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Ftf Prizes


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Yes, I did a search b4 posting.

I have assembled several caches this winter, and prior to releasing them, I would like to include FTF (First Time Finder) prizes. I have learned of the basic T-shirts & gift cards; what else is of unique-great interest? FTF items for all cache size please~namely, micros, tupperware, ammo.box.

Thank you

:huh: Leslie


P.S. to Connecticut cachers: When is Al's moving day? That's the day I'd like my caches to be activated. LOL.

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Well, this is still along the lines of the basic gift card idea. But on one cache the owner simply left a card asking the FTF to email them. When I emailed him, he set up a date, and we met at a local sandwich shop where he bought us lunch. This idea is really cool because the finder gets a free lunch and you get to meet the cacher.


Another thing that I generally put in is a new Nalgene water bottle. If the container isn't big enough, I'll generally just leave a note asking the person to email me to arrange the claiming of their prize..

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Some things I've put in, or thought of putting in. Petzel Tikka headlamp, battery charger and a pack of AA rechargables, binoculars, Platypus water bottles and "Hoser" tubes, good flashlights, a decent compass, new packs of area trail maps, a new copy of a local hiking trail guide book, disposable cameras, a USB memory stick, Wheresgeorge stamps and stamp pads.

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I like nicely stocked family-friendly traditionals, and sometimes my caches have a theme -


For Gone Camping's FTF I bought a pair of FRS/GMRS radios and added 5 camping / hiking related items and 5 toys.


For Gone Fishing the FTF was a nice fishing reel, a bunch of lures, line and so forth, and toys for the kids.


For Thunder Road FTF was a collapsable backpacker's fishing rod / reel / tackle combo, some hiking gear and some kid's toys.


I also place a TB in each new cache.


I use dry-boxes found at Acadamy Sports - heavy-duty plastic camo water-proof boxes about the size of a .50cal ammo can - $7.


With contents my caches cost $80 to $100 to place.


I have found that people will mostly go out of their way to swap nice items when they find the same.


Of course, this is expensive hiding, so I don't have many out, but I would rather have 1 that every finder loves and writes about than 100 "TFTH" hides.

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I don't think you can ever have too many flashlights. A mini-mag light with working batteries or a headlamp would be a good first find for me. I've seen headlamps for only $10.00 all the way up to more than $30.00.


Also, I use rechargeable batteries for all the battery-operated things in my house. Another great, although pricey, FTF prize might be one of those 15-or 30- minute rechargers with batteries. I think Target has these for about $25.00.


Another cool thing might be one of these cigarette lighter adapters that allow you to plug in more than one thing at the same time . . . like your GPS and your cell phone, or your GPS and your battery recharger. A friend of mine has a three-in-one adapter.

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I went down to one of the local trophy shops and had a ftf trophy made for my latest cache. I then posted a pic of it for all of my local geocaching partners to see and race to. They had a good time. They have been kidding each other about who won the trophy. It only cost around seven bucks to have one made this size. Here are a few pics of it along with the ftf winner. I'm probably going to do the same for all of my harder puzzle caches.







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I have what I think is a pretty cool idea for a cache I'm about to hide. It's on a site where something historic happened in 1881, so I plan to put an 1881 Morgan silver dollar in the container. I think old coins are great for caches; they're small, don't have to cost a lot, and make great keepsakes. There's a local guy who always places coins, and people rush out to snatch them up. Also, I do 3-D photography, so for this new cache, I plan to go photograph it in 3-D and put a few 5x7s of it in the cache, along with the 3-D glasses to view them.

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We have made FTF certificates for two of our caches which were both received well. I have thought about using cafepress.com to make a first to find shirt or coffee mug or something.


Generally I have been too excited about getting new caches out there, and have not been patient enough to order stuff from cafepress.com.

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Stuff I've seen/liked/left, unactivated TB tags, $$, rare coins, gift cards, premium signature items and diamonds (don't worry, they were CZ's--I'm not that flush!)


The silliest I've seen, lottery tickets. That's just a donation to a private corporation, costs the hider and doesn't nothing for the finder.


Another thing to keep in mind, a prize that can be divided between two people if the first-finders are a team is always nice. Gift cards should be generic rather than special-interest...


I'll be helping the Tramper's move, so will be sure to provide you with a false date--but if you can get those listed before Miles Stone returns we'll appreciate it!





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What you leave for a FTF prize should be relevant to the level of difficutly that the cache is rated at. I've left some nice stuff but can seem to remember exactly what they were. I'm planning on two new caches to be released by April and May, and since they are somewhat related to my profession as a Chef I do believe I have some nice items in store for the finders. When I release the 5 x 5 cache I plan on putting in a special cookbook, known as the Colorado Cache Cookbook so I can stay in tune with the theme of the cache and caching also.

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