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My New Geo-caching Partner...


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The disadvantage is low ground clearance, although we were able to navigate two fairly challenging 4WD caches without scraping the back against any rocks.

You forgot backing into things with it, or people rear-ended you (there's a phrase I already regret typing!).


Now we just need Questmaster to post pics of The Mighty Colt.

Against my better judgment, here is a photo of Quest Master using The Mighty Colt as a Weapon of Elf Destruction. He and I had a slight dispute at his lame rest stop microcache. The Mighty Colt is, I believe, a 1982 model. It has travelled to Alaska and back. It's been to more than 500 geocaches, many of which are too daunting to be approached by the typical yuppie SUV.



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This is mine. '96 Ford T-bird. 109,xxx miles as of my drive home today. Bought it in April 2000 w/ 21k miles on it....traded in a '92 T-bird for it that had 168,921 miles on it.


This pic was taken one day when I was enjoying another one of my hobbies, drag racing. As you can guess the 88K miles I've put on it in not quite 4 years have not been easy. <_<




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Mr. 0,

That wouldn't be Norwalk Race Way, would it? Before I totaled it, my 98 Mustang GT would run the quarter in 12.14. She was with me on my first geocache. But, alas an embankment had her name on it and she found the great quarter mile in the sky <_<

It's actually National Trail Raceway outside Kirkersville (about 20 mi E of Columbus). Although I've been to Norwalk quite a few times. My best time is 17.166, nothing special at all, it's mostly my goal just to not be the slowest car there on any given day. But that's about all you can expect from a stock 4,000lb car with a V6. :D I just do it for fun. But I'm hoping to get myself into a 'Stang in the near future to race a little more competitively.


To keep this on Geocaching topic, I wonder how many caches there are near various motorsport venues.

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My next caching car:




When I went to Honda's website to get the photo, I stumbled on the photos for their new "SUT." Might interest some of you.

I second that. I actually fit in the bugger! (6'9" with freakishly long legs). Right now I'm in this:




I do love it, but not the 12 Hwy MPG she gets. That, and I'd like more room for my caching partner:




... oh and my wife too.


Really though, what more could a guy want? A brunette and a blond! I'm one lucky dude.

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