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  1. I never gave this any thought until last night when I noticed that 2 7-Eleven's (convenience stores, in case they aren't common to you folks across the country) north of downtown L.A., aren't in there. Not on the list and not on the map, even when you are physically in front of the store. These aren't new stores, either. Weird.
  2. Did you unlock the City Nav maps properly? On the Map page if you goto Options>Select Maps do you see City Nav listed? Yes, I know CN is loaded. It does show up on the list and I have access to things I didn't have before when I only had the preloaded topo maps: POI's, lock on road ability, able to bring up street address by moving pointer over location. I guess somehow something didn't make it over in the transfer though, so I will follow myotis advice and try re-loading. Thanks.
  3. I have a Colorado 400t with City Navigator installed. How do I find a street address? When I try, the first thing it asks for is the State. "C" comes up with no results. I experimented and all other letters also have no results. Where To>Addresses>In what state/province is the address>spell state/province Where does this thing hide the addresses? I discovered that it DOES give the address of any location you move the pointer over, so that is half the battle, but I also need it to at least straight-line me to any address I enter.
  4. Hmm, maybe I'm missing something. I saved a track, but I can't trackBACK with it. Only in the original direction. Tell me what I'm doing wrong. 2nd question: Once I load City Navigator, can I find out the address of my current location? On my eMap, I use the pan button...just tap it quickly, not enough to really move it, just so it hovers over my current location and it will give me an address. It's not precise, but what I mostly need (yes, I do NEED this feature) is to know the street name and block number at any given time. 2nd question, part II: With City Navigator, will I be able to enter a street address and have it point the way? I don't even need turn-by-turn, just a GoTo line and an arrow are sufficient. I really like the Colorado so far, but it has to perform these basic functions in order for it to be a really useful tool for me.
  5. Ok, so my 400t should be here in a few days. I've read through this thread and comprehended some of it and hopefully I'll comprehend more once I have the unit in my hands so I can follow along at home. I'm far from a computer whiz. Question: I'm gathering that this thing won't do trackback? Is that really true? My dinosaur eMap (my only prior GPSr) tracks back quite easily. If I'm hiking rough terrain and want to go back the same way I came so as not to have to bushwhack more than necessary, will this unit lead me out or not? I'm looking forward to getting my 400t, and I'm sure all the bells and whistles will blow me away, but it does seem that some basic functions are missing. Thanks for all the effort in putting together the FAQ and sending issue lists to Garmin.
  6. Apparently he's an honest kid, and doesn't believe in taking what he hasn't paid for.
  7. Cool. A friend ordered that very model, but he says they don't ship until the 2nd week of Feb. I don't know where he ordered from though. I think he'll have to put it in a zip-loc bag when I see it, so I don't get slobber all over it. I'm officially jealous of both of you.
  8. Well, I seem to be in the majority.
  9. The applause gets louder. And LOUDER!!! (dont know how to do the clapping dude) Nice post indeed! I see a standing ovation in the making. <stomp, stomp, CLAP. stomp, stomp, CLAP. stomp, stomp, CLAP.>
  10. I didn't log my first few as a noob, either, but it was more of a humility thing than a pride thing. I felt like DNF was a way of telling people the cache might be missing, and I was so new and green I didn't dare make that call. I log them all now. I reckon I have about a 10% DNF rate. My very first attempt at this activity we know as geocaching, was a DNF. I posted it and I got a prompt reply from the owner offering a hint if I wanted it. I thanked her, but declined, telling her I wanted to find it on my own. I went back a day or two later and made the find. The rest is history. I just hit 600 and I'm still having fun and still posting DNF's.
  11. I cache alone frequently. I've never really had much of a problem because I quickly back out of areas that don't feel right, sometimes not even getting out of the car. I don't need a smiley that badly. This one caught me off guard. I was on the trail, away from my car, when I started to get creeped out. It turns out that this section of the park may be what I've seen referred to in the forums as a "pickle park". The red cautionary text on the cache page was added after GeoCraig and I visited the area and then conferred with the owner. And I have since decided not to return, unless it is with some burly men.
  12. Old Toyota hatchback. Antenna is screwed into the frame part at the side of the windshield. It tilts back, following the angle of the frame. Can't see it from inside unless I stick my head out and look up.
  13. Thanks so much, mtn-man. I think I will try your method when I am feeling REALLY patient. Right now I am just so happy to have my froggy. I was afraid I had lost him a few days ago. I was on the fwy, cruising at 70 when I heard a *thunk*, like something had hit the roof of my car. I was startled, puzzled, and kept on going. THEN, I suddenly wondered if it was Signal, bouncing off my car and onto the 605. I was anxious to get to my destination so I could check for the frog. It was right where it belonged. Don't know what the *THUNK* was. Possibly the added weight of the ball caused the antenna to bend at fwy speed and bump the roof.
  14. Living in Florida, we've cached in brutally cold 50°F weather sometimes during the winter Yep, 50 degrees is about my limit. Luckily it doesn't get much colder than that here.
  15. I hate to see Amazon take the hit when it is Garmin that screwed up. Then the time element as to when I will have a working unit. I also on not looking forward to trying to repackage the thing to ship back. *GRUMBLE* Not pleased with Garmin at this moment! Amazon won't "take a hit" for this. When retailers have defective mdse returned to them, they return it to the manufacturer. It's all part of doing business. Be very grateful that you received such an expensive toy. There are people going hungry and people fighting wars. Sleep well in your warm bed with a smile on your face, thankful for the blessings you have.
  16. Here are some links to keep you busy while you are waiting for better weather. http://www.geocaching.com/faq/ http://factsfacts.com/geocacher.htm http://www.geocacher-u.com/ Welcome to the addiction.
  17. GPSKitty

    Got It

    Oh yeah!! He has to learn the handshake and the secret meet-and-greet dance. I'm afraid I've forgotten it myself. Where's briansnat? Wasn't it his creation??? I need a refresher course.
  18. and your childrens' children. I finally got brave enough to try going paperless. I've had a Palm IIIxe for awhile (got it on ebay thanks to your recommendation), but couldn't get it to sync. User error. I recently got the sync to work so I tried downloading Spinner and Plucker, so I could get this show on the road, but something went amiss. Again, user error. Then I remembered your article on paperless caching and followed step by baby step. It turns out that I had downloaded the wrong version of Plucker, but you set me straight on that. The upshot is I now have a bunch of caches loaded in my Palm and I'm amazed at the technology. I have no idea how I did it all, and I will have to use your article for any subsequent Plucker manuevers, but I am thrilled at my new found caching tools. This game just gets more better and more better. Thanks........
  19. Hmmmm, nope. Not broke. Or maybe I fixed it. 1160.
  20. Dontcha just love newbie enthusiasm?
  21. WooHoo!! I hit one thousand!! Maybe I should stop now?
  22. I checked again, because I thought my eyes might have been deceiving me earlier. They obviously were, as it is now 985! It just keeps climbing up! Remarkable. (Ventura Kids, you are so bad.)
  23. Well, I had to go double check on what you just said....just to be sure, you understand. It is absolutely true. 948...
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