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  1. our deepest condolences to all of Helmut's family and friends...
  2. weather is supposed to be nice on saturday. anyone want to get together and get some caches? ~m
  3. neat! kudos to you and the real quoddy!
  4. CONGRATS!!! wish we were there to join in the fun!
  5. better bring your mini backpacking shovels! have fun everyone, wish we could be there to meet you all. ~melissa
  6. foiled again. joe, molly and i won't be able to make it. someday, i will actually make it to an event...
  7. joe and i would like to come with molly for at least the morning hike. if we bring her, we won't be able to make it to the luncheon. can't leave her in the cold jeep for 2 hours! we'll probably make a final decision the night before... i grabbed a geocoin this morning form a cache in the Sourlands - ready to swap!
  8. lions and tigers and bears - oh my! joe and i are interested in coming. we may bring molly, too.
  9. poo. while joe and i are perfectly fine leaving molly, it is she that suffers the separation anxiety. she's not the most well adjusted pup being that she is an attention needy lab that was neglect before she came to joe's home. we do have some options for this though. my parents live in wolcott and my mom loves molly. perhaps she'd be willing to babysit the only grandchild she's ever going to get from me. we'll see...
  10. Joe, Molly and I were hiking in the Six Mile Run Resevoir (scroll down) site this morning. Had I remembered to bring the GPS we would have been caching, but alas I left it at my house. At any rate, we hit portions of all 3 trails and they are all in need of some help in terms of "trashing out." Portions of the Red and Yellow trails looked to be in need of the most help. (See map.) Wondering if anyone is interested in doing some CITO next weekend or the weekend of Turkey Day. . . There are 4 potential caches in the area. The first 2 are in Six Mile Run. The second 2 are nearby, or at least stage 1 for them is nearby. Unfortunately, we won't be able to do Natureboy44's Hunter's Hunt multi because it's been archived. There are also several other caches within reasonable distance for anyone who wanted to extend their caching day! (You've probably all found them already ) The Lair of Bob the Bear Happy Birthday America Go Figure Cipher Cache Bravo Let me know, Melissa
  11. ooh, maybe we'll even make it this year since joe will be done with grad school by then. are pups allowed at the site? jandm
  12. oof. vertigo. i drive by it on a regular basis. i look at it and cringe. i used to live right around the corner from it and probably walked over it a time or 2 not even knowing it was there. of course, it took all of my willpower to get 1/2 way across and not freak out. however, after doing Moria last week and not freaking out about bugs, spiders and the fear of something very large bringing me to my death, i might be up for conquering another fear. joe (and molly) and i are slowly coming back into caching. he is nearly done with grad school, which was the main culprit for distracting us from this oh-so-fun past time. can't wait till we get back into it more regularly. though knowing joe and his aversion to anything less than 60 degree weather, it'll still be a few months before we start showing up more often. there are still way too many so close by we need to log... ~m
  13. I kicked off the idea in 2003 after seeing a brochure for the challenge. The Frantic Cachers posted a link to the original thread. Joe and I have fallen off the proverbial (geocaching) map and I never got around to setting it up. I still haven't actually gotten to do the challenge. Maybe this year... jandm
  14. We will be visiting/caching in the San Diego Area for the next few days. I was looking for some stuff to do while we're there (I know there's plenty...) Wondering if kayaking to the sea caves is as good as the websites make it out to be. Is it worth the trip?
  15. I just read this year's posts on this thread. I'm generally not bothered by snakes (though I let out a bloodcurdling scream at the site of spiders), but my stomach is turning and the thought of hiking/caching right now is not one I want to entertain. I'm pretty put off right now. I'm sure it'll pass, but I'll have to continue yelling at Joe for sticking his fingers in places they should not go... ~melissa
  16. i would like to try to make it to this one. we'll see if joe has to work. ~melissa
  17. Wow. This list is great. We are going to San Diego for 6 days in July. We're staying in Chula Vista, but my brother lives in San Diego and we'll be spending plenty of time checking out the area. Sparrowhawk, thanks for inquiring. And thanks for everyone's input! We hope to hit a bunch of these caches too! Thanks! Melissa (and Joe, too)
  18. we'd love to go. but i am doing bike new york that day and joe has to work. one of these days we'll actually make it.
  19. just thought i'd bump this. looks like i am still going alone. but i am working on getting one of my more backpacking-experienced friends to come along. melissa
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