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  1. Well done to you 3 on your 5 th cache. Keep it up. SarahJayne
  2. the second on AFT is cashley (lollybob)
  3. i think the OP is about the forums and all the fights and disagreements that are going on SarahJayne P.S thanks for the popcorn.
  4. well done Hazel on 9 keep them coming SarahJayne
  5. i hope it is still going ahead. I also hope Lynn get's better soon as we all miss her SarahJayne
  6. Congratulations Team_ShadowWalker on 200 finds SarahJayne
  7. Congratulations Team_ShadowWalker on 2 finds keep them coming SarahJayne
  8. everyone is welcome muddy boots and all SarahJayne
  9. well done Jon on your 15 th. SarahJayne hope to speak to you soon.
  10. well i'm a geobabe or so i've been told SarahJayne
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