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  1. Ble diskusjonen lagt død bare fordi noen som noen mener er autoriteter ikke likte forslaget? Var det ikke noen gode argumenter mot engang? Dårlig. hbrx.
  2. Det er jo bare å bruke denne nordiske gruppen. Hvor ligger problemet? hbrx.
  3. Holy banana! Are you serious? hbrx.
  4. Not only geographically, but language-wise as well. The finnish language belongs to the Finno-Ugric languages. Norwegian, Swedish and Danish belongs to the Indo-European languages. Read more about it here: Wikipedia: Finno-Ugric You will note that part of Norway and Sweden are marked as partly-Finno-Ugric-speaking. That is the Sami language. Spoken by less than 70000 people out of 13.5 mill (19 mill including Denmark). Not understood at all among the majority. So a split is based mostly on language. hbrx.
  5. Care to elaborate? This is the traditional way to do this. Roots back to USENET. If one newsgroup got to large, or dominated by one type of postings a split into two or more groups was often the result. Today we have one sub-forum for Nordic and baltic coutries. Sweden, Denmark and Norway have their own forums in their native language on non-Groundspeak servers. Finland does not. We who do not read or speak finnish sort of drown inbetween the FIN-threads. If the FIN were moved to another forum they get their own playground, and the rest of us have a 'fresh' well known playground. Doing it the other way around will only result in the danes, swedes and the icelanders demanding their own forum. That is the Wrong way to do it. Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and to some extent Icelandic languages are similar enough to be understood by the others. Finnish and baltic languages are NOT. So, split out in one Finnish/Baltic, and one Scandinavian/Icelandic forum. IF a split is to be made. I cant really see why qurius makes all this fuzz about it. Whats the point? hbrx.
  6. I do not support this idea! If any change is to be made, the creation of a separate Finnish group seems more reasonable. hbrx.
  7. Drita Før Drøbak-Sundet = Drunk before we reach the Strait of Drøbak. (Strait of Drøbak reached after ca one hour from Oslo towards Copenhagen) hbrx.
  8. Updated: Bicycle Bus, Local Bus, Long Distance Car Canoe (new 2005) Feet Ferry, Local Funicular (new 2005) Rollerblade (new 2005) Skiing, CrossCoutry Skiing, Downhill Sumway/Metro Swimming Taxi Tram Train, Local Plane and Cruise/Distance Ferry (but purpose was not solely caching...) In planning: Plane Long Distance Train Boat Wish i had used: Snowshoes hbrx.
  9. Always mount a scratch monkey! Finally got around to fix the 'Firefoz already running' bug on my machine and have tested a lot of the scripts. Cool. Might even go as far as to make the switch from Opera to Firefox for my GC-surfing... hbrx. (have used Opera since about 1.x)
  10. Guess putting the cache on the other side of the shed had been sufficient here... hbrx.
  11. Quite a few in Norway. covering the sites of the 1994 games held at Lillehammer. I have one at the hill where the 1952 Slalom took place. Know nothing about the 'current' games. hbrx.
  12. Have you left for Oslo yet? Still want some recommendations? What kind of visit are you on. Are you into skiing? Considering Oslo have its highest snow level since 1968 a lot of caches are unavailable. But quite some of them are still accessible. How much time do you have? You could also benefit from asking in the local norwegian forum on http://forum.kart.no as only a few of us drop in here occationally. pls send me a mail via gc.com if time runs short. hbrx.
  13. Svalbard & Jan Mayen are on the list as well. They are a part of Norway. Svalbard Info. hbrx.
  14. I'll second (or third...) this. Putting the name of the bookmark list that triggered the mail will be very helpful for sorting the mails into folders. Single cache names in my mailfilter-file will be extremly messy after just a few minutes... hbrx. (couldent find a reply to either of the two previous posts on the theme)
  15. Easy one! We both found Hermetikk in Stavanger, Norway. We even both have found St Etheldreda's in London. As for 'degrees of Markwell', since GeoPirate have found my cache Small Brown Horse AND one of the Project APE caches by Markwell there is a close tie to most of the Norwegian cachers as well. And since GeoPirate has found one of CCCooperAgency's caches that pretty much links most norwegians to most of USA well within six degrees. Only counting regular caches. hbrx. [edit: layout & typo]
  16. A 2005 Gary Fisher Big Sur is my prefered transportation device nowadays. (or whatever car the rental company have if I am in that mood) hbrx.
