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  1. I am very sorry to hear this news. I have not checked the forums in ages and something told me to today. my deepest condolences to all of his friends and family. I enjoyed meeting him at numerous events.
  2. Okay I'll put my 2 cents in. You CAN recieve a ticket for a moving violation on private property. Even if you are on your own property. You cant bet the law because there are too many laws which apply is one does not. Speeding is considered careless and a careless driving summons can be issued. Technically you can even be issued a ticket or arrested for cutting your grass if operating a ride on grass mower and your license is suspended/revoked. Oh and forget about drinking and driving on you own property also, your not safe.
  3. Congrats, 800 is a very impressive amount to achieve.
  4. I Beechams Pill plan on attendin' your event. i fin' from this day foward i'm garn ter type and speak loike this. the chuffin' ladies Turtle Dove it. translated to: One still plan ohn attending your event. i think mwah mwah sweetie this deay fowaaard one is going to type and speak fancy this. the totty love it. sorry off track I know, but I couldn't resist.
  5. try this for translations or this
  6. Congrats Avro ! You aren't wasting anytime are you? Keep up the pace but lose the phony english accent. You made your way up the ranks of North Jersey great cachers rather quickly.
  7. Congratulations Kber!
  8. You could actually grab 8 in this loop. I new one called Cinnamon Girl was activated a few days ago. Now Team DEmp is forced to return.
  9. Is anyone going to stay overnight and backpack for this event?
  10. It was very nice meeting you Haggaeus. I wish you and your family all the best on your trip back home. You'll be missed by many but I'm sure your glad to be going home. Be safe and keep in touch with all of us.
  11. My girl, Lacey and I are very sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how I will feel when the day comes.
  12. Can we attach a travel bug tag to him?
  13. As a new geocacher part of the thrill was finding a cache that has been sitting out there for a long time. It was fun reading through all the old long entries. I enjoy finding the new caches but enjoy the older one's simply because they have been out there so long and have gone undetected by non players.
  14. Avro do you have any self destructing paper I can print the missions on? I fear I may be overpowered by police to surrender mission printouts. Man how do you explain these printouts if a cop asks to see it. lol
  15. I can tell this is going to be one busy caching summer thanks to avroair. With all this caching the Bass and trout are going to be safe from me this summer. Thanks for this new adventure.
  16. Nicely done Avro, you really explained the night well.
  17. Congratulations Avro ! I enjoyed your article about night sweets also.
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