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I'm Sure I'm very late but just noticed that Team Maddie have made their 200th cache found.


But I think Team Maddie's main geocaching achievement is not the caches found but the tremendous caches & Multicaches that they've placed out there and also the great events that they've set up along with Jim (Time Lord) over the last 2 years.


Great work and really appreciated.


Congratulations to Martin, Lynne and Maddie

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I have just spent the morning updating the Hall of Fame so


:mad::DBig Congrats to the following people :D:mad:


Windswept 800+

Third-degree-witch 800+


Billy Twigger 700+


Wigglesworth 600+

Nawtcher 600+


Perth Pathfinders 400+

Drift 400+

Rodz 400+

Harrogate Hunters 400+


Warminster Wanderers 300+

Olden 300+

Marmota monax+

Ac-p 300+

Snaik 300+

magic webby 300+

Sadie’s mob 300+

The Wildleys 300+

Tikal 300+

Weavey 300+


Climber1985 200+

PhilPamAndRob 200+

**Andy** 200+

Nobby.nobbs 200+

square turns 200+

Headleys hunters 200+

Marmal 200+

Decisive Twins 200+

The Washers 200+

Sandstorm 200+

Gowenhouse 200+

HotFeat 200+

ZedForce 200+

Spioradsaor 200+

Nomads For Now 200+

Rose and Vince 200+


UK Hall Of Fame


There is also a Hall of Fame Overview page so you can see how the Hall of fame looked in

Jan 2004 / June 2004 / Jan 2005/ June 2005

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Congratulations to The Royles!


on surviving The Quest for the Ring and achieving their BIG 100.


A great success for this hardy band of adventurers who trekked northwards from Wales in this great quest, then (with their young hobbits in tow) climbed every mountain, forded every river (even the ones that were actually paths), survived near fatal toe injuries and told their tale in a stirring log.


Incidentally, Mr Royle looks nothing like his TV name-sake.


Well done!


From The Blorenges

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