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Halloween Hunt


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I know this is short notice but here's the deal. A few have chatted about going on a Halloween hunt and some of us thought The Bloated Festering Head of My First Victim would be a good choice. But wait! What's a Halloween hunt if it can't be done on Halloween? The problem we have is I like to be at home scaring the carp out of the little kiddies (pictures of the house to be posted soon).


Sooooo, I figure meet up time should be at 11PM Saturday night, with a hunt start of between 11:30-11:45PM.


So who is crazy enough to be in on this? ;)


Costume optional of course. :lol:

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man if i lived near you i'd be so there.


night caching is the best... driving out into a swamp so that you can light ut the cache are with your headlights... hiking 1 mile each way at midnight throught bear and cougar infested woods... did i mention i always do this stuff alone?


i love night stuff, noone will go with me at night here though so i don't do too much of it.

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As one who has done this cache during daylight on a relatively warm day, trying it at night would be beyond brutal! We're talking water nearly up to your waist in areas and brush so thick you have to absolutely just bull your way through it. A wide walking path will get you within .15 miles and you think to yourself "How bad can it be,? Its only about 900 feet, right?" That 900 feet took me almost an hour and a half. One way.


Now don't get me wrong here, I love a good adventure. During the last Hot Potato game GeoDiver, GEMs and I waded almost a mile in water up to our waists in the flooded Green River in the middle of the night in February trying to get to a cache and wouldn't have missed it for anything. I just want to make sure you know what you're getting in to. Doing Bloated Festering Head at night will be a 5+.


That being said, gentlemen, I salute you for even considering it. You are men among boys for attempting it. And should you happen to be victorious, stories will be told and songs will be sung of your courage and bravery. My only regret is that I have to work that night and can't do it myself! I can't wait to read the logs!

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Where is a good place to meet up?

You couldn't do much better than Farelli's Pizza, at the corner of Center Dr. and McNeil St. They're a pizza place on one side and a bar on the other, so I'm sure they're open late. Center Dr. exit off of I-5; can't miss it. It's at 47.0936, -122.6438.


Maybe meet there at 10:30?

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I think the best parking is near Huggins Crossing and Evans Court.

That's where I parked, too, and it still seems as good a spot as any. It's not even on most maps yet. Take Center Dr. to Intel and turn south. MapQuest has it, and I'm guessing it's at about 47.1073, -122.6353.


"any recommendations on what to wear?"


Figuring it's gonna be raining, and you'll be crashing through some thick brush, I'd wear a durable jacket of some type. From Perrin and Faile's log, it looks like it's definitely obtainable in jeans and hiking boots.


Kfam, on the other hand, tends to take the direct route :mad:

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An initial meet up at the pizza joint is ok with me.


Travisl, the parking coords you gave are on the opposite side of a creek of the cache location and all of my maps agree on this. Are you guys sure about this?


It sounds like we'll be driving into a residential area. We might want to minimize the number of cars going in? I can accomodate 3 passengers and spare clothes (I'm planning on bringing a spare set just for comfort sake if I'm too wet and mucked.)


Below; the first image is Mapquest and Mappoint overlayed. The black streetlines are Mappoint and the blue river is Mapquest. The second image is Delorme V3.0 showing the marsh area as it was before development. Notice anything interesting? All of my other maps don't show these railroads. Are they abandoned?




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That being said, gentlemen, I salute you for even considering it. You are men among boys for attempting it. And should you happen to be victorious, stories will be told and songs will be sung of  your courage and bravery.





And here I was thinking about doing it AGAIN...




You're such a tease. :mad::huh:;);)

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And since CGal knows the easier way in, let us be careful how we treat the young lady. If she want to try it again, the more the merrier. As for myself, I have not decided whether I want to do this or not. I am still cogitating. According to my notes taken from CGal the best way in is via Dupont Crossroads.

I always look forward to seeing CGal. I know she'll never give away the final hide although she will likely be hilariously amused watching the rest of us.

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My apologies for leaving you out CGal, but stories are already told and songs are often sung of your courage and bravery. You are a woman among girls and I have rendered many a salute in honor of your conquests. Oh yeah, that and I didn't think you'd want to get wet again so soon after Dripping from the Wynoochee. :mad: That one's on my short list, along with Ring of Fire.


I'd be honored to hunt 5 star caches with you any time. ;)

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I really don't know you all well wnough to comment...but that's never stopped me before...


