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Halloween Hunt


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Sure wish I could go with y'all, but the doc says that the hole isn't sealing properly. A dime sized area of skin is nice and black, meaning that it won't make it. I understand that it will take a long time for it to heal, so I think it would be best to avoid adding swamp water to the mix. Besides, I wouldn't want to wound to draw the evil to y'all. (Fendweller and/or Ellyidan).


Although I've met some of you, it would have been nice to meet nolenator. Have fun!

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While I still have not decided to do this one or not, I did do a bit of research using lostoutdoors.com. This link should show an aerial photo of the area. The dot without a label is just to center the other llocations and has no bearing on the cache itself. I showed the cache location as well as the suggested parking. I also indicated Dupont Crossroads. My notes on the cache page advise approaching the cache on a bearing of approx. 270-280 from about 0.19 miles away on the trail that is running essentially north and south. I assume those trails are the railroad tracks shown on TL's map. I have no idea of how old the photo is, but it appears similar to the area on my NG Topo.


My decision will be made based on how much sleep I can get before heading down there. I have not slept well the last few nights and need to be able to keep my eyes open driving back home. I also do not have any boots except my hiking boots and am a bit concerned about getting those too wet. Any advise on that score would be appreciated. I can't see buying boots just for this cache so don't suggest that.

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Here is the official word from the swamp:


Officially at 12:10 am Oct 31, 2004; a group of 6 brave souls, 5 men and one Lady sussfully found the severed head of Mr.Thomas


They are now off to celebrate with libations.

First they have to make it back out alive, don't they?

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Looks like I am first of the party to post a report safely from the comfort of my computer chair. The trip to visit poor Mr. Thomas was quick with only a few problems. Some of us felt the presence of Peg trying to pull us down and scare us away. We contiuned on, with Misguided One leading the way.


We made it to Mr. Thomas in short order and it was sad to say he had nothing to say. He just stared off into the darkness. We took pictures and waited in hope of Ellylidan paying us a visit. Guess Ellylidan was off preparing for Halloween. We heading back out, and Peg was more forceful this time. Tugging at our boots and causing branches to scratch and snap at us.


We twisted and turned, but eventually saw GeoDive guiding us in with a light. We emerged from the swamp, glad to have safely venture in the lair of Peg and Ellylidan. We headed off to celebrate an incredible adventure.


Thanks fellow midnight swamp cachers for an unforgettable 100th find!

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So we made it out alive. Wander Lost wouldn't let me take her digital camera so I was forced to use an old film camera. I'll post images later today if I can.


At the very least I can show our track log for the adventure. I must say that doing this cache at night was awesome, I now have my top 3 caches to brag about. They are Ebey Bluffs (GC13DC), Light House Point aka Scary Ladder Cache (GC126C) and now The Bloated Festering Head... (GCJ7VH). I shall not soon forget this experience.


Here is the track log:


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Thanks TL and everyone for the great time. Looking at that track log we were NOT drunk.....:D The going in was a breeze, but we did get a bit turned around on the way out. Kfam did his best to put a scare into us on exit though. I was half expecting some other geocachers to be hiding somewhere in the swamp ready to pounce on us. Guess nobody was crazy enough to think of that. This will be one of my most memorable hunts for a long time. I need to download my pics and see what I have. I'll post some later. Thank you

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Hmm, when Kfam went back to get Misguided One's trekking pole, did we check his jacket for odd lumps on the way out?


Thanks everyone (esp. Totem Lake for giving me a carpool down to the site!) for letting me share in the fun. Finally got a chance to post my log, it was #66 for me! That was wicked cool fun!

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Hi Fellow Midnight Swamp Geocachers!


Thanks again for an unforgetable hunt. Like many others this and for a long time will be in my top 10. I was telling people today about my adventure and they looked at me like I was crazy (perhaps I am, just a bit).


I just saw the pictures that GeoRoo and Misguided took! Thanks for capturing our adventure.


Thanks to Totem Lake to for allowing me to ride along.

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