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Hiker Series, Anyone?


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I am going out to try BrianSnat's Hiker series next Sunday (May 2nd?) 9 am if anyone is interested in joining me. I see many people have already done some, most, part or all of these caches. Total of 9 miles and 9 caches.


Cache 1 - Schuber

Cache 1a - Rocky Slide Gulch

Cache 2 - Schuber/Yellow

Cache 3 - Pipeline

Cache 4 - The Old Guard

Cache 5 - Cannonball

Cache 6 - Hoeferlin


And bonus:

Oakland Overlook

A Mine is a Terrible Thing



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If I didn't do it already, I'd be all for it (even though I'm away on vacation). You will have a tremendous time and so will anyone that joins you. There are a couple of spots that will have you breathing hard, but much of it is very pleasant.


I wish you luck and have a great time!! I hope you get a bunch of people that want to join along.

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My plan of attack would be to meet in the Skyline parking lot between 9:30-10 am and then head in, there are plenty of caches should be done mid-afternoon around 4 pm. Stopping for lunch on the way.


Brian has shown me a secret short-cut! He will reveal it to anyone, just send him $50.00 :rolleyes:


I am a slow :D but steady hiker so I don't envision charging up and down hills (although people are welcome to do that too :D

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May 2 is no good for us. But we'd like to target the weekend later in May. Anyone that can't make it next weekend and is interested, chime in we'll find a day that works.

We might be up for an alternate weekend. May 2, we'll be doing a few wussie caches with views like this:



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I believe it! We did Lake View a week or so ago and the gnats were horrendous. Granted I would rather deal with gnats than skeeters but thy were still a pain in arse!!


You know...I never thought I would say this, but I think I would rather deal with ticks than mosquitos!! I don't mind flicking a tick off here and there but when the mosquitos can keep up with me running as fast as I can I tend to get a little crabby!!


Kar of TS!! :-)

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I think I would rather deal with ticks than mosquitos


:D:):D No Way! Ticks suck (literally!), I got bitten 120 times in Peru in 3 minutes by Black Flies, mossies are a dream in comparison, but ticks... uck! :D


I hate them! :D I hate them! :D I hate them! :)


Mossies just bother you and bite, ticks sit in you. :D:D:D


Cover yourselves! :D

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Now its changed to scattered morning showers. Boy, I wish I was a meterologist and could have a job where I'm wrong 70 percent of the time and not get fired.


Enjoy the hike. I hope its clear enough to see the view at caches 2, 4 and 5a.

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How was it?


Awesome! Totally had a blast, I hiked with Dhenning, wife and a hiker who wanted to join us. We hit all 9 caches and hiked 9.58 miles total! :D


The best part were the vistas where we had a view of all about 30 feet in the mist!!! So we just sat down and imagined what it must look like! :D


Anyways, cool time. Bring lots of water, at least two slim bottles and some snack bars. We started at 10 am and finished around 5:30 (including Oakland Overlook which is a mile roundtrip in another direction!) :D


A must for anyone wanting to grab 9 caches in one day! (I know you are out there! Pretty much 99% of the caching world!)

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