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  1. Congratulations Mark !! You truly have done so much for the NE geocaching community....
  2. Congratulations to a fine caching team ! !
  3. Congratulations !! Here's to that next 100 !!
  4. Congratulations !! A truly amazing and admirable achievement !
  5. Congratulations Mark ! You truly have done so much for the sport this past year. Many thanks to you for your fine friendship and assistance. Here's to you next milestone ! Hope to see you out there again soon..
  6. Congratulations to a terrific caching family !
  7. Unfortunately, I need to work the next few nights so I won't be able to join you... I have no doubt it'll be a great time.. I hope to see you all again sometime at an event or group cache..
  8. Brian.. It was a great day.. 9 good caches, a very nice walk through Harriman, a fine group of people, and good footage for the pilot of another series for "Animal Planet" I hope you at least won your softball game
  9. Congratulations Foster !! It was great to have been there at your milestone.. Yes you should have said something.. We had several milestone caches yesterday !
  10. Congrats ! It was great to have met you and cached with you at your milestone..
  11. Congratulations Neil !! It was great to be caching with you at 500.... congrats on this milestone..
  12. It looks like I'll be able to make it.... I'll see you all at the parking area at 9:00 AM !
  13. Congratulations Dave... Not only are you a prolific cacher, but also a fine person who has never hesitated to be helpful and encouraging to the geocaching community.. Here's to your next 300 !
  14. I am SO Sorry I missed the event... I spent most of the day helping my parents recover from calf deep water throughout the basement.... It seems as if this was the event of the summer.. My truest apologies again... (Does anyone want 6 tubs of potato salad, cole slaw, and macaroni salad ? )
  15. FYI.. I'm heading up to Rhode Island the next day... If anyone has a travel bug that needs to go North, let me know.. That Blue Dog might like Newport Jazz for all you know...
  16. Congratulations ! It was great to meet you at Beer & Wings....
  17. No... regrettably it wasn't me on the radio... I was stuck at work and missed all the fun.. Those new caches do look great ! Count me in for next time....
  18. You caching animal !! Congratulations on your 400 finds and also on your own fine caches ! I look forward to Harriman as well as caching with you again sometime!
  19. Yes.. water and electronics don't mix too well Work is only about 20 minutes away from the meeting spot, so I won't have any trouble getting there by 1:00. If I'm not there by 1:00, I'm still stuck at work... I'll have FRS on Channel 2.. Hope to see you all !
  20. It's going to go down to the wire for me tomorrow... We have been having bunch of system issues between us and several remote sites. Hopefully everything will be smoothed out by noon tomorrow. I am going to work tomorrow for a half day expecting to meet you at 1:00, but I may have to miss the fun if I need to stay at work. Brian, Let's exchange cell #'s by email, this way I can let you know what I'm doing..
  21. I was planning on taking the day off, but if after work is better for everyone, I should be good for that as well..
  22. I might be able to do something on Thursday..
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