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Ever Had "one Of Those Days"?? Or,

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12 Noon: Get off work early. Beautiful day. Nothing to do but place a new cache and, perhaps, find one along the way.


12:30 PM: Driving home. Plan location of new cache. Think . . . Think . . . Think . . . O.K.! Got it!!


1:00 PM: Arrive home. Need cache container. Just happen to have ammo-can. Cool! !! Oops, no paint for camouflage. :D


1:30 PM: Get back from hardware store with paint. Paint ammo-can. While waiting for paint to dry, go online and locate a cache to find on the way to the new hide. Yes!! There's one right there!


2:00 PM: Finally subscribe to GeoCache.com (the cache I want to find is 'subscribers only'). Cool!! Now I'm a 'Premium Member'!!. :D


2:30 PM: Paint is dry, put together new cache. I'm ready to go!! :D


3:00 PM: Arrive at parking area to hide new cache. Turn on GPSr, and discover the cache I want to find is only 108 feet away!! B) Decide to search for the cache first before hiking up the creek canyon to place the new one.


4:00 PM: I've now spent almost an hour on this friggin' bridge, stealth-like, moving back and forth on both sides of the street, under the bridge, back on top, GPSr telling me I'm 21 ft. away, now 8 ft. away, pay no attention to that crazy guy, set the GPSr down and let it average, a little to the east, now a little to the south . . . seems that the cache is located in the middle of the street . . . no, that can't be right . . . now I'm 1 ft. away! Still can't find it. :o


4:05 PM: Well, I'll come back after hiding my new cache and try again.


4:15 PM: Now I've gone back to my car and have my newly painted ammo-can in hand and am heading up the canyon to hide it. Pay no attention to the Park Ranger who just drove by, eyeing me like some crazy person. Nowhere seems right. But, at least, I'm over 528 ft. from the cache I just tried to find. Gotta' find a place to hide this ammo-can!!


4:30 PM: Well, this trail leads nowhere interesting . . . maybe I'll head down towards the creek, so, downhill off the trail on a little deer path I go :blink:.


4:45 PM: What's this??!!?? Oops . . . knee-high in poison oak. :D Back up, try to the left, try to the right. Oh well, I needed to take a shower today, anyway. :huh:


5:00 PM: Finally on the creek. Yay!!! This trip is not going well, so, maybe, I'll start heading up the creek, back towards my car. Surely I'll find a great place to hide my new cache!! :D


5:05 PM: Wow!! Look at that tree!! A perfect spot!! (but how to get to it??) Well, must get feet wet (OK), scramble up the bank (OK), there seems to be a perfect hollow in the trunk!!! Yes!!! I'll hide it here!!! So I climb up, only to find that the 'hollow' in the tree is too big to hold my ammo-can, and drops down 5 ft., or so, and empties out into the creek, below the high-water mark. :P


5:15 PM: But, this is "The Spot"!! I've got to find a way to hide it here!! So I set my GPSr down to average the co-ordinates, only to find that there is too much tree-cover (only 3 or 4 weak satellite signals). I'll never get good co-ordinates here. :D


5:20 PM: What's that on my neck??? As I reach around the back of my head to brush it off, I notice something moving on my arm. Jeez . . . it's a tick!! :D Just like the one that's on the back of my neck!! And like the one (no . . . three) that are on my pants leg!! Time to go!!!!!!!!!!!


5:25 PM: Considering just chucking my newly painted ammo-can cache blindly up the creek bank, reporting it to GeoCache.com, and calling it the "BushWhackers Nightmare Cache from Hell" cache!!! :D


5:30 PM: Having regained my composure (and deciding that this new cache was not going to be placed today), I sadly returned to the location on the bridge where the cache I wanted to find was located and tried again to find it again.


6:15 PM: I was hoping that the day was not going to be a complete loss, and was confident that I would find the elusive 'cache on the bridge', but, after another half-hour of searching (within 7 ft. according to my GPSr, mind you), I unfortunately had a 'wet-fart', which then competely ruined my attitude for the day and, alas, at that point I absolutely had to go home, defeated. :D


But, never fear . . . I'll go on to cache another day!!!! B)


(thanks for listening)



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I unfortunately  had a 'wet-fart', which then competely ruined my attitude for the day and, alas, at that point I absolutely had to go home, defeated.  :blink:

My wife wants to know why I'm laughing so hard. Thanks!!! And no, I haven't had a day like you did that I can remember. But thanks for sharing yours!

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Ticks are everywhere this year. I see log after log mentioning them!


OK now that I said that, such is the life of caching at times, but you got to add a new experience to your many days of caching to come! Thanks for the well done story (still deciding on the "wet" part though )! :blink:

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and the educational value of the forum is amazing.  thanks for the images of the ticks falling all over you and the ending of the wet one,  I just hope I don't have nightmares.

I pray you do not have the night time visits that I do, too.