With respect...I think y'all are out of your minds... ;)


I'll be home blissfully asleep...but have a good time...

I do know most of these folx well enough to comment.


You are right, they are all nuts!!!!!! :huh:


But it is a good wholesome kind of nuts. :mad:

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I'm wondering if any previous finders are planning to go and cheer-lead. It's been a while since GEM's and I did this cache, but the memory is still etched clearly in my feeble mind and has not faded enough to make me want to do it again. BUT...I may come out for the entertainment value :mad:


Any other previous finders who wanto go as part of a "support" team, let me know.


If you do post that you're interested, or send me an email...be patient. I'm currently sitting in Dallas, TX at DFW waiting for a plane to SeaTac. Won't be home 'til around midnite and will check messages then.

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So, I've been thinking about this since discussing it with Totem Lake and Right Wing Wacko last weekend. I've finally decided that I'm going to do this come heck or high water. Oh, I guess the high water is already there. :mad:


I might be in the area before dusk or earlier, just to do some preliminary scouting. I'm looking forward to all the fun.


Misguided One

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I'm still game for this, even as crazy as it sounds. The question is should I go buy some rubber boots or stick with my pair of hiking boots for the journey? I know I'm bringing extra socks and clothes for sure!


Totem Lake, I would be up for car pooling. Again I'm in Federal Way and only like 2 miles from I-5 (near the Aquatic Center).


I'll be gone tomorrow morning/afternoon planning on heading up to Seattle to try and conquer Nellie Does Green Lake. I should hopefully be home by 2 or 3.

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Nope, got to wear the flippers. Peace, Nolenator

Forget it then! Have you ever tried to walk in flippers? Hard enough on dry ground, just try it in water.


Actually, upon further thought, I can't wear SCUBA gear, I've loaned my tanks to a friend. I was thinking of wearing my farmer john wetsuit though... Too bad it doesn't match the jester outfit I have.


For this I'd think Rino's would be best, but at least have FRS radio's (if I can make it I'll bring extra).

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Forget it then!  Have you ever tried to walk in flippers?  Hard enough on dry ground, just try it in water.

You have to walk backwards. :mad:

lol. Should see me getting in and out of the float tube. Kinda awkward with those dadgum flippers.


JavaDuck...I'd wear at least rubber boots.


This does soudn like fun! But too far south and late for me....when I do attempt htis I'm going in wiht my neoprene chest waders.

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I've been reading through the cache logs and this is beginning to sound like a crazy fun idea.....right up my alley! :rolleyes: Hmmmm, now you have me thinking again. I have hip waders and chest waders. Or maybe it would be better to wear old ratty clothes and plan on getting fithy dirty wet??? I can see the news headlines....."Geocachers found dead and dying in local swamp"....story at 5.

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I'm not quite sure of what to make of this. I see they are meeting before hand and there is a bar, so 10-12 drunk geocachers out at midnite in a swamp sound like fun????? Sign me up!.....:rolleyes: I'll be coming down from Monroe if this is actually going to happen and I won't be the only one there. I'll be going by the eastside and my Honda is so trashed from the previous caching/camping trips that I don't mind any swamp creatures in it.

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I'm going to assume we're all meeting at the pizza joint at 10:30 per Travisl's suggestion. i just did a head count and got 7 definites and 5 maybes. That's a big crowd for a neighborhood street.


I should plan on leaving Kirkland by 9.


LittleBlue, if you want to meet me at the Park and Ride near where we were at today, say 9ish, we can head out together. JavaDuck, is there a P&R near I-5 by ya? If so, give me the coordinates and I'll meet you there sometime around 9:45. I'll e-mail you my cell phone.

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My Dearest Fen,


In the days of the endless nightmare there will come a crowd into a place of death. They will come with joy in their hearts for they have forgotten that which frightens them. This is my time, my bog, my decision. They may live, they may not. They might pray for the mercy of Ellylidan; believing there is such a thing.


These are the nights of the longing daydream. This is a special time for the creatures who roam not in the regions of men. The humans have forgotten, they have trivialized the season, they no longer remember that which hunts them in the darkness. Some fear the darkness, some more rightly fear that which the darkness obscures.


My question to you is this; will the mighty Fen Dweller of the Bog stalk my prey? I long to see you again my friend, I would love to hear you will be here in my lair as I was once in yours.


All my love,



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