  17. Btw all forrest in Norway are public accesible. It's the law! Allemannsretten! The restaurants name is Ekebergrestauranten. Their pages are unfortunately only in norwegian. The picture of 'Joy' was found on this page. hbrx.
  18. > I do not know where in Oslo the school is located... but I thought there was a > possibility that there may be caches in the forest or along the trails Must be kidding...:-) Lots of them. And I now even recall living just a few hundred meters from the school for 3 years, and must have passed it several times. Also have seen it where it is placed now. hbrx.
  19. Well, some of us visits here from time to time just to catch this kind of requests. Fun to try helping out. My guess is that the sculpture was placed at Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Looking in my Oslo Encyclopedia reveals that a full figure statue called "Joy" was placed there in 1987. Some web searches have led me to believe "Joy" have been moved to the newly renovated Restaurant Ekebergrestauranten. Name of the artist is Kirsten Kokkin. The statue is placed very close to GCH1EK. Original placement is close to GCGH0R Hope this is what you were searching for. Also found on the web that Kirsten Kokkim was the artist behind the statue of HRH Crown Princess Märtha(1901-1954) recently erected in front of the Norwegian Embassy in Washington DC. Kokkin is actually now living closer to where you are located than where I am. She lives in Colorado, and is a very reknown artist. Just have to hope I have guessed right...even found a reference to study in Italy. Is that you leaping? hbrx. in Oslo.
  20. Cant see if this has been covered/answered in the past. When submitting multis or mystery caches with false start-coords the aprover needs to know the final destination (and any intermediate) to check for proximity. Could a new coordinate field be made on the subscription form to accomodate that? Knowing that I forgets that every time I submit one i might not be alone...Having a required field would cut down on iterations before a cache is aproved and reduse load on the aprovers. Have this been considered or discussed before? hbrx.
  21. Yes it works fine. Now on to make the names of the PQs a bit more meaningful (and on to remake my scripts that moves files in archive-folders. Any chance of including date (load or PQ) in the file name? Istead of the numbering. Of cource with the numbering still as a last resort to uniqueify the file names. Tha coordinate grabber does a good job of not including coordinates containing formulas! hbrx.
  22. Clyde fixed this in a previous build. Make sure that you get the latest build and try it again. Of course... My bad in the hurry today before leaving for the Airport and fiddling to get all the latest PQs loaded. Hadent noticed build 53, and the post regarding this have mysteriously slipped my tired eyes. Works like a charm now. Thanks. hbrx.
  23. I havent had time to check this thoroughly, but it seems like the Load GPX function includes all subdirectories in the search path for files to load. This is mildly annoying since I keep all my old PQs in dated subdirectories under the directory that holds the most recent PQs. Is this so or am I doing something wrong. This has started to happen lately (and since I have not loaded PQs for more than a week I am not shure I can entirely blame the new Beta...) Havent tried build 55 yet. hbrx.
  24. I have a separate found database. Or at least I have made one now. Very easy done with the new PQ. One very good reason for doing this is that not all my finds are in my Default database. My Default database I have limited to caches in my home country (Norway). I have separate databases for neighbouring countries (Sweeden and Denmark), and separate databases of countries/cities I travel to on a regular basis. In my day to day fiddling I stay in my Default database. I do not travel each week (or even month) so a joint database all my databases I dont consider practical to work with. And as I have found caches in most of the other countries/cities I have databases of, the result of clicking on the found field in my Default database will not produce the correct total overview. Of cource I use this function inside each database, but a separate Found-database gives me the whole picture. So, yes, a separate database for your finds is practical.
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