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Q & A For Anthro Class


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Hello All!


I am writing a paper for an anthropology class. Would you please answer these questions for me? Please email answers to dianna@learning-quest.com


Thanks so much!!


What is your caching name?


How and when did you start caching?


What is your favorite type of cache?


Does your whole family cache together (if applicable) or do you cache alone? With friends?


How many people usually join you on a typical outing?


How many caches do you usually attempt on a typical outing?


Have you bought any special equipment (besides a GPS) for caching?


How often do you cache?


How many caches have you found?


Do you hide caches?


Does your vehicle display a geocaching sticker?


Have you ever gone on vacation or left the state specifically to go caching? Where did you go?


When traveling on business, do you cache when you have free time?

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Well....let me see if I can explain/justify....from one cacher to another...


I am in grad school (Anthropology) and we are learning how to do ethnography. Our assignment is to study a culture and write about it. Most people seem to be doing religious groups or Native Americans. I wanted to do something different. After long hours of thinking, I was opening up some tupperware and realized that geocachers do have their own culture. We have events, there are some people who live for caching, some who do it casually, some who only find one kind of caches....we have a specialized language of sorts (muggles etc). We engage in an activity that has some sense of uniformity, we have a worldwide community and also a local sub-community. People from all social classes, all ages, all ethnic groups, people with disabilities, people who use mountain top caches as a challenge....so many different participants. It's a solo activity, it's a group activity...There are rules/guidelines, there is community service (CITO)....I could go on and on....but, that's the short version of how I feel that it relates to anthropology. Basically, geocachers have their own culture. It's one that has to be explained to people, but if you are in the culture, if you are a cacher, you belong to the community. Think about if someone asks you about caching who has never heard of it. The challenge is to write about it without making us all seem a bit off our rockers!


I hope that explains it, but I am happy to answer any questions.

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Well, Evergreenhiker wrote my paper for me :angry:


Seriously, these are great answers. I am so happy that everyone is willing to answer questions for me. I will absolutely post my paper when it's done. Since it's going to be pretty long, I'll probably just post it on my web page and send a link out. It's not due until March 10th.


Thanks again everyone, this is great! The more answers the better!

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Just curious- I have an MA in Anthro from the UW... are you taking the ethnography class there? Is Dr. Green still teaching it? I wrote my paper on geneologists at the LDS archives in Bellevue. Geocaching definitely has its own culture- language, clothes, behavior, norms...


I'll work on your question tomorrow. Glad to help out. :lostsignal:

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I'm at Oregon State University.


Today I will actually have a chance to organize all these answers. I had a small accident and I have a broken nose and my teeth went through my lip. I have to stay home from work and classes today because my husband has to watch me for any signs of serious head injury. The doctor gave him a sheet of paper that he has to follow. I am not hurt too badly, just very sore.


At least I will be able to organize all these great answers I am getting!

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Teeth through your lip? Ugh, hate the visual. As sympathy, I filled out your survey and emailed it to you. I thought you might add a couple of other questions like ... Do you find yourself thinking about puzzle caches as you go to sleep or Do you sometimes think you should cut back a bit on your caching :lol:


peace, fishiam

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