Get the hell out of here, Sparky,... I will NOT spoon with you

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and the educational value of the forum is amazing.  thanks for the images of the ticks falling all over you and the ending of the wet one,  I just hope I don't have nightmares.

I pray you do not have the night time visits that I do, too.


Get the hell out of here, Sparky,... I will NOT spoon with you

poking my minds eye out. :blink:

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If that happened to you yesterday there must have been some bad Geocaching karma out there. My day went kind of like this:


8:30 drop off '86 4Runner at shop for new tires. Take off in search of first cache.


8:45 park Xterra and start searching for first cache. According to the logs for this cache the last person to find it found it out in the open and covered it well. I'll say! We (daughter and I) searched for 45 minutes. Managed to poke hole in new T-shirt I bought in Bermuda as well. Decide to call it a day and go on to next one. We will be back for this one.


9:15 Start searching for next one - it's a micro without a description of the container. We search and search and search and can't find it. As we're walking out of the woods cell phone rings. The guys at the place find something wrong with rear brakes on the 4Runner. I tell them I'll take it to my regular mechanic and to just finish up tire job.


9:45 climb up this seriously steep hill to get out of woods. I'm huffing and puffing like a whipped dog :huh:


10:30 drive to next cache area. Local transportation department is doing work on entrance way to park and there's no place to park. Decide to bag that cache for the day.


11:00 pick up 4Runner and as we get about 1/4 mile down the road my daughter calls me on cellphone. "Dad, I just heard a loud bang and I didn't run over anything." "Ok", I say. We should have turned around and gone back to tire place but we didn't.


11:30 Order lunch - they screw up order and didn't get my daughter's order. I thought $7.62 was cheap for both of us to eat on. Order her food.


12:00 leave 4Runner in parking lot and head to next cache in Xterra. It's another micro but we knew what we were looking for and found it. Day is starting to look up!


12:30 drive to park where next cache is located. Entrace fee is $3.00 per person, not per vehicle. Have to borrow $3 from daughter. Find cache and as we were leaving daughter decides to put foot on wet step. Big mistake. It slips off and her whole shoe, etc gets wet up above her ankle. We also left the camera in the car so there was no Photo with cache taken :P


1:00 leave park, after taking photos of me near cache and of her wet foot/pants and go back to pick up 4Runner. Daughter starts drive home and I start drive over to Best Buy.


1:10 Frantic call on cell phone. 4Runner is shaking like crazy when she tries to drive at highway speeds. Instruct her to pull over to side of road and put on 4 way flahers. I'll be there as soon as I can.


1:25 Swap cars with daughter. She's not sure how to get home from here. Give her GPS and set route to Home and tell her to do what GPS tells her to do.


1:30 4Runner does buck like a mule at highway speeds - that's bad. Notice that wallet is not in back pocket like it should be. Call daughter who confirms it is in Xterra.


1:45 Wallet Exchange and I'm off to the tire center.


3:00 Back on the road after replacing missing wheel weight (loud bang daughter heard earlier).


3:30 Best Buy does not have Garmin City Select software in stock :P


4:15 Arrive home and find daughter and Xterra safe and sound.


5:00 After shower start plotting cache hunts for Sunday!

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Okay, I guess this doesn't compare to some of you guys, but I thought it was pretty "interesting"


So I'm doing a multi and I'm walking along this trail, and the coords led about fifty feet into the woods, and I find the perfect clearing to enter the woods, except there's like half a dozen people just sort of sitting there pretending to fish. And so I proceed about 100 yards down the trail and enter the woods from there and begin a major bushwack. I then make it to about level to the place where I had been earlier except 80 feet into the woods, the coordinates said thirty feet towards the trail. That made sense. So I started walking towards it, but the ground was litterally covered in dead wood and brush. No matter which way I went, it made this enormously loud noise, and I could hear the people below me talking about hearing stuff in the woods.


So I tried to escape, but my escape path was too loud, and so I just sat there, waiting for them to leave. I ended up sitting for about twenty minutes, and passed the time by playing games on my cellphone. Finally, they left, and I got to where the coordinates said, and found nothing remotely good looking. I then read the hint, and noticed that the place I was looking for was the stump on the trail that the people had been sitting on. So I quickly went down there and managed to get it.


All in all it was the 4th stage of a 5 stage multi. Three stages which I had completed earlier in the week. I expected to take twenty minutes max, and ended up spending an hour and a half...

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This is a family friendly forum, as well as being a community in which members should not engage in attacks against other persons or groups.  No more posts along the lines of the junk that appeared above.  Period.

Does this include logs? Whats funny about a motorcycle wreck?

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I did not answer your question since it is off-topic to the thread you are posting in. But since you insist, my answer is that I am a forum moderator. I don't actively monitor cache logs. Cache pages are controlled in the first instance by the cache owner. I would suggest writing to the cache owner first, and if you are not happy with the outcome, you could contact the Geocaching.com website to have the log evaluated against the site's Terms of Use.

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