lbs.
  11. brainsnat, great idea! It's so simple too! and I never thought of it LOL
  12. Lets say they do last longer. to make the math easy, they last 24 hours. you are hiking a 100 miles. How many days is that? 5 days minimum if you cover 20 miles a day. You are going to need 5 sets of batteries minimum. I use regular alkalines and they last me a full day, so if i am gone 5 days I'd have a set for each day, plus one extra. On normal days i have rechargeables, but on long trips I dont take them, if Im not going to have access to recharge them.
  13. I will have a map if I go somewhere that has a lot of trails or if I go on overnighters. and no matter what i always have a compass, and take a mental note of my direction at the start. So at least I have a heading to get back to the vehicle if my GPS dies and I get lost...but i carry spare batteries too lol
  14. thanks cerberus for the link and the info. I saw the new crossbreeds u are talking about, and thats the money im talking about i dont want to spend and not like it lol.
  15. for the record i havent actually tried using my pocket holster in my waist lol. New to carrying concealed. Not new to firearms, being in the military. I'll have to look into the appendix and IWB holsters. I just wasnt sure which one would work. What sucks is I dont want to keep spending money on holsters till I find something that works for me.
  16. Larry in your situation I would have logged a DNF as well, that is a good effort, and I see your point, every situation is different. On another note, that cache sounds right up my alley lol...but I wouldn't attempt alone either.
  17. If I didn't get out of the car (ie. pulling up to a playground while I am by myself) I will not log a DNF or even note it. Or, if I am on a path getting caches, and decide not to even attempt (ie. like a really high tree cache, or something crazy I didn't prepare for) back to the playground comment. I am a 37 year old male. I will not search a playground cache by myself. I don't want to be that guy. lol
  18. I got a taurus P40 slim. I have a pocket holster for it, but with the hiking pants I wear it only fits in the "map" pocket, so its pretty uncomfortable and will be impossible to conceal in the summer months. I'm probably just going to have to buy a hiking pants bigger in the waist and tuck it inside with the pocket holster. Last time I went out I stuck it in my pack. Doesn't really do you any good there unless you just want to carry extra weight.
  19. i purchased a sidearm to carry, but I am having a issue of carrying it comfortably, I cant seem to find a holster thats comfortable, easy to access and out of sight
  20. Im kinda new to biking myself. But neversummers suggestions are spot on. I purchased a 400 dollar diamond back, and it was ok for awhile. Not many places to mountain bike where I live, so i started riding it on the street.....let me tell you how horrible that was...lol I went to my local bike shop and they let me test a 900 dollar giant road bike...WOW what a different the same 10 miles on the mountain bike that took me almost 2 hours to complete, I was able to cut that down significantly with the right bike. I prefer to mtn bike over road biking but being in my area road biking just works for me better. Geocaching got me riding, but now I ride just to ride.
  21. I will have to add this place on my list of places to 4 wheel on my trip to Cali in june! cant visit the geocaching website here at work only the forums, so i imagine there is alot of caches here.
  22. I overheard two of my coworkers talking about it. Something they wanted to do with thier kids. They didn't even call it by the right name, or know much about it at all. A quick google search of "caching" and I found what they were talking about. The next weekend my boss let me borrow his GPS from 1995. My wife and I found 3 caches that day, and as difficult as it was with that ancient GPS we went and bought a Nuvi for our car. Thinking that if we didn't like it, at least we had a GPS for our car. Well we did like it, and we are still hooked. I continue to do it because it has gotten me in to many outdoor activities. Hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, 4 wheeling, biking It has changed my life. It's gotten me in shape, and the thrill and satisfaction of finding that difficult cache makes it so much fun. Plus we have meet many cool people in our area.
  23. i visited the 2m cache 7 hours after publishing, it had over 1000 notes. I'm afraid to see how many it has now, and if I was the CO I probably would have archived it.
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