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How You Created Your Pseudonym?

Captain Morgan

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Epeli asked:


" When I signed in I was to use pseudonym "epl" (initals of my name) but either that was already reserved or I made some mistake - anyway it was not accepted so I had to "buy some vowels" and extend myself to "epeli". It would be nice to know how other cachers have created their pseudonyms - pleace tell if it does not jeopardize your personality too much. "


I tried to create first just Captain Morgan but it was reserved so i added "&Family" in it. Captain Morgan Black Label is my favorite rhum (or perhaps my favorite alcohol...) - I have always a bottle of it in my home ;)

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Divine was a 300-pound transvestite who showed up in just about all of John Waters' movies before he... uh, she... uh, he died in 1988.


I am 190-pound man who dresses in men's clothes, I haven't acted in any movies and I'm still alive.


I have used the nickname 'Divine' in different kinds of internet based registrations since 1995.

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Divine was a 300-pound transvestite

Heh. Good to know. I was quite wondering what Divine refers to... I immediately searched the web for some photo. Well, quite a (wo)man! ;)

As some of you may have noticed, used to be Sitruuna (Lemon). That was simply the first word which came into my head when signing up for the GC service (I was connected through my parents modem, and somehow felt like saving them a couple of cents instead of thinking about the name a bit longer...) And as it happens, I wasn't satisfied after all - we women are soo unsettled. So, I changed myself later to Kettu (Fox in Finnish), which is my nick in some other contexts too. I think it portrays my red-headed self much better, and fox is a beautiful and cunning animal. Don't know then if I'm a foxy lady otherwise... :huh:

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I came up with 'gemmatic' somewhere in 1998, when I was signing up for some internet service. I actually wanted to use 'gemma' (I just liked the name), but it was already taken. I added a few more letters to it and I had my new username. I'm using it for every internet service ever since - it sort of became my internet identity ;).

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I have used nick Harjus also in other forums and decided to use it also here. I am "specialized" in fishing graylings (=harjus) and also in Lapland they call harjus as "harri". Those are the reasons to use pseudonym Harjus.


I searched first cache alone and Kirsi decided to come with for the second hunt. After that we both were hooked to the caching and have been caching together ever since. We decided not to change the pseudonym to other. We usually write Harjus = H&K to logbooks.

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All Finnish people probably know Pupu Tupuna, the character in a children's book series. Pupu Tupuna (which is a bunny rabbit) has a friend called Hippihiiri (a mouse). My mom used to read me those books when I was little and that's where Hippihiiri comes from.

I started to use it as my "Internet alias" in 1996 or so.. I use it for all different kinds of contexts :lol:

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Well, I started to use dogwash as a username a couple of years ago. A friend showed me the definition at the Jargon file for dogwash:


dogwash: /dog´wosh/


    [From a quip in the ‘urgency’ field of a very optional software change request, ca.: 1982. It was something like “Urgency: Wash your dog first”.]


    1. n. A project of minimal priority, undertaken as an escape from more serious work.


    2. v. To engage in such a project. Many games and much freeware get written this way.


I was really doing something else at that time... :lol:



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My nick, hbrx, is a a shortform of hebrix, which is a complication of my first name Henrik. I took the name hebrix for a carachter I created to play in my first AD&D.

The campaign never got to anything, and I have never gotten around to start playing. I dont use hebrix alot, but hbrx has been a nick for more than ten years now, and I will even respond if called by that name (if you can pronounce it...).



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Stargher was the name of my character in a quite recent RPG campaign. I've used Stargher as an internet alias since Redstorm is almost always taken (my first RPG character).

Ahh...that's interesting (I've used Divine as a character name in a certain MUD game), but where's that kewl avatar from? Reminds me of some work by Enki Bilal, but I can't recall what.

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My nick is quite self-explanatory.


Solarflares are bursts from the sun that also send a significant amount of X-Ray. Some flares can disturb satellites among other things. Hanging around in an aeroplane (at the altitude of 10 km) during a massive flare can be as harmless as having a couple of extra chest X-Rays just for fun. :lol:


If you got interested, be sure to check current solar activity status (last 6 hours | last 3 days) and the best of SOHO gallery images.

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'Phocoena' is the Latin genus for porpoise and the name of my sailing boat. The choice of a latin term for naming the boat springs from my background as a biologist. Since my Garmin GPS76 was originally bought for sailing purposes, taking 'Phocoena' on as my geocaching pseudonym nicely combines the two hobbies. On similar lines, my avatar depicts a (heavily recolored) harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena).


For more on porpoises, see e.g. the link below, and further links therein:




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B) Hi, my pseudonym was born years ago, already, I've used it in 'unofficial' purposes since the internet was available. The origin is my name and it was easy to form, quite natural in fact. My background is, however, a bit different from most of the readers. I have been working in the IT-business and have been using e.g. electronic mail (?? sähköposti ??) since -88 at least once a day, on these latest days maybe 18h per day/7d per week.

What is your opinion, what can you determine from the person's 'pseudonym' ?? :D

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I got the name Buda in 1994 using it on the net as a handle. The name is a verb in Swedish like: "buda" the ketchup, please. Buda is really "sending something by someone" like: We should "buda" it with DHL/FEDex to America"


I used the word a lot in the beginning of the 90s often in the sentence: Let's "buda"!. What I was trying to say was really: "Lets get the h*ll out of here"


Bad using of the word stucked to me and now it's all over the net...


PS. It has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Buddha...

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In the middle of 80's me and my friend founded childrens club named Hapenottokerho simply because it sounded cool. "Hapenotto" means oxygen uptake and "kerho" means club. When we started this hobby, the name Hapenottokerho came in mind and we added international "Team" to it.



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I tried to create first just Captain Morgan but it was reserved so i added "&Family" in it. Captain Morgan Black Label is my favorite rhum (or perhaps my favorite alcohol...) -  I have always a bottle of it in my home    :D

Stem is the name my wife and I use whenever we are doing an activity togeether that requires one name. It is the first two letters of our first names. ST=STeve and EM=Emily, put 'em together =STEM. Even though my wife no longer geocaches, I kept the name.


As far as the Captain Morgan Black label, I am jealous. I had it on my honeymoon (in the Carribean), and absolutely love it :) . I had never seen it before and brought a bottle home with me. That bottle is long gone, and when i tried to get more, I found out that it is not available in the USA <_< . I couldn't believe it. So, be prepared if you visit the US, you won't find your favorite rum here :D



black labeless and crying 'bout it :mad::):)

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As every Finn can figure, my first name is Vesa and my last name begins with K. The time I started to use Internet most usernames were formed like this. Years later when I started to use IRC I was asked a couple of times, whether I'm a buddhist. So then I googled my nick for the first time and found out that Vesak Day is Buddha's birthday. So on next Vesak you all should sacrifice food, drink and virgins to me for celebration of the holy day :huh:

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Well, until recently I was kiltedcacher. THough it fit me, it turned out I cached with my family more often than not so I wanted something that could refer to us all or myslef alone. At first I looked for something in Scottish Gaelic but it was too hard to remember how to spell and pronounce! So then I hit on the idea of making a play on the USMC motto of Semper Fidelis (I'm a 15 yr vet) and came up with Semper Questio (Latin for Always Searching). And it works in that it fits the caching spirit and it's how we kinda like to approach life in general.

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Perhaps it was question about not being very creative mood in the day I created this account or we are just plain boring... :huh: As you can probably quess behind this pseudonym there are more one person, but how many? Educated quess would be two and MH part will consist one initial of each forename.



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