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About Using My Picture In Avatars.


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OK, you have all had your fun. I did too. But at this point, I am asking that you all change back first thing tomorrow.


I am honestly very flattered, and this really has been a lot of fun, but it is also more than a little weird! You can't imagine how strange it is to see posts with your own pic beside them. I keep forgetting that it is not "me" writing, and end up doing a double take because I know I didn't write what was said there. Plus, while the flirting type comments are also flattering and I view it all in fun, I do have a boyfriend. He is the type who would also veiw this as all in fun. But still, I imagine that if he decides to read it all (he knows about it, but didn't seem interested in looking at it all) that he would find it strange too. Fun, but strange!


Also, the multipe avatars are really very confusing in general!


So, thanks for the fun and nice comments, but please change back to normal tomorrow. Well... at least change your avatars back to normal! :bad:

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I do not like this "Smurf Name Generator" one little bit. It is totally off-topic to the subject of avatar picture usage. Please refrain from further discussion of this website, which is totally unrelated to geocaching. Thank you.



I think Doc Smurf could perscribe Viagra then you could be Sportin' Smurf.

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